Friday, April 29, 2016

Yung Bae - Bae 2

I simply cannot get enough of Dallas Cotton's triumphant return to his Yung Bae persona, in the form of the absolutely awesome 12 track, Bae 2 EP. The Portland prodigy has successfully combined disco, funk and vaporwave, by slapping some nu-/post- and future vibes all over a slew of collaborations with the likes of Swindail, Flamingosis, Luca Lush, Josh Pan, and Yung Aloha. I'm always taken aback when artists, particularly electronic artists, are able to create such a cohesive arc through an extended list of tracks, but that's exactly what Yung Bae has achieved. Bookended by thoughful intros and outros, Bae 2 is a tremendous, loving album, that warms the heart and invokes a throwback dance party of the ages. Personally, my favourite track "Ain't Nobody Like You," really gets me going, with the brilliant use of Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me." Available for the incredibly low price of two dollars, you'd be a fool not to get yourself a copy. SUPPORT YUNG BAE: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Funkin Matt - Aero (ft. Chris Lie)

Fresh off Dim Mak, Funkin Matt heads high up into the sky before violently dropping "Aero" on our heads, throroughly concussing listeners with deep future vibes. Utilizing Chris Lie's vocals much the same way he used Mariah Carey's in his remix with Gregor Salto of the classic "You're Mine (Eternal)," Funkin Matt has clearly found his magic skeleton key, unlocking awesomeness at every turn. I personally cannot get enough of Matt's productions, whether it's the incredibly bouncy "Elastic," the whirling percussion of "America," his masterful mix of Steve Aoki & Flux Pavilion's "Get Me Outta Here," the wartoad rumbling of "Mad," or my favourite of his "Foxy," Funkin Matt's future is as bright as ever. While the iTunes link leads to a 2:57 version and the Beatport a 3:31, it is my suggestion that you get a little extra Funk, what could be wrong with that? SUPPORT FUNKIN MATT: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

K Theory - Got Me

Buygore backed, San Francisco duo, K Theory prove that genre-bending tracks can actually be really damn good, with their latest offering, "Got Me," ahead of their forthcoming Electronic Hip Hop EP, dropping May 11. Their production from the perspective of both Hip Hop and Trap is on point and could easily pass as a DJ Mustard beat or GTA joint. The big and fat bass plays perfectly underneath the "so fine" vocals, and the slew of drops have totally got me mesmerized, saying "Damn, girl, where'd you find this?" While the first drop hits from a more standard trap tuning, the second bridges the gap, getting further turnt until the final, reprisal ditches much of the minimal trap considerations for throwback rave synths stabs. Grab the free download now, throw it on in your car and impress passersby. SUPPORT K THEORY: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Congorock - Ivory

It feels good to get back to basics, and continue my journey of musical growth, through my Throwback Thursday series. This week it gives me great pleasure to revisit one of my favourite tracks from one of the most inventive and influential producers I've ever heard, Congorock and his 'elephant bass' track "Ivory." It undoubtedly spurred a slew of tracks from the likes of Dimitri Vegas/Like Mike, Clockwork, Hard Rock Sofa, Showtek, Felix Cartal, Nom De Strip and Charlie Darker, among countless others. I'd go so far as to say Congorock's influence, for better or worse, is part of the reason we have such acts as Martin Garrix, DVBBS, and fellow Italians VINAI. There's no questioning Congorock's groundbreaking production skills, first entering into mainstream consciousness with the unavoidably awesome, "Babylon," but it is my assertion, "Ivory" was the track that truly cemented his status as a producer's producer. Whether it's the wobbly, throbbing pulses of the bass synth, the perfectly tuned percussion, so finely placed in the incredibly deep atmosphere, or the obviously awesome pitch bent, elephant trumpeting; Congorock absolutely nails the hands in the air, ecstasy inspiring, inescapable big room sound.

The atmosphere of "Ivory" whisks you away to an African safari, with ominous tension abounding as you wait to see your first glimpse of wildlife. Suddenly, as though from a scene straight out of The Jungle Book, a herd of elephants trample through the nearby bushes and are right on top of you. Overwhelming in magnitude and unyielding in size, there is no escaping the mammoth power of Congorock's "Ivory."

While I find myself listening to less and less of this particular brand of big room electro, there's no questioning the impact it had on me and the love I still have for Congorock. Despite not hearing much from him lately (his most recent release came last April), his library of tracks, will no doubt stand the test of time. Be sure to enjoy the awesomeness of his original productions "Sirius," "Monolith," "Bless Di Nation," with Stereo Massive, "Minerals," with Nom De Strip and "Infinite Mana" with Clockwork. And don't forget his raucous remixes, Zedd's "Spectrum," Swedish House Mafia's "One," Clockwork's "Titan," and Zeds Dead's "Cowboy." Here's to hoping we get some new Congorock in there near future.


Full AGNO3 Interview (Directors Cut)

After premiering a short version of my interview with AGNO3 yesterday on Bump In The Hump, I've posted the full, unedited, 'directors cut' to mixcloud. Listen to it below, as we get further into his collaborations, work with Monstercat, why Deadmau5 blocked him on twitter, and his upcoming projects.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bump In The Hump: April 27 (Season 3, Episode 17)

  • Future Magic - In The Radio (ft. Kass)
  • Hyper Potions - Unbreakable (ft. Danyka Nadeau)
  • Caribou - Second Chance (deebs edit)
    • Jaded Thorn - Stop Thinking And Listen
    • Drake - One Dance (Dom Dias Remix)
    • 3OH!3 - Mad At You (TRIGRVM Remix)
    • Alan Walker - Faded (Sep Remix)
    • MOTi ft. Nabiha- Turn Me Up (Colours Remix)
    • Kanye West ft. The Weeknd - FML (Joe Ghost Radio Edit)
    • Lazy Rich - Give Me Crazy (Rich's "Don't Stop The Beat" Bootleg)
    • Paris & Simo ft. Patrick Moreno & Aloma Steele - Reunite (Extended Mix)
    • Interview With AGNO3
    • Deadmau5 & Kaskade - I Remember (AGNO3 Remix)

    Tuesday, April 26, 2016

    Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Interview and Premiere from AGNO3

    After his set Friday night at The Hoxton, I got a chance to chat with friend of the show, AGNO3 about many topics, including but not limited to: his name, where he finds his inspiration, his rock influences, the expectations that come with a DJ set, his artistic vision, his upcoming shows, working with Monstercat, his dream collaboration, and the story behind Deadmau5 blocking him on twitter. Whet your appetite with the lead in, here (I promise, the rest of his answer and the interview itself is not lame): Furthering the Deadmau5 storyline, AGNO3 has blessed me with a copy of his remix of "I Remember," which I'll be giving it's well deserved radio premiere. Until then enjoy the stream below. For all of this and more, including another exclusive premiere, you'll want to tune into Radio Humber live from 11-midnight EST here and later on, on this very blog. Even further, I'll be uploading the director's cut of the full conversation between myself and AGNO3. Stay tuned to this page for more!


    Monday, April 25, 2016

    Zara Larsson - Lush Life (RIOT Remix)

    Swedish wunderkind, Zara Larsson has been around the world and back again since winning Sweden's version of Got Talent in 2008, when she was just 10 years old. Now 18, she can boast credits with MNEK, "Never Forget You," Tinie Tempah on "Girls Like" and her own hit single "Lush Life." That track, just received a reinvigorating remix from Tel Aviv bass duo, RIOT. Available for free download, the trap flip wobbles underneath Larsson's strong vocal style before breaking down into a boisterous future bass banger. Exciting and extremely playful, this mix lives up to the original track's name. It makes you feel like you've been blessed with an incredible fortune, throwing wads of cash in the air, spinning around in slow motion, all while the sun shines a beam of its magical empowerment directly on you. RIOT have made the exclusive club more inclusive, the only cost: a follow, like and repost.

    Young Thug - Best Friend (Luca Lush Remix)

    Remixer extraordinaire, Luca Lush, adds another fire rework to his massive collection. Available for free download, Lush's raucous remix of Young Thug's "Best Friend," fires on all cylinders, and is sure to get you and your mates cutting up the dancefloor. Filled with uncontrollable energy, Lush's version hits hard like lean, clouding your vision, leaving listeners in an endless get down.  SUPPORT LUCA LUSH: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

    Sunday, April 24, 2016

    RYME and Justin Jay Deliver The Goods

    After posting some my hopes and expectations for RYME and Justin Jay's sets yesterday (full post here), they proceeded to meet and surpass anything I could have hoped for. In typical RYME fashion they played so perfectly to the crowd dropping two tributes to Prince, first the original Green Velvet "Bigger Than Prince," and the heartrending mashup of "When Doves Cry" and Metro Area's "Miura." The duo also delivered on my desire to hear some Tiga, with the ridiculously wild Hey Today! remix of "You Gonna Want Me." And yes they did drop some exclusive and unreleased BADLQQK content, to which they made good on my request for Slowbody's remix of KMRT "Flash Flash."  Furthering their streak of bangers, they once again went to Marc Spence's truly filthy track "Nasty." But perhaps the greatest joy I got last night was when Justin Jay played his Late Nite Dub of "Karma," to which I felt ridiculously compelled to personally thank him, giving him my phone with the message "YOU MADE MY NITE." It is that connection between the DJ and the crowd that makes EDM so alluring. And whether it was with fellow Dirtybirds Sacha Robotti's "Shaky," Tim Green's "Kitch-In" or Renato Cohen's "Suddenly Funk," Jay established his groove early starting with his edit of Tag Team's "Whoomp," (which you can find in his "Fantastic Voyage House Party Mix") and kept us reaching for the sky through his set in absolute ecstasy. 

    Saturday, April 23, 2016

    What I Hope To Hear Tonight from Justin Jay and RYME

    After arriving to late to see RYME at the last No Neon, I swore I wouldn't miss their next set, and today's the day I make good on that sentiment. They'll be alongside headliner Justin Jay as part of his Fantastic Voyage tour, along with support from fellow Toronto DJ Simon Jain. Apart from my well known love of RYME, I really started to get excited for tonight's show after Justin Jay dropped his incredibly awesome and joyful Late Nite Dub mix of his already engrossing track "Karma." I've found myself lost in his magnificent mix multiple times since he dropped this past Tuesday. Although it may not be the typical headlining track, I sure hope to hear it on The Hoxton's strong speaker set up. Lately I've been lamenting the lack of older, more classic tracks in sets I've heard recently. I understand why, people will always hunger for the next hot new ID, but there's no questioning the rush of endorphins that comes with a nostalgic track. That's why I hope to hear the first track I properly knew from Justin Jay, the ingeniously produced, club-thumper "Static."
    It's crazy to think that it's been almost exactly 13 months to the day since Alison Wonderland released her debut album Run. I still listen to it quiet often but have found myself going to the remixes more often as of late. My favourite original, "Take It To Reality," just so happens to be remixed by tonight's Captain, Justin Jay. It's easy to feel lost at sea, with his tidal ebb and flowing mix, but I'll be the first to say I'd be comfortable with the Admiral at the helm.
    Fresh off their BADLQQK Remixed EP, label runners RYME have bolstered their already overflowing crate of tracks with powerful productions like Slowbody's banging remix of KMRT "Flash Flash."
    I'd really like to hear some Tiga tonight, and RYME always seem to feed into my insatiable hunger for the Montreal based Techno God. Perhaps it'll be their own remix of the ear-worm "Bugatti."
    My passion for RYME's remix of Sia & The Weeknd's "Elastic Heart" is well known, and sadly it's no longer available (except in Electronic Impressions, here), which certainly adds to it's allure. But it's their remix of tastemaker Anna Lunoe's "Satisfaction," that I'm feeling more at the moment. Grab that free d/l.
    Meech has gone so far as to insist that I arrive in time for their intro, so if it's anything like the opening of their set when I saw them last at the Night Bass party with AC Slater and fellow BADLQQKer Cosella, they ought to blow it out of the water. If I get one of the following, Fake Blood, Mr Oizo, Justice, or Boys Noize I'll be more than happy.

    I'd be happy if RYME played a mix similar to their recent delivery for Euphoradio, or if Justin Jay were to play one similar to "Fantastic Voyage House Party Mix." Tonight is going to be 'lit' <- LOL
    Tickets are still available here, and you can RSVP via the facebook event, here.


    Friday, April 22, 2016

    Slumberjack - Open Fire (ft. Daniel Johns)

    Freshly added to Spotify, the single from Australian duo Slumberjack "Open Fire" with vocals from fellow Aussie, Daniel Johns, is ready for streaming, ahead of it's official release next Friday, the 29th. Perhaps best known for their incredibly powerful 're-fix' of What So Not's "Touched," the duo's original releases "Enigma" with GRRL PAL, "The Others" with KLP and "Horus," showcase their wide range of production skills and musical sensibilities. "Open Fire" feels like their most mature and thoughtful production to date, with its wavering guitar intro accented by Daniel Johns' vocals, through poignant piano chords and simply stunning, soaring drops that slaps your heart silly. Perhaps the most powerful piece of Slumberjack's production in "Open Fire" is their impassioned treatment of Daniel John's already emotive vocals.

    Right off the bat, the first line (5 seconds in) shows their delicate touch. The skimming, modulated vocal, immediately before the drop, adds an incredible level of depth, that is only amplified with Johns' effervescent crooning that soars high above the second drop. The cherry on top that confirms "Open Fire" as one of the best all around productions of 2016, is the disconsolate lyrical value Daniel Johns adds, that ought to send a chill down any spine that's ever experienced loss. I can't think of a better example of any track to both cry your heart out but also reignite the passion to achieve such a love again. It shines a spotlight on the sore-spot that is forever wondering where it all went wrong.

    The overall production adds to the petrified feeling of being stranded, immobilized and helpless; how one thing leads to another and suddenly you find yourself marooned and utterly disabled. I cannot help but think of my own losses and far too fittingly, the world's loss of Prince, yesterday. I truly cannot get enough of this track, I've had it on repeat for nearly an hour now and it continues to hit my heart in such a profound way. My only hope is that you can experience this same penetrating, heartrending feeling, as 'music makes it all better' (something I saw on Skratch Bastid's shirt during his touching tribute to Prince here).


    Thursday, April 21, 2016

    Throwback Thursday: Prince

    This Throwback Thursday pays homage to the man, the legend, never to be forgotten, Prince. May he forever Rest In Purple, as so eloquently put by A-Trak. There truly is no comparing him and his absolutely extraordinary life, and the tremendous influence he's left on countless others. As a tribute, I've compiled some of the best examples of his musical life I could find, so that we can properly remember his greatness. Unfortunately, much of his enormous catalog is not available online, and even less is quality video that does justice to his inimitable live performance. However, the first video in the YouTube playlist is perhaps the most striking and clear example of his status as an unparalleled talent. To think he's on a stage with arguably three of the greatest guitarists and absolutely dwarfs them, is simply breathtaking. Good luck holding back tears, as you make your way through the videos.
    The NFL is blocking me from embedding his performance at the Superbowl, but you can still access it from YouTube itself via my playlist here, and I urge you to check this one out, if only for truly incredible circumstances, that could have only occurred in the presence of Prince's godly aura. Finally, my favourite of Prince's songs, so thoughtfully uploaded by Skream, and for once Soundcloud has done the right thing and left it up for the world to enjoy, and bask in Prince's genius.

    Wednesday, April 20, 2016

    Bump In The Hump: April 20 (Season 3, Episode 16)


    Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Kayj Returns With Another Exclusive

    It's been just two short weeks since Kayj dropped off his exclusive "Black Suit," so it's crazy to think the man is back again with another brand new production. But that is the reality, Kayj has been hard at work, and will once again be joining me in studio, this time to show off this new track "Shut Up" featuring vocals from the UK's Jammin. While Kayj's debut EP Mental Prisoners was his own brand of deep tech house, and "Black Suit" was trap, Kayj is once again venturing into uncharted waters, taking on dubstep with "Shut Up." Get a sneak peek via the video below, then tune in live tonight from 6-7 EST, here, to catch the exclusive world premiere of "Shut Up" alongside more of the best new Canadian electronic music, on Bump In The Hump, Radio Humber.


    Tuesday, April 19, 2016

    Kanye West ft Frank Ocean & Caroline Shaw - Wolves (Jesse Slayter Remix)

    Early this morning, a soundcloud account called 'mi305tL' posted its first track, an alleged Jesse Slayter remix of the Cashmere Cat produced Kanye West track with Frank Ocean and Caroline Shaw, "Wolves."
    Evidence does point to it being a Jesse Slayter production, as he's reposted it on his official soundcloud and it's currently pinned on his twitter. This is what the world of soundcloud has become, when artists create entirely new accounts to release bootleg remixes, for fear of having their official account (followers, plays and tracks) deleted. I wonder when soundcloud will grow wise to this and strike back accordingly. It's obvious when artists like Lido, publicly decry soundcloud's policies, then create another account, clearly under the same name 'lidogotclouds' or explicitly calling them bootleg accounts, that they are subverting the system. Don't get me wrong I'm glad these accounts exist, it's important that music has a place to be shared, but it seems to have reached epidemic proportions. The number of people creating new accounts just so they can download fan-gated tracks without reposting to their official account is insane, which brings us full circle to Jesse Slayter's "Wolves."

    Commendably, Jesse's given away this remix truly, 100% free. He's not fan-gating, you don't have to share, follow or comment, just grab the download from mediafire. The sad part, is that we've made it this far and haven't even talked about the quality of Slayter's music, but if you're here in the first place, it's likely because you're already well aware of Slayter's production prowess. He's flipped Kanye's original, into a jam session of sorts; a funky get down, that while utilizing much of the original, transforms it into a stalking predatory production. Must say it's an impressive undertaking from Slayter, who continually dazzles with his wide array of skills and next level artistry.


    Monday, April 18, 2016

    Ruxell - Summer ft. Disto [Music Video]

    Brazilian producer Ruxell is ready for this warm weather, and aims to inspire with the brand new video for his track "Summer" with help from Disto on vocals. "Summer" is available on iTunes, here. There could hardly be a better time for this video to drop. It seems the weather has finally broken through, calling people outside to enjoy the warmth of the sun and come together to revel in its glory. The video showcases all of love that comes with "Summer" and the carefree, joy it inevitably brings. Apart from the obvious connection to Banvox's "Summer," Ruxell's production hits on all cylinders with powerful percussion propelling the track, alongside the illusory vocals and striking synth chords. Its got just the right amount of old school rave stylings that invoke more of the loving nostalgia of the Summer. The constant movement of Ruxell's production, especially heard through Disto's manipulated vocals, make "Summer" a track that will surely be on repeat through out the festival season.


    Sunday, April 17, 2016

    Sunday Hangover Saviours [Free Downloads]

    After a weekend of living life to the fullest, my musical appetite focuses on the more light and bright productions than the raucous, hard-hitting bangers of the previous nights' debauchery. And while the majority of my blog posts focus on brand new music (save for Throwback Thursdays), I'm going to share some of my favourite Sunday morning saviour tracks, in no particular order. All available for free.Awesome future vibes abound with this new one from Kayoh. It's easy to get caught up in the sparkling, magic of this production as it bounces along. A little explosive but nothing that's going to make your head throb any more than it likely already is. And of course "Shh" is something that you're probably saying anyway. Another new track, Kidswaste's remix of one of my all time favourite tracks Chet Porter's "tbh ily." Genre tagged Ambient, Kidswaste's version ups the already high cuteness factor, filling out the original with additional vocals and a freeing twist on the percussion. Comforting, calming, and utterly relaxing, the love oozes, filling hearts in this this sublime, laidback Zelda-house affair. Down-tempo haunting beauty comes to the forefront Obeson's 2013 track that's just come to light this week. The wavering, hollow vocals trembling is situated so delicately around the ringing ambiance of the bells and chill trap stylings. Wonderful progression and story-telling in this emotive arc. Warm French, disco house vibes from Le Youth will get your toes tapping and extremities starting to get their feeling back. Energizing and exhilarating, Le Youth live up to their name refreshing listeners with a youthful resilience that inspires the desire to do something, anything, even if your body is still sore. Playful production and light bounciness support Lil Dicky's rap and Fetty Wap's melodic crooning perfectly. The lyrics, like your headache, will have you swearing off drinking and the tremendous expense that comes with it. Musically, you'll be cracking eggs and breaking bacon dancing around the kitchen cooking your favourite hangover meal. Maybe the best example of the kind of track I'm looking for in this particular situation, bright and playful with a great melody that's incredibly infectious but never too boisterous or in your face. Each element in "zZz" is full of emotion and feeling that works either before your nap or as an alarm of sorts. My affinity for Henrik The Artist is well known, and it would be ridiculous to think I wasn't going to include one from his genius. "On The Moon," somehow went generally unnoticed in my playlists until one day coming up in a shuffle, the awesome Henrik The Artist aesthetic blew my mind, as one of his best all around productions. There's not much that I'm capable of with a Sunday hangover, but playing video games is one of the few things, that I can do. The incredible playful and charming production of each of Henrik's tracks make his library perfect for a day like today. His just released Friendship EP is exactly the kind of musical arc that can transform a sleepy Sunday into savory one. Of course beauty is the most desirable aspect in tracks with a Sunday hangover, but I always want playful, energizing tracks not moody, sit-in-a-dark-room, tracks, so this dopamine inducing track absolutely nails that aesthetic. The jamming synthed steel drum overwhelms with love and happiness, cools your heartburn and cleanses your palette with some sweet ear candy.

    Friday, April 15, 2016

    L D R U feat. Paige IV - Keeping Score (The Remixes)

    Australian insanity inducer, L D R U has been riding the waves of the smash hit collaboration with vocalist Paige IV, "Keeping Score." And for those of you keeping score at home, it's now logged nearly 700 thousand plays, in just over 6 months, on soundcloud alone. Further leveraging its preponderance, the incredibly infectious track has received six superior remixes from the likes of Cut Snake, Luca Lush, The Meeting Tree, Terace, Oski, and Boxinbox & Lionsize. Hear them all, below. One cannot begin to address the awesomeness and incredible breadth and power of these remixes without paying homage to the incredible original production and absolutely amazing vocals laid down by Paige IV. However, the way the six remixers have utilized these phenomenal pieces to create six distinct and undeniably exceptional new versions of "Keeping Score," is dizzying.

    Cut Snake was the first to have their remix uploaded to L D R U's soundcloud and serves an an excellent introduction to the first class collection of remixes. It succeeds in transforming the original into a rave-worthy, bouncy house classic; unmistakably awesome and uplifting, an extraordinary lead mix.

    The following mix, from Luca Lush, plays the perfect foil, maintaining its piano power while moving from the rave to the after party. Despite Luca Lush's proclivity to produce more intense, fast moving and in your face remixes, this one could easily fly under the radar were it not for its breathtaking beauty. Leaning heavily on Paige's vocals, Luca Lush's production lives up to his name providing a plush pillow on which to rest your head.

    But you won't be sleeping long, as the remix package roars into the riotous revision from Boxinbox & Lionsize. The turnt electro drop smashes behind booming bass drums and stabbing synths. While this mix boasts the most stereotypical EDM stylings, it is incredibly infectious, invoking heart palpitations and the feels of a Congorock track of yore.

    Next up is The Meeting Tree's mix with an abundance of smart sound designed atmosphere and pernicious percussion. Ringing bells and a trap get down give this version the feel of an early Baauer production. Guaranteed to get those thots twerking on the floor, I anticipate hearing this mix in some upcoming TWRK or TWONK Team mixtapes.

    The penultimate mix comes from Terace, whose version strikes me as the hardest quantify. Seemingly taking elements of multiple genres, Terace manipulates and plays with Paige's vocals while subverting any expectations of what the track ought to sound like. The magic of this mix is the driving subwoofing bass that rifles the remix ever forward.

    Finally, the mix that drew me to this package in the first place, the inimitable Oski. Perhaps best suited to alter the original, Oski seems to use the same air as L D R U, flipping "Keeping Score" in an almost VIP or 2.0 fashion. Whether it's the awesome intro "aw yeah, is that Oski?" the awesome RL Grime-esque honking drop, the undeniable atmosphere or the genius tuned percussion, everything about Oski's mix is an absolute win.

    Do not sleep on this remix package. There's something for everyone and quite simply succeeds in creating six new and terrific tracks.


    Thursday, April 14, 2016

    Throwback Thursday: RYME Interview & BADLQQK Remixed

    For this installment in my Throwback Thursday series, I take a look back at the duo RYME, aka Meech and Rynecologist, and the huge leaps and bounds they've taken with their label BADLQQK. About 10 months ago, my partner in crime for Electronic Impressions, Christian Kwamie and I had RYME in studio to chat about their lives as DJs, producers and all around awesome Toronto artists. While the topic of their BADLQQK collective came up, I doubt any of us had any inkling just what it would become. Now after six original EP releases from Slowbody, Cosella, Fearz, Craig Williams, KMRT and of course the duo themselves, they are set to drop a massive five track remix EP, April 19th on Beatport/worldwide May 3rd. After having the Fearz remix of their track "Cockfight" premiered by the one and only Anna Lunoe on her Beats1 show (listen here), the duo have released the full streams of each remix on BADLQQK's soundcloud page below. Since then RYME have teamed up with Toronto outfit Euphoradio dropping a 60 minute mix that serves as an excellent entree ahead of their April 23rd set at The Hoxton alongside Justin Jay, for which you can buy tickets, here.


    Wednesday, April 13, 2016

    Bump In The Hump: April 13 (Season 3, Episode 15)

    • Lum - Ima Get U Fired
    • Eytan Tobin - Cyberia
    • Grandtheft ft Lowell - Quit This City (Pusher Remix)
      • AGNO3 & Voia - Metamorph
      • Dabin x Koven - Revenant
      • Conro - City Lights (feat. Royal)
      • NGHTMRE - Holdin' On To You (Dom Dias Remix)
      • Flux Pavilion - I Can't Stop (Ekali Tribute)
      • Thook - PPF
      • Rhinestone Rebellion - Sinister (JackEL Remix)
      • Sia ft Sean Paul - Cheap Thrills (Cyril Hahn Remix)
      • Oliver Heldens & Shaun Frank ft Delaney Jane - Shades Of Grey (Rob James Remix)
      • Destructo - Techno (Maddmon Remix)
      • Lazy Rich - Give Me Crazy
      • MDK - Hyper Beam

      Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Lum - Ima Get U Fired

      Just yesterday I was drawn into watching Fifth Harmony's music video for "Work From Home," this time with the sound on, to which I found myself really enjoying the DallasK/Ammo produced synth. I even thought, damn, there's got to be some good remixes of this out there. Coincidentally, while I was putting together this week's Bump In The Hump, and doing my best to check in on Bedroomer's live streamed green screen party, I caught a bit of Lum's set. The videos from which are posted on youtube but, unfortunately there are some geographic blockers that won't allow the longest video to be streamed. However the video below, of Hudson Alexander and Eytan Tobin, should give you a taste of what Bedroomer brought.

      During the mere moment between the lag glitches, I heard that very same synth sound and immediately headed to google to try to identify what mix it was. Low and behold it was Lum's very own mix, so generously available for free download. I've now reworked this week's playlist to include this incredible 160 bpm version of 5H, "Ima Get U Fired," featuring a Donald Trump vocal.
      Make sure to tune in to the live stream tonight from 11-midnite EST, here, to hear Lum, alongside more of the best new Canadian electronic music. Also pick up the free download, and make sure you follow Bedroomer, quickly becoming Toronto's best arts collective.


      Tuesday, April 12, 2016

      RL Grime - Aurora

      It's been quite some time since we've heard anything from Harry Steinway, first as Clockwork, and the now, seemingly dominant, moniker and project, RL Grime. The mastermind behind one of the biggest and best all around productions the electronic music scene has ever heard, "Core," and it's equally well produced and groundbreaking album Void, has finally broken the silence with an out-of-this-world music video, "Aurora." Like the images in the video, RL Grime's production soars to incredible heights, yet again showcasing his astronomical talent and status as a topflight producer. Watch the video and follow the man, with his socials below. 

      NGHTMRE - Holdin' On To Me (Dom Dias Remix)

      One of Bump In The Hump's favourite artists, local producer Dom Dias, has thrown his hat into the current NGHTMRE "Holdin' On To Me" remix competition, from Wavo and Mad Decent.
      By far the most restrained of NGHTMRE's tracks, it seems to be a perfect fit for Dom's sensibility. Somehow Dom is able to inject both the feelings of somberness yet strength and pride, with his almost elegy-esque procession. With a cathedral worthy sound quality, fronted by an ethereal organ and heart palpitating percussion, the genius of Dom Dias' mix shines through his masterful sound design and conscientious craftsmanship. Mimicking the lyrics, you'll find yourself having a hard time trying to stop the slew of feelings Dom's production engenders. Grab hold of the religious experience that is Dom Dias' "Holdin' On To Me," and never let go of its sentiment, with the free download here. You can also expect to hear this alongside more of the best new Canadian electronic music on Bump In The Hump, this week.


      Monday, April 11, 2016

      AIRWAV x Enschway - Quantum Love

      Apparently Soundcloud can do something right. While listening to Hatch's remix of Baytek's "FWYT," the next track that came up in its 'related tracks' feed was this space-age future bass number from New Yorker, AIRWAV and Aussie, Enschway, "Quantum Love," which you can capture for free download. The future vibes are strong with this one, specifically it's swirling synth builds and resplendent whirling drops. The percussion is on point and propels the track into into the cosmos, like a rocket exploding off the launch pad. It acts as a tractor beam pulling in listeners and assimilating them like the Borg. Any attempt to resist this track proves utterly futile.


      Rihanna ft. Drake - Work (Hi Tom Remix)

      Just over a month since fellow Rytmeklubben member, DJ Karaoke, dropped two remixes of Rihanna's mumbling masterpiece "Work," Hi Tom adds a second version of track, this time featuring some steel-pans. Find his first version here and Karaoke's versions here, for instant free download. More club friendly and summer ready, Hi Tom's new version, features tuned up vocals and the usual Hi Tom/Rytmeklubben influences and instrumentation. But of course the main feature and most appealing, at least in my book (as I wait for warm weather), is the tropical feel of the steel-pans. I can't be positive but it seems like a strange coincidence that I was directed to this video of Keishaun Julien performing "Work" on the steel-pans, last Monday. Whether Hi Tom sampled this video, was influenced by it or it's mere coincidence, the resulting new version is yet another in a slew of great remixes of "Work" from both the Rytmeklubben crew and the world of producers at large. Enjoy the video below and support the artists behind the music.

      Baytek - FWYT (Hatch Remix)

      Baytek's lead track "FWYT" from his forthcoming EP, has received three brand new remixes, including Starfvckers, Unknown Associates and this turnt trap version from fellow Aussie producer, Hatch. The incredible intensity and imposing vibe of Baytek's original, Fuck What You Thinking, is not lost in Hatch's re-imagining. It might even be amplified with a decidedly more driven tempo, infecting listeners with unease filled anticipation. Hatch has found a way to not just maintain the heavy hype inherent in Baytek's original, but turn it up in such a way that it will have people all over the world, in clubs, gyms and basements alike moving to his raucous remix. Kingpin status has been achieved in all senses.