Monday, February 29, 2016

My Musical March Madness

What I'm going to look like March 26
After a February free of shows, each of my weekends in March is fully booked with events, setting the stage for my craziest month ever. Starting this coming Saturday (5th), I'll finally be back in the club and out of the basement, losing my hearing, enjoying Chet Porter, Sigala and Autograf. If you've ever heard any of my Bump In The Hump episodes it's highly likely that you're familiar with my passion for Chet Porter's productions, so it should be no surprise that my musical hiatus comes to a screeching halt when he returns home to play the Hoxton. Whether it's his originals (Aluko River, Awakening or tbh ily) or his remixes (Over U, It's Strange or Do You Remember) his library is full of simply sparkling magical music that is sure to invoke euphoria. He's easily my most anticipated set of the whole month; what a way to start the madness that is my March. Expect his set to sound something like his mix for Too Future, below. CLICK HERE FOR THE FACEBOOK EVENT. The fact that Chet isn't the headliner makes the 5th that much more exciting. While I can't say I'm that familiar with Sigala, it's quite clear that love is their main inspiration for their music; 4 of the 5 tracks on their soundcloud account include love in the name. The only track that doesn't, is their forthcoming single with Imani and DJ Fresh, "Say You Do."  The headliner, Autograf, has been on my radar since early 2014, when they began dropping remixes of classics like Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" and Swedish House Mafia's "One." Since then, they've captured worldwide attention with their futuristic productions with massive originals "Dream" and "Running." They've even released the first two tracks from their forthcoming EP, Future Soup.  The following weekend (11th-13th), is the CDJ Show at The Hilton. While I'm still unsure about many of the details. I do know that it will feature seminars, roundtables and VIP style events. It will undoubtedly be a great opportunity to mingle with many of the elite DJs and behind the scenes brains. So far the highlights as I see them include Vekked and Brace's live turntable seminar, a massive exhibit hall with booths from Ableton to GoPro and KRK to zipDJ. CLICK HERE FOR THE FACEBOOK EVENT.
While the CDJ Show is going to be a busy weekend, it might not be as busy as the double dose of debauchery due for the 18th and 19th. Firstly the Friday night kicks off with Haywyre, San Holo and Grabbitz at the Hoxton. Monstercat's Grabbitz is slated to open up the night in the middle of his spring tour supporting his December album, Better With Time
The second part of this three-headed Monstercat beast is San Holo, who will be making his Toronto debut. Expect to hear a full compliment of his now infamous Don't Touch The Classics series, which features "The Next Episode," "Lose Yourself" and "In Da Club." Combined with his swirling and sparkling originals and his bitbird label, there aught to be no shortage of awesomeness in his time on the decks. I can only hope that it somewhat resembles his mix for Annie Nightingale. Finally, the headliner, Haywyre hits the Hoxton stage in support of his masterpiece, Two Fold Pt. 2. Expect his unique live performance to showcase his unbelievable artistic ability. EVENT INFO HERE.While following up that finely curated lineup is incredibly difficult, Hunter Siegel's No Neon night is set to return the following night (19th) complete with locals Booshay, RYME and Autoerotique with the deep and dark Drezo making his No Neon debut. Booshay is quickly making a name for himself with his ever growing list of free downloads, including his latest "Rave Weapon." Veteran duo RYME are always primed and ready to go. Their vast musical knowledge and mixing skill make them some of the best opening acts you could ask for. Expect them to have their set loaded with exclusives from their BADLQQK label. As a matter of fact they just released their own remix to Sinden's "Step Back." There is no one out there that can rival the sheer amount of new bass blasting tracks that Autoerotique is pumping out. It seems like he's been dropping at least one new track per week for months now. Fresh off his Kids Don't Care EP release, you can expect to hear those and more exclusive new content, including his forthcoming collab with Hunter Siegel "On The Floor."  The only out of town DJ, Drezo, has been busting his way into playlists and mixes alike, with remixes of Snails, Jackal, Lil Wayne and Dr. Dre and massive originals "Guap" and "Heaven." Expect the No Neon aesthetic to reach its darkest when Drezo drops his Drowning Pools, "Bodies" remix. Tickets are sure to go fast for this fan favourite, find the link and more on the Facebook event page The last weekend, is the one that I've had tickets the longest for. Keys N Krates make their triumphant return to their hometown following the massive Midnite Mass tour. The energy of their live show is incredibly infectious. Each time I've seen them they've impressed me more and more. There's no doubt in my mind that their homecoming performance will amaze. Expect some special surprises in store as the trio have been tight-lipped and have yet to announce any supporting acts. Once again expect tickets to go quickly as the appetite for Keys N Krates always seems to be at an unbelievable level. Tickets and more at the Facebook event here.

Kill FM - All Day

Swedish duo Kill FM just dropped the absolute scorcher, "All Day" on Spinnin' Records' Oxygen imprint. 
If you're at work, I hope you haven't hit play yet, as the lyrics are clearly NSFW. Even if there were an instrumental version, I'd still say it's not really for public consumption at work. Filled with ridiculously twisted tones, this hard hitter is sure to have your coworkers' jaws dropping to the floor. The drop itself, is like a monster wreaking havoc, toppling skyscrapers, chewing on cars and generally fucking shit up. The monstrous imagery of its roaring synths bears a striking resemblance to the demonic drop of Wax Motif's "Krush Groove." While its depth can't compare to Wax Motif's predatory production, All Day stands out a colossus of a creation. It will have villagers up in arms, pitchfork and torches in hand, looking to exact revenge on Kill FM's behemoth. All Day's energy is incredibly infectious, empowering its listeners like wrestler's ring entrance music. Get your copy of All Day and begin your Jekyll and Hyde transformation.


Sunday, February 28, 2016

ROBB - Goldmind

Austrian five piece alternative soul/R&B/funk band, ROBB, have just released the lead single from their forthcoming four track EP, Heat. Pre-order the EP now and receive instantly receive "Goldmind."
Immediately infectious, funky disco vibes driven by slapped bass, "Goldmind," is incredibly fresh and energetic. The tremendous layering of the seemingly endless instrumentation is at once frenetic yet so cleverly constructed, combining to propel the track into the future of funk. "Goldmind" is a treasure trove of awesomeness, it's nearly impossible to wrap your head around it; so much movement and progression it will make your head spin. The vocals are so on point, absolutely nailing the disco/funk aesthetic. They sail along a silver stream of shimmering luminescence, highlighted by the occasional sprinkling of fiery and forceful fervor. That really is the beauty of  "Goldmind," the combination of the unstoppable outpouring of energy, that seems to emanate so easily with the playful punctuation of the percussive elements (bass, vocals, and of course the drums). The allure of the funky feels, injects its listeners with the overwhelming desire to prance around, grabbing their air guitars or makeshift microphones to become part of the fun. "Goldmind" is a wondrous slice of revitalized old-school funky energy, that brushes all worries aside in awesome, carefree fashion. Enjoy the official video below, and pick up your copy of Heat now.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Otto Knows (ft. Lindsey Stirling & Alex Aris) - Dying For You (The Him Remix)

Dutch duo The Him have put their touch on the latest collaboration from Swedish DJ and producer, Otto Knows, vocalist Alex Aris and American violinist Lindsey Stirling's "Dying For You." The Him have quite literally blown up since their absolutely massive "Feels Like Home." It's that same comforting atmosphere that abounds through "Dying For You;" awesome and uplifting, it combines much of the instrumentation that we've come to love from "Feels Like Home." So when you're down and out I reckon you'll find yourself dying for The Him's loving embrace. Enjoy the full stream, below.


Friday, February 26, 2016

Boys Noize - Overthrow

Fresh off the press, label runner, mix master and German genius, Alex Ridha, aka Boys Noize just added to his exhaustive collection of phenomenal techno tracks, with the twisted freebie "Overthrow."

The track's  low, ominous droning entrance sets the cinematic landscape that Boys Noize produces within. Throughout "Overthrow," Ridha demonstrates how he is going to "break you down;" the act of which seems to come easy to BN, as is well evidenced through out his career (eg. Jeffer, &Down, Cerebral). Each sound is perfectly designed playing its uniquely important roles, adding the incredible depth we've come to expect from Boys Noize. The mainly standard techno tuning, sets us up perfectly for the inevitable onslaught of twisting and turning, curve ball break downs. Each iteration becomes more acid tinged, with continually corroding synths. The crafted chaos of the two drops (2:25 & 3:45), stand as a capstone on this pyramid of production. "Overthrow" is a hex that curses and enslaves listeners with the barely audible line "you will never sleep, you'll faint," (at 1:30). Boys Noize has delivered a self-fulfilling prophecy, adding to his overloaded arsenal of rave weapons; proving, once and for all, that he is one of the great wonders of the electronic music scene. Get yourself a copy, and enjoy the video below.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Switch - I Still Love You (feat. Andrea Martin)

For this week's installment of my Throwback Thursday series, it gives me great pleasure to reintroduce the world to the raw, breathtaking beauty of one of the most organic, soulful, heartfelt and unforgettable vocal performances ever, courtesy Andrea Martin. Its allure is only amplified by Switch's smooth and stunningly beautiful production. The 2011 Dubsided release, "I Still Love You," (which of course is still the way I feel about this decidedly distinguished track) shouldn't remain dormant much longer.
I can still remember hearing this for the first time on Annie Mac's official start to the weekend on BBC Radio One. However I can't decide what captured my attention more, Andrea Martin's unfathomably awesome voice or the rumour that Annie floated out there, saying that Martin had recorded the main vocal in one take, in Switch's kitchen nonetheless. While that rumour obviously magnifies Martin's earth-shattering performance, it remains incomprehensibly and overwhelmingly angelic, regardless of the rumour's validity. Martin's voice bares all of the raw imperfections that accompany heartbreak, and the glaring incompleteness of a spurned lover. It is that combination of the clearly organic, heartfelt flowing of her voice with the harrowing lyrical content, that make the track so formidable and utterly timeless.

Obviously, Martin carries the track with her unforgettable performance, but it is my assertion that Switch's supportive production is the key to this perfect composition. I'm not sure whether it's the subject matter, or the music, but I'm always reminded of Paul Simon's "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover." Playing the two back to back, the similarities in musical tone and percussive elements are unmistakable. Both are refined and understated, allowing us to become cocooned by the tremendous lyrical webs they spin. Of the dozens of remixes Martin's performance spurred, I can't say any come close to the original, as they inevitably end up fighting the vocals or simply crumbling under their incredible weight. Only Switch's well thought out and carefully crafted production truly allows Martin to shine. Furthermore, Switch, and his original production, add incredible depth with the supportive vocals samples, ooh-ing and ahh-ing, embodying the lost partner. Mirroring the lyric "I need you to succeed," it truly is the supporting vocals that "make [her] life complete."


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bump In The Hump: February 24 (Season 3, Episode 8)

  • Junior Boys - M & P
  • Attlas - Sunset Over Manaan
  • Svani - Sincerely Sorry
  • Mathematic - Ober
  • Florence & The Machine - Delilah (Galantis Remix) [Savages x Dropwizz Trap Remix]
  • Lil Texas x Whipped Cream - Hey Mami
  • More // Night - Japaneasy
  • Lostboycrow - Love Won't Sleep (Kill Them With Colour Remix)
  • #MashupInTheMiddle
  • Amy Winehouse vs Tennyson - Rehab, No Answer (Mark Johns Cover)
  • Disclosure - Nocturnal VIP (feat. The Weeknd)
  • Plastikman - Gymnastiks (Eekkoo Retouch)
  • Jackal x Dr. Fresch - Netflix N Kill
  • Autoerotique - Ratchet
  • IDGVF - Ghosts
  • Lazy Rich & Mord Fustang - We Are
  • #FireFinale
  • Paris & Simo x Misha K - Lyra

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Jackal x Dr. Fresch - Netflix N Kill

After months of teasing it in live sets, the Jackal and Dr. Fresch collaboration, "Netflix N Kill" has finally been released, and will be premiered on this week's episode of Bump In The Hump on Radio Humber. After hearing it for the first time during one of Hunter Siegel's now infamous No Neon parties, I've been anxiously awaiting the inevitable annihilation of "Netflix N Kill." I was lucky enough to capture a video of Dr. Fresch dropping it amidst his utterly insane set from the aforementioned No Neon night. 

Tune in tonight from 6-7 EST (live stream here) to hear the full quality version, surrounded by more of the best new Canadian electronic music, on Bump In The Hump. But if you're as impatient as I am, you can stream and download Jackal and Dr. Fresch's "Netflix N Kill" below. SUPPORT DR. FRESCH: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Twenty One Pilots - Stressed Out (Tomsize Remix)

French producer Tomsize dropped an incredibly beautiful trapped out version of Ohio duo, Twenty One Pilots' "Stressed Out." You can now get yourself a copy of the anthemic remix here.
 Right off the bat, the name "Stressed Out" seems to be a misnomer, as the piano immediately calms any fears, with its warm and comforting chords. It lays a fabulous foundation for the engrossing and insightful lyrics. The percussion pushes the track along, covertly cruising through the build up into the drop, before the twisted and tuned down line "now we're stressed out." The beauty of this part is the way Tomsize mimics the lyrics with his production. Each time, the build up begins with the lines "wish we could turn back time," at which point the drop takes over with its inexplicably awesome and unearthly, futuristic, sci-fi synth sound. There's something incredibly uplifting and inescapably appealing about this mysterious sound. However the swirling part of the drop only appears in the first two drops, and is alarmingly absent from the third. This brings the remix full circle from its soothing start to its upsetting, stress inducing finale; showcasing the incredible artistry of Tomsize's production.


Sebjak - Control

Swedish producer Sebastian Jak, aka Sebjak, dropped his track "Control," yesterday on Doorn Records.

This progressive house banger is filled to the brim with warbling synth work, accented by vocal thuds. Living up to it's name, "Control" commands whatever space it's occupying. Its ascendancy is unavoidable, through its ever climbing atmosphere, forcing its way into your heart. The throbbing bass and jitter inducing oscillations give the track an almost seasick feeling, forcing listeners to hold on for dear life, for fear of falling overboard. A tremendously powerful DJ tool, "Control" ought to be picked up by any jock spinning in the 122 BPM range for maximum crowd manipulation.


Monday, February 22, 2016

Lindsay Lowend - Scrimshaw

Washington DC's Antonio Mendez, known to most as Lindsay Lowend, has put his musical talent and songwriting skill on full display with yesterday's free release of "Scrimshaw."
 While the vast majority of Lowend productions are exceedingly light and beautiful soundscapes, "Scrimshaw" may be the pinnacle of that vein of production. Upon first listen, you may easily discount the track entirely, as it has no distinct drop or specific points of interest, but that is exactly what makes the track such a triumph. It flows so effervescently, soaring with it's bright and brilliant plucked strings accompanied by beautiful bells and slyly swirling synths. However it's the cleverly placed clicks that really propel "Scrimshaw" from mere elevator music to something more deserving of a thoughtful second listen.

While very much so a jazz inspired production, at times it becomes inexplicably electronic, with its reversing course, spinback effects (1:15ish). However, Lowend reorganizes the sounds, regaining its original stride and purpose, easing us back into his flirtatious fluttering. The crowning moment comes around 2:45 with the resolving chord progression, that for some reason, reminds me of the 8-bit soundtrack of RBI Baseball (listen here). Funnily enough, this isn't the first time Lindsay Lowend and baseball have gone together, as a matter of fact the first time I came across LL was through his collaborations with Jonah Baseball.

If you've enjoyed "Scrimshaw," I'm confident that you'll also appreciate their collaborative remixes of Bobby Tank and GoldLink "Semiprecious" and "Ay Ay," respectively. My favourite JB/LL collab however is an original, "Brian Williams." Of course Lindsay Lowend has more of his own productions, worthy of checking out as well, originals: "Tower," "Glen Eden Station," "Zoning Ordinance: Venus," and remixes; Rhythm District "Unspoken," Mr. Carmack "Roller" and Beyonce "Irreplaceable." Go ahead and get yourself some free Lindsay Lowend.


Sunday, February 21, 2016

cavest - rave/relax

Over the course of the past four days, teenage German producer cavest has dropped two trapped out freebies, "rve" and "rlx" and put them together to create a mini EP, rave-relax
The lead "rlx" came out Thursday, with serious chill vibes utilizing highly modified Lil' Wayne lyrics "sit back, relax" from Rep My Hoodcavest succeeds in injecting this minimal trap tune with seriously intimidating, yet somehow comforting atmosphere. He doesn't reinvent the wheel while employing highly conventional trap sounds, but he intelligently adds subtle yet potent samples,l that only amplify the incredible, brooding aura. The real victory cavest attains, is the playful, almost twerking, beat-flipping following each drop - ingenious and inescapably awesome.

When listening to the two tracks back to back, the link between the two is immediate and clear. "rve" ups the tempo, while remaining cautiously chilled out. Once again, cavest takes advantage of another short-yet-sweet rap sample, this time from Jay Z's Izzo --- "can't leave rap alone the game needs me." And again he bolsters the atmosphere with harrowing female warbles. The track really takes off with echoing instrumentation on the drops pursued by rolling percussion. While both tracks are relatively chill, and obviously not bangers, "rve" brings with it more classic 'rave' elements and movement, encouraging its listeners to get down. cavest deftly delivers a double dose of chill trap that ooze with atmosphere.


Saturday, February 20, 2016

Fred Falke - It's A Memory (Oliver Remix)

Los Angeles duo, Vaughn Oliver and Oliver Goldstein, aka Oliver, have injected their trademark style into Fred Falke's latest "It's A Memory" leading the six track remix package on Mercury Music.
The lyrics from Elohim and Mansions On The Moon, bear a striking resemblance to a previous Fred Falke release, his collaboration with The Knocks, "Geronimo." It's the high flying ethereal lyric "Do you want to float into the beautiful sky with me," that so closely mirrors Geronimo's "You wanna go to the sky with me." Personally, I think this is a brilliant, slightly tongue-in-cheek, memory testing callback to Geronimo, that only longtime fans of Fred Falke would recognize. Surprisingly, the original Geronimo is more bassline driven than the Oliver Memory mix. This is surprising because Oliver have become somewhat synonymous with their own bass heavy productions (see their To U, Electric Love and American Girl remixes, or their Mechanical EP).

All of that comparison aside, the duo simply succeed in mimicking the lyrical content of "the road is easy" and "dancing in the ebb and then the flow" taking our hand in theirs, lifting us up, with free floating synths. With fantastic 80s-esque tuning, Oliver's remix invokes memories of the music of yesteryear. This soaring, incredibly uplifting and beautiful remix is a breath of funky-fresh air. You'll find it easy to fall in love with this genius, ever changing, ebbing and flowing remix that so wondrously illustrates the lighter side of Oliver's production capabilities. Pre-order the remix package now and instantly get a copy of both Oliver and Amtrac's remixes of "It's A Memory," before the full release next Friday, the 26th.


Friday, February 19, 2016

Cheat Codes x Kris Kross Amsterdam - Sex

The massively debated and previously unidentified Spinnin' Records track, that's racked up over 623 thousand plays in just over two weeks has finally been revealed as a collaboration between trios, LA's Cheat Codes and Dutch Kris Kross Amsterdam, and is available for download today.
Aptly titled "Sex," has Spinnin' flexing it's label strength, procuring the rights to sample Salt-N-Pepa's "Let's Talk About Sex." The line "all the good things and bad things" immediately called me back to Akon's use of that line in Kid Ink's "Rewind." That's not the only similarity between the two either. The vibes of each elicit a warm floating feeling. Where "Rewind" leans more on DJ Mustard's synth sound, "Sex" is significantly more tropical, very similar to Major Lazer and DJ Snake's "Lean On." Furthermore, the first twenty seconds have a distinct resemblance to What So Not's "Touched." One commenter called it a rip off of Where Are U Now, Lean On, Sorry and What Do You Mean. While "Sex" no doubt seems to borrow facets from all of these tracks, it is its own distinct production. It is, at worst a mere mashup of covers, and at best, a finely crafted combination of some of the best pop music from the past year.

Of course this isn't anything new for Spinnin' Records, being the host label for chronic recyclers Vinai. A quick survey of Vinai's catalog of releases makes it seem like they've only ever started one project file and just keep minutely changing each production before sending them to Spinnin'. This seems all too common for the Dutch label which continually churns out repackaged, commercially leverage-able music, whether it's from Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Oliver Heldens or the Lost Kings, the other act many commenters thought might have produced "Sex." This isn't to say that Spinnin' is without merit, it certainly holds a different footing, philosophy and purpose than Dirtybird, Ed Banger, mau5trap or even OWSLA. Whatever the case, you can now get your copy of "Sex" now.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Rune RK - Papperlapapp

For this week's edition of my Throwback Thursday series, it gives me great pleasure to reintroduce the world to one of the most magical, deviant, gyrating, bleepy, undulating, trance and screw face inducing, tracks ever. From musical chameleon, Rune Reilly Kolsch aka Rune RK it's "Papperlapapp." 

You probably better know Rune RK for his work as Kolsch, but he's released tracks as Artificial Funk, ENUR, his collaborations with Johannes Thorpe and solo project, Ink and Needle. But of course you'll know his track "Calabria," the instrumental of which Nari & Milani combined with Alex Gaudino and Crystal Waters' "Destination Unknown." For me however. the best Rune RK or Kolsch, for that matter, production remains his 2009 production "Papperlapapp." I first came across the ever growing, progressive tech house masterpiece in a recording of Boy 8-Bit's December 4th live set at Junk nightclub in Southampton. It's the last track in the nearly hour and half mix, which I've uploaded to my dropbox, here.

I was immediately drawn to the track because it's bleepy chiptune nature. Mixed in following a simply irresistible and still unknown remix of La Roux's "In For The Kill," the playful percussion and spritely synth work quickly sucks us in. EDIT: Boy 8-Bit has confirmed that it is his remix of In For The Kill. Rune's mix of sparkling and crackling highs and undulating low end propels the track into consecrated air. It always gives me an unearthly chill as though Rune was able to meet the gods above, transcending the mortal gap, and in Promethean fashion steal their one of their greatest musical creations. The whistling synths, twirl in euphoric reverence, flowing, at once, arduously yet somehow calmly and with such great ease. It is clearly the craft of some superhuman, who quite tellingly gave it the name Papperlapapp, which in English means poppycock, hogwash or pish-posh. Perhaps Rune didn't get one of the gods' best creations but in their view, mere rubbish. Regardless, Rune RK's "Papperlapapp" stands as one of the more celestial creations I've ever encountered, still years later intimating its sublime intangible quality. Perhaps Rune RK has ascended to heaven, as we haven't heard any new releases from him for nearly two years, but he has certainly achieved immortality with his ecstasy inducing creations. For now we'll have to be satisfied with his work as the K in Rune RK, Kolsch.


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bump In The Hump: February 17 (Season 3, Episode 7)

  • Chet Porter - tbh ily
  • Junior Boys - And It's Forever
  • WYLN & Thomas White - I Don't Care
  • Loud Luxury - Old Man (Cover of Nina Simone's Sinnerman)
  • Denney - Low Frequency (Smalltown DJs Remix)
  • Mathematic - Brrrlin
  • Haywyre - Impulse
  • #MashupInTheMiddle
  • Autoerotique vs Nicky Romero - Bring That Generation 303 Back (Chandan Mashup)
  • Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax (1DAFUL Zoolander Remix)
  • Kaskade feat. Kolaj - Whatever (Attlas Remix)
  • Tiga & Hudson Mohawke - Planet E (Dense & Pika Remix)
  • Kill Them With Colour - Get High (VIP Mix)
  • Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love Me (Conro Remix)
  • Drake - Hotline Bling (Ookay VIP Remix)
  • #FireFinale
  • Shaun Frank, KSHMR & Delaney Jane - Heaven (Dr. Fresch Remix)

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Mathematic - Ober EP

Tonight on Radio Humber, and this week's episode of Bump In The Hump it's my great pleasure to be able to premiere the lead single from Toronto local, Mathematic. Fresh off yesterday's release of his Ober EP, on Swedish label Comorbid Records, Mathematic's "Brrrlin" is set to infect the airwaves with his macabre masterpiece. Continuing to play with perverted rock n roll instrumentation, label head Owl Vision, calls Ober "A dark sequel of intelligent madness." It is this contradiction, of intelligence despite madness, that makes Mathematic's productions so captivating in it's inevitably cringe-worthy and corrupted electro sounds. Enjoy the Soundcloud stream below, on Spotify, get your downloads from Beatport and iTunes, and tune in tonight to hear "Brrrlin" amidst 13 more of Canada's best new electronic tracks. Bump In The Hump goes live from 11-midnight EST via live stream here.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Malaa - Fade

Who ever Malaa is, they're at it again, dropping the deathly dark and increasingly mysterious "Fade."
The still unidentified DJ/producer signed to Tchami's new Confession label, drops "Fade" as just their fourth original production. While it doesn't step away from the G-House sound we've come to associate with the masked producer, it does bring a notably more creepy feel than their previous productions. The eerie, science fiction, X-Files-esque, ringing high end reaches a bloodcurdling climax when supported with the otherworldly groaning, before the seriously sinister trademark Malaa bass drop. Aided by Kool G, Nas "Fast Life," and FuturePusha T "Move That Dope" samples, Malaa succeeds once again in re-purposing hip-hop lyrics while propelling the house music resurgence. It doesn't seem like Malaa is about to fade away anytime soon, so grab your copy now before you miss the bandwagon.


Monday, February 15, 2016

Rufus - Say A Prayer For Me (MK Remix)

Yet again Marc Kinchen (MK) has graced the world with two more masterful remixes. Friday, marked the release of his remix and dub versions of RUFUS' divine track, "Say A Prayer For Me."
Alongside remixes from Alex Metric and Mazde, MK performs some of his trademark messianic mixing, giving "Say A Prayer For Me" his club blessing. Placing our hand in MK's, he leads us on a mystical journey, lead by swelling synths, god-like bass rhythms and pious percussion. Its refined and subtle in it's ascendancy; we wave goodbye to our flawed corporeal forms as Kinchen canonizes his listeners with his immaculate groove. The holy spirit runs deep as the baptismal water flows over us, as Father MK washes us clean, absolving us from the debauchery of the rave culture.

The supernatural power of MK's remix is perhaps best seen in the powerful bassline conversion, at the 3:40 mark. MK has answered prayers that we didn't know we had. He is quite possibly the saviour of the EDM bubble, with his playful, thought provoking and progressive productions. I highly recommend picking up his RUFUS remix for your daily prayers and his dub for those darker moments in your life (Beatport link here). Check out more of MK's hymns here and add them to your daily prayer routine.


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentines Day: Love According To DJs

Usually one doesn't need any excuse to release new music but, when an excuse like Valentines Day comes around a massive amount of new music seems to explode forth. This year is no different, we've received the ninth installment of Hudson Mohawke's yearly Slow Jam series. two new tracks from Geek Boy & Mord Fustang, a scratch routine from Mr Switch, a re-release from mix-master, Skratch Bastid's Valentines Day Mix for The Strombo Show, and finally Esentrik's mix for Diplo & Friends.
Hudson Mohawke is well regarded as one of the best and most well rounded artists the world of music has to offer. Whether its his original productions, his productions for Kanye West or his work with Lunice as TNGHT, HudMo is a force to be reckoned with. When given the chance to pickup one of his curated sets, you'd be stupid not to jump on it. This year he plays our heartstrings with an all UK version of his now infamous Valentines Slow Jams series, also available for free download. This isn't the first Geek Boy track on Enlightenment For Your Ears (see his cover with MYLK, here), so perhaps you're already familiar with his incredibly beautiful soaring style. This version of Lily-Jo is exactly that. Swirling, it lifts you up and embraces you in its loving arms, spinning you round in in euphoric passion. Pick it up from iTunes or add it to your Spotify playlist, and feel the love. Mord Fustang's style has changed over the years, yet the overcoming warm synths have stuck with him throughout his career. Those very synths play an extremely important role in the heavenly original, "I Will Always Miss You." He seems to achieve the title's objective, injecting an overwhelming feeling of longing, leaving you feeling empty and unfulfilled.

Valentine's DJ
St Valentine's Day can be a battleground of mixed emotions - whatever your relationship status, and whether you are enamoured with the idea of a day dedicated to l'amour or not.. it can be a very divisive occasion.And I thought, what better way to sum up the mixed feelings on the subject than with a DJ scratch routine?!Tracks: James Brown - Sunny (Featurecast Remix) / Kelis - Caught Out There
Posted by Mr Switch - World DJ Champion on Friday, 13 February 2015
In less than 40 seconds, Mr Switch succeeds in encapsulating the feelings many of us are overcome with when in love. Since love isn't always this perfect euphoric feeling, it is a process, a back and forth, and perhaps Pat Benatar was right, love is a battlefield. Maybe just a candle lit one. Much like Mr Switch, Skratch Bastid excels at illustrating the interplay and movement inherent in love. His massive library gets a rinse in this twenty minute masterpiece, as Skratch shows of his story telling and mixing prowess. Good luck listening to this without getting down - highly hypnotic.
Diplo & Friends is quickly becoming one of the most consumed radio show/podcasts around. Last year it was Ryan Hemsworth and his Secret Songs hour that took our hearts hostage on Valentines day, but this year it's Esentrik who takes that role. From opening with STFU's "We All Fall Down" to Alison Wonderland's "What Do You Mean" and his own "Love You Down" the hits are endless. But that's not all the tricks up his sleeve, he also delivers classic N'Sync, and a double dose of Janet Jackson. Hot off last night's debut, be prepared to melt upon hearing Esentrik's hot hot heat.

In case that weren't enough, I highly recommend listening to Chet Porter's latest, "tbh ily," here.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Filous - Feel Good Inc. (feat. LissA)

Austrian wunderkind Filous returns from a three month hiatus with his incredibly enlightened cover of Gorillaz "Feel Good Inc." combining his trademark chill style with the inescapable groove of the original. In collaboration with Spanish vocalist LissA, Filous drops his cover, free, ahead of his European Tour.
Filous always succeeds in treating each and every one of his productions with a delicate and refined touch. His call is tremendously alluring; hypnotically spellbinding us with his chilling magic. Each sound lends so brilliantly to Filous' aesthetic, whether its the metallic, music box, plucked strings, the ringing bells or even the human hand, sliding along the guitar strings. The original succeeded in being ridiculously groovy despite its robotic, digital composition, driving endlessly and tirelessly toward an unknown destination. But the beauty of Filous' take, on Damon Albarn's production, is the way he humanizes it, giving it heart and soul, through the emotional, gut wrenching strings and LissA's ethereal vocals. At once hauntingly beautiful, incredibly uplifting and effervescent, Filous delivers yet another ebullient masterpiece. Get a free copy and Feel Good for yourself.


Friday, February 12, 2016

Chet Porter - tbh ily

Chet Porter is so giving, that even on his birthday, he's presented is with the musical gift of "tbh ily." The offering comes today from Moving Castle, and is available on Soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes.It was about this time last year when the world was first graced with the shimmering aura of tbh ily, when it appeared in Ryan Hemsworth's Valentines Day mix for Diplo & Friends. Its effect, in that mix is so impactful, that its beauty has stayed with me ever since. Without a doubt tbh ily is the track that solidified Chet Porter as one of my favourite producers. Everything Chet releases is delightfully and stunningly beautiful, but the dazzling serenity reaches a new peak with tbh ily's utterly effervescent strings, plucking the chords of our hearts.

The percussion leads the way, at times dotingly tying us up in its careful web. Other times, it's consciously tuned to unwind us from that very web and spread our wings, open to the world. The love exudes from the warm and blissfully bouncing strides, around the 1 minute and 2:45 marks, carrying us though the joyride of tbh ily. Perhaps the crowning achievement of this, and many of Chet's other productions, is the unfathomable beauty he achieves with the seemingly glitchy and tripping feelings around the 40 second and 2:13 marks. It's the silence before the squeezed-toothpaste bottle of toothpaste pops, that sets everything straight, regaining it's stride it hits a Utopian high.  I can't help but be overtaking with the image of a pure and innocent love story, that Chet has so expertly embodied; it need not a music video, it could never be as perfect as the effect tbh ily inevitably injects. It is a celebration that you cannot avoid, nor would you ever want to.