Tuesday, November 21, 2017

underscores - pause

Soundcloud is a great source for new music, that sometimes feels overpopulated with the same old, same old, whether pop or imitation. Other times Soundcloud's beautiful, artistic and creative side shines though. Not far into my scroll this morning I came across the latter, as less than half a minute into "pause," San Francisco's underscores had my head spinning. He proceeds to take this 3:33 track in every direction, making sharp turns at every option. Not to say these that these flips aren't jarring, but they actually work strikingly well as evolutionary counters. Each subsequent section is as melodically alluring as the last, allowing the jazzy nature to quickly coalesce and enchant. However, we still haven't touched on the killer cherry on top, making this the most sublime sundae of a 'song.' The most clear example of underscore's brilliance in "pause" comes in his sound design: the grinding "aah" sound at the opening, the clinking bottles, the rattling and rolling tin can, and best of all, the multiple and diverse uses of the babbling baby. This truly is a genius production through and through, it's literally and figuratively sensational, somehow managing to align disparate beats into one delectable design.Download "pause" for free here, and check out his other projects: six impala and curryrice.


Monday, November 20, 2017

msft - FML

Italian trap producer msft (pronounced misfit) just dropped some knowledge on EVANE Collective with the track "FML." Despite the dark despair of the cover image and the title, the track inspires a strength and bravado with its buoyant bass bonks, rising rounds of sparkles and glorious guffaws (a la Ganon in Zelda II). It's a great big groove and definitely dance worthy track, one I expect would demand the whole dance floor get down. Get all stirred up with a free download of "FML" via ToneDen here.FOLLOW MSFT: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunday Disco Delights

Yada yada yada, I love disco. Disco, disco, disco. There's nothing that I go to more frequently or enjoy so unabashedly as much as disco. Whether it's the strings and things, funky bass, gooey grooves, loving lyrics or just the anything goes ethos, I just cannot get enough of disco old and new. It's just the perfect mixture of live elements with repetitive electronic grooves. Today I've decided that I ought to showcase a small sampling of some of my favourites of the moment, from some of my most trusted sources. There's the ever awesome and expanding library of Funkingham (specifically Pimpin Willie) remixing the sublime Sade, the preeminent Dimitri From Paris, and supreme being SanFranDisko. The other two tracks are just as juicy and jam worthy; Cordycep I found through Greg Wilson and the "Everybody Dance" edit comes courtesy Dimitri From Paris, who referred to it as his all-time favourite. I leave you now to enjoy these disco delights and hope they give you strength this Sunday.Note that every other track is available for free download. Don't sleep!