Saturday, August 05, 2017

Post Malone - Congratulations (Goshfather x Aylen Remix)

Hey you! Yeah, you. You ever heard of this guy Post Malone? You know that White Iverson guy? Yeah, him. He's got a new track and it's the hottest shit on the planet. Oh you've heard it? A million times? Oh shit, my bad. Well what about a remix? Oh really? Dozens?! Damn, I'm sorry. But how about this one?First off apologies for being such a sardonic sack of you know what, but I just can't help myself when I've been bombarded with the same song for months and months. I'm sure that like me you've heard just about a bazillion remixes of "Congratulations," some good, some bad, but the one I came across this morning bests them all. Goshfather and Aylen leave just enough of the original intact to keep your attention while getting wicked in their recasting. I've written about Aylen several times here, particularly because of his awesome and evil sound design. Once again that salaciousness runs front and center as he and Goshfather fill the tune with a flurry of fire disco feels. It's dark and dirty, invoking delirium as those only familiar with the original struggle to breathe as stabbing strings suck up all the oxygen. Whether those jabs are actually from Nero's "Must Be The Feeling" or recreated, I'm always happy to have some hard hitting and bad-ass bass to go with a groove that guarantees flying footwork. Even if we've hit peak "Congratulations," I'm happy to have this remix. Get it for yourself free here.