Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Dr. Fresch - Roll It Up

I've been supporting Dr. Fresch here for quite some time now, and always jump at the opportunity to showcase more of his magic whenever I get the chance. Thankfully today is one of those days as the man has just released a "Funky Swervin Booty Ghetto Tech" track called "Roll It Up."
If you've been to or heard one of his sets this summer you've probably already heard it yourself, but now you can make it your own for free via Hive, here. While it's always been somewhat difficult to categorize Dr. Fresch's productions (most often people go to G-House), but this one takes that even further. It's generally house at its core, but it almost bounces back and forth between Deep and G-House vibes. With the additional influences from UK Bassline this one really earns its name.

The way "Roll It Up" is delivered feels almost like its from a classic cartoon in which physics are defied as a character is turned into a cigarette and smoked. Actually, now that I write that I'm struck with the vision of a certain video, one that I'm hoping someone will overdub and make a music video out of.
As the good doctor says in his description, this is a "fun, banging club track," and I couldn't agree more. It's the perfect combination of noxious nostalgia and banging bass house that begs clubbers to kill it on the dancefloor with their most fire footwork. Be sure to pack this powerhouse into your pill box.