Friday, July 07, 2017

Cardi B - Bodak Yellow (UNIIQU3 Bootleg)

Another day, another time going to the jersey club well. This time it's Newark's UNIIQU3 flipping on Cardi B cut "Bodak Yellow." If you were unaware before now that UNIIQU3 is the "Club Kween," this ought to be proof enough. It's a brilliantly polished bootleg, done just right to retain the optimal raw feel necessary in jersey club. Both the bass and club atmosphere are can't miss - absolutely suffocating. And not just production, but progression makes this flip so fire. UNIIQU3's way of winding around the vocals, especially with "You can't f*ck with me," (approx 2:45), cranks the tune to eleven.No "Money moves" necessary, as UNIIQU3 has made "Bodak Yellow" available a free download via mediafire. She's also playing stopping by Toronto this coming Friday July 14th at The Baby G. RSVP and tickets to see her with Chippy Nonstop, Sexton, and Coco Supreme here.