Tuesday, July 04, 2017

bassReaper - Freaked Dolphin

Whether it's dubstep, trap or house dominant, there certainly seems to be no shortage of what most are calling hybrid. It's a combination of the wild, half time dubstep and trap thrash-around, party vibes built around the more accessible BPM range typical to house music. The latest example I've come across is from Italy's bassReaper and "Freaked Dolphin." No doubt this title fits perfectly with the almost screeching and squelching synth design imitating the high pitch clicks and calls of a dolphin. It's almost as though bassReaper did his own version of Austin Powers' Dr. Evil and added lazers to a pod of dolphins, fined tuned the frequencies then orchestrated his evil plan of world domination. He stands above the ocean, like a maleficent maestro, waving his arms commanding this callous and crazy sound that is "Freaked Dolphin." I'm not sure there's a proper way to dance to this deliriousness, so my suggestion would be to do what I like to call 'the kindergarten dance', just flail around however you feel. "Freaked Dolphin" is available for free download via The Husk, here.