Monday, July 31, 2017

A WayHome Wedding

Credit: Morgan Hotston (here)
This weekend I took to Burl's Creek Event Grounds for the third edition of the WayHome Music and Arts festival. Perhaps you followed my exploits Friday (live blogged here) or throughout the weekend via Twitter. While I'm working a large scale recap for this blog, and perhaps more elsewhere, I first wanted to share one of the more unique experiences from the truly magical weekend.

One of the undeniable characteristics of WayHome is love, and there was perhaps no better example of that then the nuptials of WayHomie couple, Chayla and Almir. The wedding, which was performed by my friend, and fellow Radio Humber alumnus Kenan (now of 106.9 FM The Wolf), showcased both the incredible community feeling and energy of WayHome, as well as the aforementioned love.
In terms of energy and fun, the above video has it all. But if you're looking for a little more love, or just some more wit and humour from Kenan, enjoy the full ceremony below, complete with The Big Lebowski and Waiting... references. Apologies for the low quality, I'm but a blogger, not a photographer.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

WayHome Day 2 Live Blog

Also live tweeting at @OggieJames

8:15 - the world is awake. At least some people are. Some are still partying from last night.

8:45 - I guess I should get upright. The promise of a coffee makes it worth it.

9:00 - I know there were tons of people and tents and parties, but the light of day really puts it in perspective.

10:15 - walk from one site to another, and back and forth all over again. Lots of people raving about last night's acts (Flume, Justice, Danny Brown, Cage The Elephant), others can't stop talking about tonight's acts (Mura Masa, Schoolboy Q, and Jazz Cartier).

10:30 - impromptu trip to Orillia and the LCBO. So many nice looking summer drinks. Pretty colours.

11:15 - portapotties are death traps. The worst sauna you've ever been in.

12:00 - seems like every other site is doing funnels. The drinking is back in full force.

12:30 - my buddy's friend is getting married just outside the entrance. That should be interesting. Last two years at Bestival I witnessed weddings so why not here too?

Friday, July 28, 2017

WayHome Day 1 Live Blog

I'm also live tweeting at @OggieJames

8:20 - wake up before my alarm. To excited.

9:30 - after repacking my bag a dozen times I'm on the way to the subway and the shuttle bus.

10:50 - arrive at the shuttle bus. It's full, but they're sending another.

11:10 - we board second bus. Driver really wants us to know his name is Ed.

11:20 - we depart. I'm beside a guy named Harry. He has an indeterminate English accent. Nice.

11:30 - turn onto the Gardiner and the first billboard in sight is for WayHome. Couple cheers.

11:35 - bus is quiet. Most people keeping to themselves, listening to music. Couple of conversations.

11:55 - Harry and his boys crack a beer.

11:57 - I get a whiff of weed. Don't think anyone's smoking it. That'd be massively sketch.

12:05 - now that the beers are flowing (thank Harry and his boys for breaking the ice) the conversations have really sparked up. THE PARTY HAS STARTED!

12:55 - traffic is bad. We were supposed to be there by now, and we're probably an hour away still. Sad.

1:40 - we stop for a quick pee and leg stretch in Barrie. Nearly there.

1:55 - everyone is more warm and cordial than before. We've become wayhomies. Mere minutes away from the grounds.

2:10 - Ed makes a reckless turns onto the camp road and an OPP follows us. Everyone is excited but scared at the same time

3:10 - I finish setting up my tent. This village of tents is awesome. Ended up right beside Mikey Palermo. Sweet.

3:45 - imma die tonight, I hope that's cool with you. Nah I'm kidding no deaths just fun times. Off to get my media pass, looking like the unique goof.

4:25 - waited 10 minutes to get redirected to in turn get redirected. No help in getting a media pass here. It's a hella disaster. Not anyone specific fault just an overall thing.

4:35 - guy comes to help he also knows nothing. They're sending someone else.

4:45 - Ally comes to help me. We drive to get a pass and she does me off at the media gate (couple of autograph seekers). Walk to catch up with RYME.

5:00 - Meech is DJing inside the greenhouse.  Ry arrives late, as usual.

5:15 - tons of porta-potties, lots of room to chill and smoke, and the bouncer remembers me as I go back in the greenhouse. Excellent.

5:35 - Mikey says the track I like so much is Drake - Get It Together.

5:46 - I tweeted "somebody sober me up" (since deleted)

6:54 - I write the previous update hoping the spelling and grammar is right.

6:55- I wonder where Harry and my Irish boys are.

7:03 - I forgot about 6:46, and am plotting my next move, amongst hundreds here to see Flume, Danny Brown, and Justice.

7:07 - apparently I was going to write something here but I forgot. Sorry.

8:10 - it doesn't take an hour to walk from site to stage but it's close if you stop at all. And I used the VIP entrance, GA was rammed

8:33 - crowd runs to the stage to hear "Pumped Up Kicks"

8:43 - enough wandering around I asked someone and I ended up being right next door to the wristband refill station.

8:50 - Cage The Elephant absolutely rocking. Singer doing his best Mick Jagger. Loving every minute of it

1:43 - apparently I've got some explaining to do. Home and asleep.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

My WayHome Plan Of Attack

As I'm sure you know by now, I'm headed to Burl's Creek for WayHome Music and Arts Festival. I had mentioned that you can make your own schedule on the WayHome site here. Unfortunately that custom schedule doesn't allow you to include the Perrier Greenhouse, where I'll be spending multiple hours each day. So I decided to make my own custom schedule. See each day below, make note of the/my start times, and the conflicts in red on Friday. I'll be live tweeting much of the weekend, and hope to do a bit of a live blog each day, here. Follow me @OggieJames and if you're there feel free to reach out.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Bump In The Hump: July 26 (Season 6, Episode 13)

  • Frank Ocean - White Ferrari (Jacques Greene Remix)
  • Charlotte Cardin - Faufile (CRi Remix)
  • Porter Robinson - Fellow Feeling (Chet Porter Flip)
  • Mitski - Francis Forever (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
  • JAHKOY ft. Schoolboy Q - California Heaven (Medasin Remix)
  • Falcons & Ekali - I Won't Lie (ft. Vanessa Elisha)
  • Mura Masa - Love$ick (Dom Dias Remix)
  • Flume - Wall Fuck (Gramatik & Ramzoid Remix)
  • Phantogram - You Don't Get Me High Anymore (A-Trak Remix ft. Joey Purp)
  • Chromeo - Lost On The Way Home (ft. Solange)
  • Muneshine - Full Throttle (ft. Darcys)
  • Pat Lok - Mar Vista
  • MSTRKRFT - Runaway (RYME Remix)
  • Justice - Phantom Pt. II (Mathematic Remix)
Italics indicate artists performing at WayHome. Read my preview post about WayHome here.

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: WayHome Special

As I mentioned last week, I'm going to WayHome and have decided to celebrate that on this episode of Bump In The Hump. I've selected tracks from 15 artists set to perform at Burl's Creek this weekend. Of course we're all Canadian on Radio Humber, so those artists not from the motherland are either feature or are remixed by a Canuck. Not only has this special episode given me the opportunity to revisit some of my favourite tracks from the past, but some that I may have missed and/or that didn't fit the only new music ethos of Bump In The Hump. Aside from the obvious (those at WayHome), some of the other artists represented include Jacques Greene, CRi, Chromeo and Mathematic, whose remix of Justice (as premiered on Bump In The Hump) is now lost in the ether. Enjoy the following 3 tracks, yet to air.While this episode of Bump In The Hump is intended to excite for WayHome, by no means am I claiming that any of these tracks actually get played there. That's what the fun of a festival and a live performance entails: you have to be there to truly experience it. Tickets are still available all over the place, I see them at the official site, the Facebook event page, and Toronto Rave Community. Join me and Bump In The Hump tonight for the Canadian electronic take on WayHome, live on Radio Humber from 6-7 PM EDT.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

ABSRDST - Blushy (Ringtone Version)

One day before the official EP gets released, New York based ABSRDST teases us with a VIP, "bubblegum pop version" of "Blushy." Released in celebration of his 20k Soundcloud followers milestone, this "Ringtone Version" screams for PC Music. In fact, he had them in mind when he first made the beat "a few years ago." Perhaps you're even noticing further familiarity, as it was utilized in Shawn Wasabi's viral sensation "Marble Soda," then credited as "Brights."

Whatever its called, it's pure power pop, overflowing with ebullience that takes the more tempered original to new heights. Of course the designs in the original are excellent, especially in their ultra-emotive essence, but this "Ringtone" recasting speaks even more to my soul. While the guitar still shines through, it's the new soaring synths, warped vocals and flourishes of effect-laden fills that bring the rosy blush to your cheeks. However, the cherry on top has got to be ABSRDST's use of the vocals, particularly "I can't wait," whether intentional or not, teases tomorrows release. Pre-order here. FOLLOW ABSRDST: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Monday, July 24, 2017

Bot & Craig Williams - Don't Fake It

This Friday, Andrea "Bot" Fratangelo (previously half of Crookers) and Craig Williams team up to deliver a double dose of tech house. Set to be released on Shadow Child's Food Music July 28th, the two track thumper opens with an acid washed can of whoop-ass. "Don't Fake It" shows why both Bot and Craig Williams are not to be trifled with, especially when it comes to producing powerhouse floor fillers. It's big right from the start, yet somehow manages to get more massive as it progresses. The slow, subtle progression and movement makes it almost impossible to avoid its intoxicating allure. It starts with a simple toe tap, a little heart palpitation, fluttering of your feet, then all of a sudden you're in the middle of the dance-floor, dolling out moves like a street meat vendor hands out hot-dogs after the clubs let out.Don't sleep, pre-order "Don't Fake It" and the B-Side "Hot For You" via Beatport, here.


Friday, July 21, 2017

Alexandre - Wit It

Austin, Texas' Alexandre Lavigne, known simply as Alexandre, has returned after a 10 month hiatus with a new track called "Wit It." This "112BPM summer jam" features a funky, back beat, lean-back kind of rhythm. It urges relaxation, with chords that cut directly to the core of your being, setting your soul free. The mixture of the brooding bass bed, resplendent synths, prosperous piano and swarm of summery effects combine to make "Wit It" undeniably wild and fun. Whether the guiding groove, soaring sweeps or jazzy atmosphere, I just cannot get enough of this. Download free via ToneDen. FOLLOW ALEXANDRE: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Benzi - Get Right Radio: Summer Edition 2017

Benzi is back with his annual Get Right Radio mix. As usual it's jam packed with the most new, and previously unearthed gems. Of the 40 tracks in less than 56 minutes, there's at least two dozen remixes, edits, and mashups, four of which he had his hands on. Benzi always delivers bootleg bliss and this is no different. Expect to be spinning this mix all summer long (download via dropbox).

Stream above and view tracklist below. Note remixes of TLC, Justin Timberlake, Tears For Fears, Busta Rhymes, and Childish Gambino. Plus: Party Pupils "Patient" and eSenTRIK's "Unforgettable" remix. 


Brillz & Trav Piper - Alien (Abduction Mix)

Brillz has been on the comeback big time lately. His new imprint, TWONK has been pumping out fresh bangers on the regular, as has he personally. The lastest "Aliens" with Trav Piper gets two mixes: a club, and an abduction. The aptly titled latter brings a cinematic element, setting inescapable unease. Then there's the bass builds and their gut punching power. Finally, when you're about ready to explode comes the stomach churning alien synths with the drop. I've seen Brillz make many sounds (video), but I have no idea how he made that one. It alone is an incredible sample, but the way he's played with it, especially so well with the future/space/alien theme, the Abduction Mix succeeds in every aspect.Someone's got to play the last section in reverse, maybe it holds proof of aliens. Buy/Stream here.


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Bump In The Hump: July 19 (Season 6, Episode 12)


Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Daphni - Tin

Last year we saw Bwana build a track around a Taylor Swift sample for FACT Magazine's "Against The Clock." And there's no doubt strong female vocal samples are gold in electronic music. So could I interest you in one from Mariah Carey, reworked by Dan Snaith as Daphni? The mind behind Caribou takes 2005's "We Belong Together," and gives it a glorious, throbbing groove. The Mariah sample has a siren-like allure, making "Tin" an inescapable sonic web. All this about the vocals isn't to take anything from the production. Each click, clack, drum smack, scratch, is tuned and mixed brilliantly. In the end however, it's the subtle progressions and transitions, and continuous movement that makes "Tin" such a standout track in my ears. Stream below, and catch it on Bump In The Hump tonight."Tin" joins a wide array of genres and styles represented on Bump In The Hump tonight. There's house, future bass, dubstep, techno, moombahton, bass house and trance. There's lots of Toronto talent including HolloH, Hudson Alexander, and Dzeko, a track from Rezz's forthcoming debut album, plus two exciting premieres from Blansh and Eff That. All that, and more, live from 6-7 PM EDT on Radio Humber.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

13 New Tracks I Found On Soundcloud (Under 10k)

Soundcloud has been on tongues, minds, fingertips, and search bars more than ever lately. Google Trends are incomplete until July 22nd, but it's nearly twice as high as any time in the last year (see here). Whether Soundcloud has the reported 50 days of cash left, Chance The Rapper already saved it, or something else entirely, I hope it survives for days like today: when I can wake up, scroll through my feed and find a dozen new, and in some cases, previously unavailable tracks.

[Rant] Of course the age of technology leads to the ability to create this kind of music, but that's just half of the benefit of advancement. The other half is the internet, and it's social, sharing environment. And music is nothing if not social and shared? Therefore the service Soundcloud provides is almost essential. It's the people, for the people. I know money has to be made, but a balance has to be drawn. No matter what, the need will remain. If SC falls, another will rise in its place.

However enough of the rant, please enjoy a concise 13 tracks from my scan this morning, each quality in their own right, genre and use aside. I've done my best to mix from light to heavy, smooth to rough.Strayframe - Crimson (ft. Spence Hood) FREE
Coolest Crimson known to man. Smooth and intoxicating, with a pair of absolutely crushing drops.

Gromo - Reaction (ft. Breana Marin) FREE
Slow burning, deep, nuclear core reaction. Strong vocals make the lyric "keep coming back to it" true.

Heads2 - Up N Down
Warming things up with funky, swooning future bass. More great vocals, but the chops steal this show.

NatashaMichael - Fuego FREE
Drums light the fire with even more alluring lyrics. However, the vocal effects and sonic flourishes rule.

Blvk Sheep - Falling 4 U (ft. Rahn Harper) FREE
Massive mood. Screaming yet tender trap. Added synth in the second drop caps it perfectly.

GNDR - It's The Future FREE
Power pop future bass. Flying piano fingers, wild vocal chops and soaring synth - need I say more?

Fransis Derelle x Hopsteady - Imaginary Friends
Don't let that opening fool you this track is explosive. Say goodbye, you're catching a rocket.

Nina Las Vegas - Freeze
Frosted tip vocal chops, fight with a flurry of drums and room filling bass. Nina brings the frostbite.

Dualmind - One Day FREE
Wild, turn it around, double-bass blinder. If this is what Future House is, I like it.

The Weather Underground - Existence
Intelligent techno everything (Minimal, Avant-garde, Noise, Experimental). Hypnotic.

brxken drevm - deicide FREE
Only thing ground breaking here is the bass. Just a beat, but effective enough to strike a blow.

Her Mind - Blossom FREE
I've never heard a drop as absolutely, and quite literally, smashing. Period. And this one works. No matching that in the second half, so instead it's triumphant future bass. 5 star success, no doubt.

Markus Aurelius - Solipsism FREE
Robots rule reality in this roaring epic depiction of a dire heavy metal future.

Monday, July 17, 2017

High 'n' Rich - Sensei

Bass house still seems to be the leading nomenclature. That being said, German producer High 'n' Rich's #House track is a banger more than anything. Released this morning on ILLICT "Sensei" sets a near future synth landscape, before becoming ultra sour in its dying spin-back style bass delivery. The guitar glides perfectly through to the second drop, running at a hot tempo through the subtle, rattling drums. Then there's the trip after the second drop - if you weren't already making a screw-face, it's guaranteed now. My favourite bit is the bass, it gives me a Jack Beats or Botnek feel, but the whole track: progression, design, and mix, are all top notch. Even better it's free at Artist Union here.FOLLOW HIGH 'N' RICH: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Mura Masa - Helpline (ft. Tom Tripp)

If you've taken in my twitter feed at all in the last few months, no doubt you've seen me drool over Mura Masa's track with Tom Tripp, "Helpline." Of course the first time we heard it was during his Coachella set, listen and watch here. The whole 40 minute set is absolutely overflowing with energy, in large part to it playing host to a number of new tracks, including "Nuggets" the A-side of "Helpline" pictured above.
It was that explosion of freeing, funky fun energy that initially drew me to "Helpline." As soon as I heard it I thought, man this is some kind of super cool track. Right from the get go the drum beat brings you in, before the bassline begs you shake your tail feather. Then comes those incredibly intoxicating keys. All this paired underneath Tom Tripp's feverish vocals, speaking to the most human needs.

There's no questioning the track's construction: the sound design, progression and lyrical themes are as fun as can be, but for me there's no comparing the studio version with the live version. The key to "Helpline" is its raw, organic and human nature, but that gets lost in the almost stagnant studio mix. At times I have trouble making out the lyrics, and for some reason the mixing of elements seems muddy. Of course this is in comparison to the stripped back live version, which is more easily mixed.
Now I don't mean for this to come across as me knocking Mura Masa or anyone else involved on "Helpline," I just think it's better suited to a live performance. There are plenty of examples of this elsewhere, of which Haim is perhaps the best. I first came across them when they played Jimmy Kimmel Live! (here). I absolutely loved their live performance (in part because of Este's Bass Face), but when I listened to the album cuts I felt a little underwhelmed. Of course live and studio are not going to be exactly the same, live allows for more experimentation and playfulness whereas studio recordings serve a different purpose. Regardless, the vast disparity can be frustrating to some. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I still love "Helpline" and consider it one of my favourite productions of the year, I just see the live version as the more true to itself depiction. It's without a doubt the one track I'm most excited to see at WayHome. If you're like me, and need to have that live version on repeat, I've uploaded it for download via mediafire here.


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Alison Wonderland x M-Phazes - Messiah (Far & Few x LOKI Remix)

Back in January last year I discovered (and covered) both, Texas duo Far & Few and Atlanta's LOKI when they remixed Alison Wonderland's "Already Gone." Well they're back with volume two, reuniting to flip Wonderland once more, this time with her latest smash, "Messiah." Obviously these three work well together, bringing the future bass bounce and dramatic drums to the forefront, just as they did last time. The biggest difference in their delivery this time is the sheen they buffed into the already angelic original. The subtle bells, clicks and chimes, and the engulfing resonance of their synths give "Messiah" an even more epic attack angle. We've already heard many remixes of "Messiah" including an ingenious take from Lido, but this may be the best suited for killing in the club. Free download via Hive.FOLLOW FAR & FEW: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Michael Jackson - Human Nature (Mercer Bootleg)

I'll always have time for Michael Jackson. The man's impact is everlasting. In fact I played two new tracks inspired by him on last night's Bump In The Hump, and two of my all-time most viewed posts are remixes of his. Whether his multi-tracks are finding the day of light (as was the case with Louis La Roche's remixes), or people are just feeling nostalgic, there seems to be no shortage of MJ productions at the moment. The latest, a self described "summer jam," comes from the usually hard hitting house head and Parisian powerhouse, Mercer. He's left that big-time bass at home and opted to get groovy and funky with this bootleg flip of "Human Nature." The energy and atmosphere of the original is unavoidable, even if he's essentially wiped out all the vocals. There's still a touch of The King's crooning, but the waves of warm synths leave you without want. The quintessential Quincy Jones chords continue to command your attention, while Mercer's additional playful production caresses. Kick back, relax and let the beauty of this bootleg soothe your soul with an entirely free download here.FOLLOW MERCER: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bump In The Hump: July 12 (Season 6, Episode 11)


Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Gryffin & Illenium ft. Daya - Feel Good (Lampa Remix)

You may have noticed a plethora of remixes of Gryffin & Illenium's "Feel Good" in the last couple months, in large part thanks to a Wavo.Me remix competition. This eventually lead to a massive remix from Winnipeg's Lampa. In fact, it even garnered 80k plays on youtube in the first 12 hours. Despite opting to hold it out of the mix of heavy hitting tracks last week, I'm proud to present it on Bump In The Hump this week. Find "Feel Good" available for free download via Click.DJ here and stream below.Alongside Lampa on tonight's episode of Bump In The Hump, I've got a more laidback hour from tech house to deep house, future bass and even a little bit of disco funk. There's four Radio Humber debuts, and 12 of the 15 tracks are available for free download. You don't want to miss this mix, live from 6-7 PM EDT only on Radio Humber.


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

5 Reasons Why I Can't Wait For WayHome

We're getting really close (just over two weeks) until, arguably, Ontario's biggest music festival returns for its third iteration. WayHome Music & Arts Festival brings dozens of artists to Burl's Creek Event Grounds in Oro-Medonte July 28th-30th, and it's about time to get the excitement and anticipation in full effect. Whether it's star studded headliners like Flume or Frank Ocean, or incredible undercard acts like Mura Masa, Danny Brown or Rag'n'Bone Man, there's something for everyone.

With the rest of this post, I'll highlight a number of the acts I'm most excited to see and why. But first a little refresher of the lineup, which just got bolstered today through the announcement of the Perrier Greenhouse lineup. Expect it to be the go-to chill out spot with selections from several of the country's best DJs. WayHome has also made the weekend easier to plan out with their custom schedule, here.
Main Lineup
#1: Justice
It's been just over a year since French electro duo Justice released their first track from Woman, "Safe And Sound." Now that the studio portion of the album has been delivered, their focus has shifted to touring with their live set. The promise of seeing these icons live and in person ought to be enough to entice whether you're a die hard fan of their old stuff or a new, casual fan. Finding out what they're going to play is half the fun, but there's no doubt they'll bring the energy and have the crowd immediately in hand. My only hope is that we get to hear "Randy," but they can do no wrong with any of their catalog.
If somehow you are unfamiliar with Justice, get to know them with the playlist below.

#2: Pat Lok
I've written about and played out Pat Lok several times here and on Radio Humber. Fresh off his debut album Hold On Let Go, I'm incredibly excited to spend my Friday afternoon dancing to the disco vibes of Pat Lok. It's artists like Pat that make WayHome so special. For some reason I've never had the opportunity to see him spin, maybe because he doesn't fit into the pop EDM sphere, but WayHome's eclectic, art first approach, allows for more indie acts. Get a taste of what to expect with his album.

#3: Mura Masa
Whether its "Lotus Eater," "Firefly," or "What If I Go?" there's no way you've missed Mura Masa. In the last year he's absolutely exploded, and he's just about to do it again with the release of his debut album, this Friday. We've already heard his collabs with Charli XCX and Desiigner "1 Night" and "All Around The World," respectively, but there's been one track that's been front and centre for me since he debuted it at Coachella. "Helpline" with Tom Tripp is the ultimate energizing party track, every time I hear it I can't help but get up and shake my tail-feather. The studio version just got released this past weekend, and although it's unquestionable quality, the energy of the live version is untouchable, making Mura Masa's Saturday night set can't miss. It and my other favourites are compiled below.

#4: Rag'n'Bone Man
This blog deals almost exclusively with electronic music, but of course that's not all I like, take for example Rag'n'Bone Man. Ever since I stumbled upon his song "Bitter End" a couple years ago, I've been waiting for the right opportunity to get to see him in person, and now it seems to have arrived. He's got a great soulful approach, oozing with emotion, which has led him to be remixed several times, but there's no taking away from the quality of his originals. I have a feeling his Sunday afternoon set will feel a lot like church, and that's probably something we'll need after the first two days.

#5: The Perrier Greenhouse
Looking at this lineup makes me think I'll be spending the majority of my time at WayHome inside the cool confines of the Perrier Greenhouse. Of course my love for both RYME and Ryan Hemsworth is well documented, but I've also written about Tommy Kruise and Falcons here before. Then there's local legends 4Korners, Jayemkayem, and Derek Wise. Not only are these names enough to allure, the extended length of the sets is sure to satisfy. Why retreat to your campsite to seek shade or catch your breath when you can stay in amongst the action, complete with air conditioning?

Of course I didn't address all of the acts at WayHome, or even any of the other amenities, otherwise I'd be writing all the way up to its start July 28th. But if you want to know more before you break out the cash to come along, the WayHome website has just about everything you need to know. There's also an app you can download, or if all else fails, I've seen them very diligently answer questions on twitter.


Monday, July 10, 2017

San Holo vs Kanye West - Lights (Nitti Gritti Remix)

There's remixes, DJ tools, edits and mashups, and then there's what Miami's Nitti Gritti has done here. "Lights" combines the epic brass arc of Kanye's "All Of The Lights" as covered by Alexander Lewis and Brasstracks, while managing to maintain the indie electronic sparkle of San Holo's "Light." To have the horns rise in revelry from out of the ethereal chorus of "I just wanna see the light" is one thing, but to have Rihanna join in is sheer magic. Even when the two tracks are most oppositional (1:17ish), their mixture actually seems strong. Especially towards the end of the track, Nitti Gritti's mixing mastery shines through. He's able to flip back and forth between the two ingredients, whipping together an entirely new and appealing original. Brighten up your day with "Lights," available free via Hive, here. FOLLOW NITTI GRITTI: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Friday, July 07, 2017

Cardi B - Bodak Yellow (UNIIQU3 Bootleg)

Another day, another time going to the jersey club well. This time it's Newark's UNIIQU3 flipping on Cardi B cut "Bodak Yellow." If you were unaware before now that UNIIQU3 is the "Club Kween," this ought to be proof enough. It's a brilliantly polished bootleg, done just right to retain the optimal raw feel necessary in jersey club. Both the bass and club atmosphere are can't miss - absolutely suffocating. And not just production, but progression makes this flip so fire. UNIIQU3's way of winding around the vocals, especially with "You can't f*ck with me," (approx 2:45), cranks the tune to eleven.No "Money moves" necessary, as UNIIQU3 has made "Bodak Yellow" available a free download via mediafire. She's also playing stopping by Toronto this coming Friday July 14th at The Baby G. RSVP and tickets to see her with Chippy Nonstop, Sexton, and Coco Supreme here.


Thursday, July 06, 2017

Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (Graz Remix)

There's no denying the impact or longevity of 1998's "Music Sounds Better With You." There's been endless remixes and edits, but the latest comes from Seattle based Graz, who's dipped the classic in drum and bass liquid. Part of the reason this works so well is the original's ability to be sped up while still retaining its inimitable allure. However Graz, has not just upped the tempo and intensity he's delivered both the drum and bass brilliantly, firing off fills at a dangerous pace all while whipping the bass into a flurry. You may have noticed I don't tackle much DnB on this blog, but with such a strong foundation and a fire, room filling sound I couldn't let this gem go unnoticed. Download free, here. FOLLOW GRAZ: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

tdoyle - Aerodynamic (Albyy_ Remix)

Back in June tdoyle dropped a remix of classic Daft Punk track "Aerodynamic," and this week that same remix got further flipped by New Jersey's Albyy_. This is jersey club craziness at its most raw, and what better track to flip than one with such unmistakable samples as those from the deities, Daft Punk. The explosion of energy that is the essence of jersey club comes to the fore from the get go, only to further devolve into mind-numbing mayhem. That's exactly what club music is about: no thinking, just dancing. FOLLOW ALBYY_: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Bump In The Hump: July 5 (Season 6, Episode 10)


Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Smash Mouth - All Star (AGNO3 Remix)

In the past three weeks alone, friend of the show, AGNO3 has released 3 new productions. Each being more incredible than the next, and as seems to be the case with AGNO3, they aren't just technically terrifying, they're thought-provoking as well. The first, "Perspective" features the voice of Carl Sagan, arguably the greatest mind of the past generation. It's an incredibly poignant production, that leaves you like the human race of which Sagan speaks, floating in the vastness of our infinite reality.

Then came "Mushrooms," a more typical AGNO3 track, grand in form yet irksome in its delivery. The sound design matches the titular potent potable, sending alien shivers down your spine while you lie in a growing lather of lunacy. While these two are madness inducing mindf*cks, the next is even moreso.

Enter Steve Harwell and his now more meme than music, Smash Mouth and that track from Shrek, "All Star." But hold on, this is no meme, this is actually modern music (or post modern if you prefer) at its best. AGNO3, a self professed Smash Mouth fan, has taken the familiar and made it foreign again. Rife with tech based clicks and beeps amidst demonic bass and utterly evil vocal tuning, it feels to me as if AGNO3's version of "All Star" is an alarm bell against the viciousness of technology. What was once a classic and beloved pop track has become no less than a lark, a mere meme as a result of the relentless world we live in. Maybe its coincidence but AGNO3's first original of 2017 was entitled "Saviour" and in my eyes/ears that just what he's done with this and his other remixes this year. Hear the all new version of "All Star" on Radio Humber tonight, in perhaps the heaviest hour of Bump In The Hump yet. There's new Kayliox, CastNowski, Michael Sparks, Dropwizz and another installment from CRaymak's First Of The Month series. Plus another new single from Lunice's forthcoming debut album CCCLX. Finally the hour comes to a close with brand new Bensley. All the action happens live from 6-7 PM EDT, here.


Tuesday, July 04, 2017

bassReaper - Freaked Dolphin

Whether it's dubstep, trap or house dominant, there certainly seems to be no shortage of what most are calling hybrid. It's a combination of the wild, half time dubstep and trap thrash-around, party vibes built around the more accessible BPM range typical to house music. The latest example I've come across is from Italy's bassReaper and "Freaked Dolphin." No doubt this title fits perfectly with the almost screeching and squelching synth design imitating the high pitch clicks and calls of a dolphin. It's almost as though bassReaper did his own version of Austin Powers' Dr. Evil and added lazers to a pod of dolphins, fined tuned the frequencies then orchestrated his evil plan of world domination. He stands above the ocean, like a maleficent maestro, waving his arms commanding this callous and crazy sound that is "Freaked Dolphin." I'm not sure there's a proper way to dance to this deliriousness, so my suggestion would be to do what I like to call 'the kindergarten dance', just flail around however you feel. "Freaked Dolphin" is available for free download via The Husk, here.


Monday, July 03, 2017

As Heard Canada Day Long Weekend

Of course this past weekend was a special celebration across the country, and while I did get out and about, I only made my way to one event: Tracking w/ Mikey Palermo, Maddmon and SL.Y at Dundas Video. The music from these three (and Riggadale, Kill Them With Colour, and Booshay, who also spun) made for an awesome party. My shazam was working overtime to try to pick up the titanic tracklist they dropped, and while there were a number that I missed, I compiled the rest in this playlist.

Note it starts with Maddmon, then proceeds through Mikey Palermo (who played with Booshay as Bout It), and ends with SL.Y and others in a massive B2B jam session. The last track "Addicted To My Ex" didn't appear at Dundas Video but on my iPod via shuffle and I felt like just I had to include it.

Hoodboi - Black Money

Los Angeles's Hoodboi may be one of the most versatile producers in the game. Whether he's putting out jersey club bangers, future bass brilliance, or even his own brand of VIP madness (see his Moonrise Mix of "Closer" here) you're sure to find something spectacular in his productions. The latest release, "Black Money" takes the unmistakable ringing lead of the title track from The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, and reworks into a grind it out club bouncer. There's no questioning the man's ability to produce potent percussion, and this may be his most incredible example. Sure he's borrowing the lead from The Neptunes produced Teriyaki Boys track, but the shuffling grit it's all built on is the real hero here. The teasing of this tune is massive, whether the slow release of the lead ringing or that he's been playing it out for ages without a release, the conclusion is undeniably a resounding success. Perhaps the best bit, is that not only do we have a stream, but that we can download it free, here.


Andrea Lombardi & CHIPPO - I Will Be Free

When I was out this weekend someone played a brilliant piano led house track, which led me to lament the apparent lack of piano in so many of the productions I hear these days. Of course I ended up, consciously or not, looking for something to fill that void. Thankfully I found Andrea Lombardi and CHIPPO's "I Will Be Free." Right away it spoke to me with a strong summer feel, with a bit of a deep/future house touch before breaking under the weight of the piano lead and ringing vocal chops.

Piano chords in general, and these more specifically, always give me a warm, fuzzy feeling as they paint the prettiest picture of a scene summer sunset. Just as the sun dips below the skyline in "I Will Be Free" the fun really starts as the rumble of the nightlife (as depicted through the drops) kicks into full effect. The life this track gives is everlasting, it'll have you jumping out of bed in the morning and dancing all through the night. Fitting with its title, you can download "I Will Be Free" at no cost, here. FOLLOW ANDREA LOMBARDI: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER