Thursday, June 08, 2017

Interview with Honey Beard

Monday night I got the opportunity to chat with Tom and Gary of Honey Beard in advance of their set for My Mixtape, Friday June 9th at 11 PM EDT on Radio Humber. If you've heard any of their album Dreamless Sleep, it'll come as no surprise that things got pretty deep and philosophical. It was also very interesting to get an outside perspective on electronic music, as I usually deal exclusively with DJs. But as we touch on in the interview. more and more DJs/producers are moving to live performances, so with Honey Beard already doing this, we were able to cut to the core of the issue. It's about the authenticity of play, and the difference between pop and art. Whichever you prefer, I highly recommend giving our conversation a listen, and even more a play of their album (Spotify/Soundcloud). Topics include: The origin story of Honey Beard (both physically and in name), why any synth driven music is necessarily tied to the 80s, the philosophical nature of their album Dreamless Sleep, combining dark lyrics with upbeat music beds, walking the line between pop and art, the risk/reward of playing live, what's next for Honey Beard (live and recorded), and of course their set for My Mixtape.

Hear My Mixtape featuring Honey Beard live Friday June 9th at 11 PM EDT, here.