Thursday, June 01, 2017

Interview with DeMiggs

Yesterday, you got a glimpse of the first in a long line of new episodes of My Mixtape, with a clip of my conversation with DJ and ITZSOWEEZEE co-founder, DeMiggs. Before his episode hits the Radio Humber airwaves tomorrow at 11 PM EDT, you may want to check out our full conversation (below).
Topics include: how the collective of ITZSOWEEZEE came to be, co-signs from A$AP Rocky, Benzi and others, the blending of Hip Hop and EDM, pop artists using EDM producers on their albums, how he got into DJing, the necessity to move forward and adapt, his set for My Mixtape and what the future holds for him and ITZSOWEEZEE.

Check out My Mixtape featuring DeMiggs, here.