Friday, June 16, 2017

fusq - Blush (ft. MYLK)

Need a little injection of energy for your Friday? Well then look no further than fusq and "Blush" featuring MYLK. I've supported MYLK on this blog multiple times before (see here), and it was her name that drew me to "Blush" as I made my daily scroll through soundcloud. As soon as I hit play I knew this was a track for me. It's the kind of power pop that I'm craving at the moment. It's funky and fat, as well as agile and overflowing with adorable energy. MYLK has an unavoidable sheen to her vocals, that is only amplified by fusq's fantastical flourishes and strong synth bed. While it's not a rock track by any means, there's just something about "Blush" that makes me scream "This track f*cking rocks." It's part French funk with fusq and part kawaii chiptune with MYLK; the perfect pairing if you ask me. Find "Blush" out now as part of fusq's Polarity EP, which you can pick up here. FOLLOW FUSQ: FACEBOOK SOUNCLOUD TWITTER