Sunday, June 11, 2017

CID - Believer (ft. CeeLo Green)

Some days I can find a track that I want to write about almost immediately, others it becomes increasingly difficult as I wade through throngs of the same old sounds, further frustrating me and closing my mind, making me less receptive to the following tracks. However I hold out hope as I continue down the never-ending ether that is soundcloud's server. Today was one of those days, where my faith paid off and I came across an aptly titled track "Believer," from New York's CID.

My eye was immediately drawn to this track because of CeeLo, whose been one of my favourite vocalists ever since I first came across him in Gnarls Barkley. There's just something about the emotional intensity he's able to inject in each and ever syllable he delivers. Perhaps the best example of this is in his tremendously touching tribute "Robin Williams," as performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

CeeLo brings that same uplifting emotion to "Believer," just as CID builds him a brilliant and bouncy bed. There's no denying its infectious nature, from sublime sound design, playful progression and wicked warmth. This is the kind of summer anthem that I fully expect to garner radio play across the continent. While there's another song with the same name, currently dominating the airwaves, I'll be made a "Believer" in commercial radio if CID and CeeLo were to usurp that quartet, just imagine! Stream/Download "Believer" from your favourite outlet, here.