Tuesday, June 20, 2017

BeauDamian x ZEKE BEATS - Faux Bourdon

San Holo's label bitbird continues to prove that it's one of the most forward thinking and sonically stunning collectives out there. Their latest boundary pushing production comes from BeauDamian of The Netherlands, who's reached all the way across the globe to connect with Aussie, ZEKE BEATS.

"Faux Bourdon" is a thematic triumph of epic proportions. It is heralded by an orchestral opening, and punctuated by a choral call before dropping into a doomsday aesthetic. The darkness of the collaborative synth work is beyond brilliant, it shows a truly incredible production ability to invoke so much depth and life into an entirely electronic sound. But it's not just about the sound's design, it progresses with a dazzling display as the choir and other orchestral elements return.

It is at this point that I cannot help but hear the much discussed Ramin Djawadi piece "Light Of The Seven" for Game Of Thrones, in part because of the instrumentation, but more so because of the incredible interplay and progression. "Faux Bourdon" has an uncanny ability to add and subtract elements while continually progressing. It never feels jumpy or disjointed; it's a wild ride, that you just don't want to end. And it doesn't have to end, as it's been made available for free download here.