Monday, May 29, 2017

Torro Torro x Smalltown DJs - House Shake

Eight months ago with the release of their Aylen collab "Designed 4 U" (as covered here), Torro Torro spoke with NEST HQ (here), hinting about more upcoming collaborations. Of course the promise of Torro Torro and Grandtheft/Autoerotique was a wicked one, but I was particularly interested in how they might work with Smalltown DJs, who are almost exclusively known for their house beats. The time has finally come for us to get a glimpse of that killer collab.

"House Shake" is set to be released on Brillz's Twonk imprint June 9th, along with remixes from JVST SAY YES, Lil Texas and the bossman himself. Until then enjoy the stream below, just make sure your subwoofer is turned up to get some serious twerk action going. The bass is big enough that your booty will be bouncing even without any physical effort. Get in on the action with the pre-order, here. FOLLOW TORRO TORRO: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER