Thursday, May 25, 2017

Michael Jackson - Thriller (Louis La Roche Dub Mix)

Three months after disco deity Louis La Roche put his touch on Michael Jackson's "Human Nature" (as posted here), he's taken on the king once again. This time he's hit us with a hair-raising remix of "Thriller." Once again he's got his hands on the original multi-tracks, putting them to good use, again amplifying the original while being careful not to negate any of its epic nature. The godly groove remains intact, but features a deeper and grittier growl that plays perfectly with the trepidatious, horror theme, especially present in the iconic video. Dancing to this dub comes easily, maybe even forcefully, infecting your feet with the funk of 40,000 years. Even though he's said "No more MJ remixes" I sincerely hope he changes his mind, as no mere mortal can resist the pairing of Louis La Roche and Michael Jackson. Be sure to pick up the remix of "Thriller" absolutely free, here. FOLLOW LOUIS LA ROCHE: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER