Sunday, April 30, 2017

Dylan Smith - Optimum

Dubliner Dylan Smith's latest "Optimum" takes a step back from his grittier, electro house productions seeking a more melodic and progressive approach to his production. It's very bright and bouncy, in spite of its almost anti-gravity opening section. The space it takes up is massive, expanding over every horizon, filling your ears with ease. It just seems to keep growing until eventually bursting at 0:46, resulting in sublime, stomping syncopation. The groove Smith lays down here, is exactly what sold me on "Optimum," it's exceptional easily enjoyed fun. My only complaint is that it doesn't quite last long enough for my tastes, I could truly bask in its glory for minutes on end, but it is progressive house after all, so it's got to keep going. The rest of the track is just icing on the cake, a delicious cake with fire frosting at that. "Optimum" can be ordered from the EDM House Network bakery here. FOLLOW DYLAN SMITH: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Saturday, April 29, 2017

5 Tracks I Can't Stop Playing

I often consume music by playing the same few tracks over and over and over again. A select few tracks wake me up in the morning, clean me off in the shower, play me through making lunch, fine tune me before going out, or get me home safely. They are my most trusted tracks, and I feel like I don't share them enough, so here's five that I'm using right now. I've used Joe Goddard's album art above because these tracks are an aural home for me, their quality is comfortable beyond compare.

All of Joe Goddard's Electric Lines album is extraordinary, but "Home" is the best of the bunch. Just pure old school enjoyment. It's freeing and fun, filling my heart with love every time I hear it. It's got a cool music video to go with it too, watch here.

Better Call Saul had Todd Terje's "Alfonso Muskedunder" in this week's episode, and boy did it blow me away. The allure of this one is obvious. A 7/8 time signature with a mix of Frank Zappa and Pat Metheny, what's not to like? As above, the video (here) makes it even more enjoyable.

Came across "Emotinium" in a Boy 8-Bit mix for Annie Nightingale, and have been playing it nonstop ever since. That acid-tinged 303 line is perhaps the most mesmerizing lick I've ever come across. I like to think that Roy Of The Ravers is another one of Boy 8-Bit's many aliases (Roy Apron, R.D. Maurice, etc.) It's almost cracked my top 100 most played list already. Crazy considering its length.

Wrote about Leonce's "Flute Strike" (here) then found "Snakes" from the same Insurgency LP. First listen had me handing out 5 stars, but I really fell in love when it came on during a bike ride. I had to hear that playful lead line again, it's so catchy I couldn't help myself.

"Nightfall" came to me randomly from the Friends II release one night as I was headed to the club. Its beauty caught me right away and there was going to be nothing to stop me from hearing it again. There's some kind of magic that just grips me every time it comes on. Incredibly brilliant and beautiful.

Friday, April 28, 2017

blende - Back To Summertime (ft. Mattie Safer)

London's Johan Blende, otherwise known as blende, nails the mood of the moment with his track "Back To Summertime." Of course that's what most publications are writing about, proclaiming this or that the song of the summer. I don't want to fall into that trap, so I'll just address it here, then let it rest. I feel more inclined then ever to find warm, bouncy and uplifting music, rather than dark moody bass bangers, and of course "Back To Summertime" fulfills that desire, both musically and lyrically.

blende has built this track around Mattie Safer's vocals, getting groovy right from the start. It's a kind of freeing funk, that only requires a mere toe tap but might just lead to being enveloped in ecstasy. I cannot help but think of Chromeo, perhaps my favourite purveyors of electro funk. Obviously blende's production shares a lot of similarities, especially in regards to the guitar work, but it's the the overwhelming warmth and fun that ties the two together so tightly.

There's a lot of promise in "Back To Summertime," both musically and thematically; and I'm certain that between the original and the accompanying remixes (from Cavego and This Soft Machine), blende will be bouncing out my speakers all summer long. Stream and/or download the EP here. FOLLOW BLENDE: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Whethan - Love Gang (ft. Charli XCX)

Ethan Snoreck, better known as Whethan, has been breaking genre boundaries ever since coming on the scene. However, there's nothing fringe about these experimental productions, a quick scroll through his soundcloud shows several tracks with multiple million plays. His latest, "Love Gang," seems a safe bet to join the slew of super successful productions that came before. Having superstar vocalist Charlie XCX lending her lyrics cannot hurt either. But working with big names is nothing new to Whethan, who's already worked with Flux Pavilion and remixed the likes of MssingNo and Zayn. But back to "Love Gang," which feels a bit like a spiritual successor to "Savage," the aforementioned Flux Pavilion collab.

Both are lead by an almost indie rock, gritty guitar. They're hyper musical, and easily enjoyable pieces of poppy electronic music. The vocals catch your ear quickly, allowing for a quality connection between the producer and already large, yet continually growing, fan base. Both "Savage" and "Love Gang" live up to their names beautifully, especially as the latter lifts listeners with its ebullient energy. I cannot help but hear this as one of the songs of the summer, sure to hear it all over the place: car stereos, radio shows, clubs and festivals alike. So as the lyrics say "put it in your pocket, like a rocket and fly." Stream "Love Gang" below, watch the lyric video here, and purchase the Whethan, Charli XCX collab here. FOLLOW WHETHAN: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Bump In The Hump: April 26 (Season 5, Episode 27)


Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: CYMN - Dominium

After first appearing on Bump In The Hump with "Breatharian" in October, Montreal's CYMN has become a staple of the show. He continually delivers deep house at its best, and that's exactly what he's done here with his latest "Dominium." The equally gritty and grimy, get-down is sure to throw some serious thumps your direction, as the multiple levels of bass blast out of your speakers. As with the majority of his releases, this too is available for free download from both the Artist Union and ToneDen. CYMN joins the hour of new Canadian electronic music on Bump In The Hump tonight. Hear "Dominium" alongside tech, house, DnB, and whatever you want to call Pham's remix of "Easy Go." There's exclusive premieres from both Frustra and Blansh, plus tracks from both Tiga and Bwana's brand new EPs. Catch it all live tonight on Radio Humber from 6-7 PM EDT, here.


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Seven Hours in Funkingham

Last weekend I came across London's Pied Piper, becoming inspired to write about his remix of Tears For Fears' "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" (read it here). I enjoyed it so much that I decided to follow him on Twitter, which behind Soundcloud is my top music discovery platform. He hasn't really tweeted anything aside from links to music, I'm actually alright with that, because it led me down a wormhole of wonderful remixes. Just as I was about to start putting together my playlist for this week's Bump In The Hump, I saw his tweet showcasing his remix of Yaz(oo)'s classic track "Situation." Of course I had to listen, and one thing lead to another and boom, I'd downloaded over a dozen remixes, and added another 35 more to the playlist below.

I knew I had a lot of digging to do because the many pages associated with Pied Piper are absolutely overflowing with tracks, but I set off into Funkingham (the most populated page), and compiled as many of my favourite remixes as I could find. We already know about the Tears For Fears remix, but there's takes on Rick James, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Gloria Gaynor, New Order, Sade, Boney M, and even Pink Floyd, Ghostbusters and Star Wars that will leave your head spinning and have you dancing for days. Seriously some of the coolest stuff I've ever come across, so be sure to give a good scroll through the playlist, pick up some of the free downloads, and follow Pied Piper for more magic.
This is by no means an exhaustive list, but rather a selection of my favorite remixes. I can only imagine his originals are just as fun and funky as his remixes, however nothing beats the familiarity of this fantastic list of remixes. Press play and get lost in the magic of Funkingham.


Monday, April 24, 2017

Dimitri Veimar - A8

Titans of techno, Turbo Recordings have just teased us with their 189th release. From Russian Dimitri Veimar, comes the 5 track Less Talk EP, which we can only assume is going to be awesome, as "A8," the second B-side, is like ecstasy applied directly to your ear canals.

Pressing play on this piece is like opening the door to a super club.The atmosphere immediately washes over you, pulling you into the dimly lit labyrinth. The low droning bass beckons you down it's deep cavernous corridors, passing a sea of faceless patrons, also wandering towards the siren song of Veimar's synths. You know you're coming close to heart of the club, as the beats become bigger, emboldening your senses. But that closeness can also be felt in the stifling heat as you approach the core. The crowd becomes ever denser, but your desire to discover the maker of this music becomes more overwhelming. Your heart feels like it's going to explode, as it flutters with incredible urgency.

What you don't realize is that the club is pumping the potent drug "A8" into the air, dosing you with its hypnotic effects. By the time you reach the center of the labyrinth, you no longer have any free will, you've become a slave to the rhythm. This is the dark beauty of techno, its epic, entrancing nature paints the most powerful of pictures, taking you back to those lost nights navigating the club looking for your friends. Dose yourself with "A8" below and download it in Less Talk, available May 5th. FOLLOW DIMITRI VEIMAR: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Nomia - Alter Ego

Brisbane bass head, Nomia takes his trap techniques to new heights with "Alter Ego." He combines some shimmering synth work with a gritty, grind-it-out, get down of a drop. It's a real Jekyll and Hyde production, living up to its name brilliantly. The sections around the drops are silvery and soothing, as though sipping a smoothie while relaxing by the beach. But digitized destruction looms like a hurricane just off shore. The ratchetness of the drops wreak havoc, spitting 8-bit wind and rain in your face. And while it's at times pure chaos, the beauty of Nomia's production here is that he's able to command the storm of sound into something dance-able. The duality is strong with this one, delivering for both our light and dark natures. Embrace your own "Alter Ego" and check out more of Nomia below. FOLLOW NOMIA: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Cherney x Baron Fields - All We Have

Any time I've ever heard Cherney's name mentioned, it's always in reference to the future. Known for challenging the status quo with his productions, the LA based artist has teamed up with Baron Fields for "All We Have." Although it's tagged dubstep, it's much more than that, there's trap, future bass and some further live elements, that combine to make it an ultra unique production. Often when I think about dubstep, I envision it as maxed out synths and explosive percussion, in a blitzkrieg-style offensive on the senses. But that's not at all the case in "All We Have." Cherney and Baron Fields have built the track in a much more refined way, around an almost orchestral/operatic atmosphere, led by scary good vocals a la Evanescence or Nightwish.

Obviously that ethereal opening is awesome, but its status as the foundation is what makes this such a stellar production. The way these two repackage the elements laid out in the intro and turn them into turnt drops is genius. "All We Have" becomes a banger in more ways than one: the synths solos soar above the pulverizing percussion, flipping between future bass, dubstep and trap. Even though the second drop bears a strong resemblance to Vincent's remix of "U Don't Know," this truly stands as an excellent example of the originality out there. We're only just scratching the surface as to what we can produce and where we can take music. Cop "All We Have" free from the Artist Engine here. FOLLOW CHERNEY: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Leonce - Flute Strike

Flutes and bass combine to full effect in the latest single from Leonce's Insurgency LP. "Flute Strike" is a stark, sensationally produced track that sends tingles up your spine with its eerie atmosphere. The build is brilliant, never dazzling or overwhelming the senses as each layer is added. The ATL producer polished each layer sharper than a diamond, and the subsquent combination is equally as stunning. Yet that's not even the best part. Sure it's amazing when all the elements come together, but the way that he mixes them, in and out and back and forth, is what makes "Flute Strike" a five star production. The playful progression throughout only adds to the overall unease of the atmosphere, as though being stalked by a woodwind toting maniac. The only defense is "Flute Strike" which you can stream below. FOLLOW LEONCE: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Bump In The Hump: April 19 (Season 5, Episode 26)


Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Grandtheft - Easy Go Remixes

April 19th marks the official release of, what I'm confident in calling the best remix package of 2017, Grandtheft's "Easy Go." Mad Decent tasks 3 of Toronto's most trusted producers, and a smash talent from Poland in Pham, to take on vocals of yet another Toronto talent, Delaney Jane. Just the prospect of using the immaculate elements of the original is enticing, but having 4 equally diverse and alluring productions is not an easy task. Exactly why this remix compilation is so good.

We had inklings that it was going to be a star studded lineup when previews of both Shaun Frank and Hunter Siegel's contributions surfaced in January. Each delivered extraordinarily, crafting killer mixes in own masterful styles. However, the surprise in my eyes is with Grandtheft's VIP and Pham's incredible re-imagining. Like we saw with Vanic's VIP of "Toon Soon," Grandtheft transforms "Easy Go" in an epic way, with drops that are like an atom bomb on the original's cool ease. Pham too comes close to abandoning the original, reinventing it with old school synths as though pulled out of a 80s film; but in a tripped out, slowed down way. There are no misfires on this release, it's one I'll be hitting up a lot, for a long time. I've been wanting to play Hunter's mix since Stephen Kazumi used it in his video for The Hoxton finale. In light of that, you can expect to hear it tonight on Bump In The Hump.Joining that Torontonian trio, I've got one of the most stacked playlists in Bump In The Hump history. Making it even better, 11 of the 15 tracks are available free. So tune in to Radio Humber live from 6-7 PM EDT, to catch remixes from Ramzoid, Whipped Cream and Rene LaVice, originals from Lukav, IDGVF, Juelz, Pat Lok, plus a track from Fil Jackson's The Uptown EP set to be released on 4/20.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

LigOne - Mindfuck

French DJ and producer, LigOne has appeared on this blog a number of times, so it should come as no surprise that his latest "Mindfuck" found its way into my heart. Out now on Point Point's Record Record label, this fire future bass number furthers his sensational work in producing anything but ordinary tracks. Being the genre of the moment there's a lot of mediocre stuff out there which, as many have noted, emulates Flume among others. And while I just wrote about "Wall Fuck," the commonality in titles is about as much overlap as you'll find between LigOne and Flume. What I love about future bass is the human, almost live-play nature of the productions. They're not as mechanical and repetitive as tech house for example. However playfulness alone doesn't make a track good, there's got to be strong sound design too.

There's no questioning the quality throughout "Mindfuck." LigOne leads the track out with some scintillating piano amidst growing atmosphere. The synths are then added, like a drip brewed coffee, it gets stronger by the second. Continuing the coffee metaphor, LigOne stirs in cream and sugar, as vocals and bounding bass round out the full bodied production. The commingling of elements is done with utter expertise, making the whole greater than the sum of its parts. While I love the majestic musicality of the piano-led intro/outro, the middle section between drops is a wonderful reprieve, keeping the energy up while allowing both the listener and the track a chance to breathe.Hopefully reading this has prepared you for the "Mindfuck" which you can find on Spotify and iTunes.


Kanye West x Flume - Ultralight Wall Fuck Beam (Den Solo Live Remake)

A few months ago I had the opportunity to premiere Den Solo's "Mana Mountain" with VDG (read it here). In fact I first wrote about Den Solo when he combined two Flume tracks "Insane" and "Heater" (check it here). This time the German producer has pitted Flume's "Wall Fuck" with Kanye's "Ultralight Beam." Having heard it in a Madeon set, Den Solo searched the internet but couldn't find a version worthy of playing out, so he took matters into his own hands, remaking it himself. He's uploaded the DJ tool available for free download, so pick it up and give your own mixes that Madeon flavour.FOLLOW DEN SOLO: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Monday, April 17, 2017

Pasdat - Don't Tell

File this one under dank, hybrid dubstep trap. Pasdat, whose bass heavy productions only reach back to last September, has been cementing himself as a force to be reckoned with. He's found himself on trap master UZ's Quality Goods Records, and the proud papa of 6 tracks each with at least 30 thousand plays. His latest "Don't Tell" continues his tradition of torturous trap bangers. It's pure evil right from the get go, with an atmosphere that wouldn't feel out of place in any modern day horror flick. But in this movie the evil isn't human, it's a mechanized parole officer. The terminator-esque enemy is strong on the trail of Pasdat's potency, sicing his robot dogs after the elusive producer. Drops don't get much more ratchet than this, it bursts into flames in an explosion of conflict. The only way to deal with such a riotous drop is to do like Dillon Francis did behind stage for Bastille at Coachella (video here). Get wild with Pasdat, and rage against the machine that is your parole officer, free, here. FOLLOW PASDAT: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Tears For Fears - Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Pied Piper Remix)

This morning I had the urge to find myself some more epic disco edits, so I set out on soundcloud digging endlessly through future bass, and hybrid dubstep/trap tracks. It felt nearly impossible, even using the chart function to search, there was almost nothing except full mixes. Then I found a remix of Loleatta Holloway's "Love Sensation" by London producer Pied Piper. It's a massive 10 minute, vox led, version of the classic disco number, and boy is it full of fun. I then looked further at Pied Piper's account and found exactly what I was looking for, among endless disco edits, this remix of Tears For Fears. What makes this, and all of Pied Piper's mixes so sensational, is his omniscient approach in crafting a well rounded, epic creation (it's important to note that I mean to use epic as a noun and not an adjective). The groove of the "EWTRTW" mix starts right away with samples lifted directly from the original. Anyone that's heard the Tears For Fears version will immediately recognize the trademark drum sounds. Pied Piper's rebuilt the foundation, slowly adding in elements, as though sprinkling spices into a special sauce. That combination of elements have a savoury taste, warming the soul with sublime groove. As a sucker for both disco edits and 80s, this one really hits the spot, as do many of the others on Pied Piper's page - well worth a look and listen.  Grab the free download via Hypeddit here.


Saturday, April 15, 2017

FKA twigs - Two Weeks (Tombz Remix)

Last weekend, Milwaukee duo Tombz took on FKA twigs' "Two Weeks," transforming it into a dance-floor dominator. How I missed it I'm not sure, but I've finally found it, and boy am I ready to rock the house with its booming bass. There's no denying the hit that the original is, in large part due to FKA's vocal delivery, but the production quality is on point too. That incredible quality has only been bolstered Tombz, who have truly taken "Two Weeks" to the next level. The new house delivery is like raving in a cave; the sound design is utterly epic. It's cavernous, shaking the walls and your soul alike, as the drop seems to come out of nowhere. It hits with the hardest house tracks of the moment, and could easily be mistaken as a Malaa or Mercer production. When that drop hits there's nothing you can do but dance, and while that may be your favourite bit there's so much more to love. Tombz have reworked the vocals ingeniously, at times used as punctuation, others a full callback to the original. They've tuned twigs to perfection, recasting the original in a way that I truly cannot get enough of. Be sure to pick up the awesomeness for free via ToneDen here, and start your weekend with a thud. FOLLOW TOMBZ: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Friday, April 14, 2017

Breakbot - Mystery

The latest upload of Busy P's Ed Banger label is titled "Breakot - Mystery," but we can safely assume that's merely a typo, as the description below credits Breakbot. Musically it's clear that this truly is a Breakbot production, it's got his trademark electro funk, bass grooves amidst shimmering synths that pair perfectly with beautiful vocals from an un-credited singer. Indeed this is classic stuff from the French powerhouse, it's a hell of a production. The first two minutes or so are a rapturous dream. The instrumental magic is a rocking, roller-coaster ride in itself. It makes whatever you're doing an absolute delight. But when the vocals come in Breakbot finds himself the author of a slice of sublime storytelling. How he's able to combine the masterful music bed with the simple yet smart lyrics is beyond me. He proves once and for all the utter allure of "Mystery." Get it as part of Ed Rec 100, due out May 12. FOLLOW BREAKBOT: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Phantoms - Cocaine (Lassi Remix)

Last year, LA based duo Phantoms released a cover of Eric Clapton's classic track "Cocaine." Now today, fellow Los Angeleno Lassi has upped the intensity with a gritty, drumline-esque remix of his own. He's stripped back most of the vocals, while leaving little nods to the original sprinkled throughout. And while it's a clear homage to Clapton and the Phantoms' rework, it's become a beast of its own. The trademark riffs are still intact, of course recast in Lassi's own idiom, and the odd "she don't lie" sneaks in, but the beauty of this new version comes in the space around those callbacks.

It's oozing with atmosphere, as the bass thumps and the synths rises and soars along, getting so high it almost disappears entirely. This contrasts with the absolutely domineering throbs of bass and palpitating percussion. Although those lyrics don't make it through, the line "If you want to get down, get down on the ground, cocaine" is brilliantly illustrated in the vibrations of the low end. It's this kind of Easter egg for while versed ear that makes Lassi's mix so strong. He's able to illustrate both the high in the sky, doped up exhilaration as well as the manic, claustrophobic feel of coming down. It's a dope DJ tool and deft display of production ability. Grab "Cocaine" for free from skeevy dealer Hypeddit, here. FOLLOW LASSI: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Bump In The Hump: April 12 (Season 5, Episode 25)


Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Somna - My Shelter (ft. Matthew Steeper)

While it seems the majority of electronic music coming out of Canada is darker, deeper and more bass oriented there's also some strong trance tracks from the likes of Soundprank, Yang and Somna. The latter, Benjamin Leung, has become a staple on Bump In The Hump, usually used to lead off each episode with his epic, joyous soundscapes. His latest of that variety, "My Shelter" a collab with vocalist Matthew Steeper, will once again launch the hour of new Canadian electronic music. In fact the second track in tonight's episode of Bump In The Hump, while not directly from Somna, is indeed inspired by the man himself. Because I follow him on twitter I received a DM offering a free download of fellow AVA artist Memory Loss and her track "Maybe Tomorrow." Of course I couldn't turn down that offer and proceeded to find out that Memory Loss is also Canadian. I don't know what it is about Vancouver that inspires so much great trance music, but I'm glad it's a thing.

Joining Somna and Memory Loss tonight, there's another new Dom Dias bootleg, a stunner from Vincent, some hard and heavy stuff from Black Tiger Sex Machine and Exclusion, and an aptly timed remix from Jacques Greene who is set to play Velvet Underground this Saturday (details here). Finally, since Friday is a holiday there will be no episode of My Mixtape, however it'll return next week. Catch tonight's episode of Bump In The Hump live on Radio Humber from 6-7 PM EDT, here.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Slackk - Zip Me Up

British DJ and producer Slackk is set to release his album A Little Light in just over a month's time. While he's best known for grime in both his original productions and mixes (Rinse FM and otherwise), his latest production "Zip Me Up" is a more tempered affair. It's like a slow releasing dose of delicate ambiance that puts you in a magical summery haze. There's something about how the track moves along that is so incredibly alluring, but for some reason eludes my verbiage. It's clearly calm and beautiful in its delivery, marching along with extraordinary aplomb. But there's some mysterious, magical quality behind "Zip Me Up" that tickles my fancy so.

Part of me thinks it's Slackk's grime background that allows for such a brilliant synth design. It's almost as though it's a combination of horns and strings, but whatever it is, it's truly beautiful. The whole track is carefully crafted, not just in its particular sound designs, but in its overall depth. The low rumbling bass both opposes the light airy leads, while somehow giving them strength at the same time. And then there's the rattling percussion, whether from a tambourine or otherwise, it stands as the cherry on top, punctuating the natural, organic beauty of "Zip Me Up." I think this is why I like Slackk's piece so much, it has such a raw real life feel. It sounds as though the image above came to life.
I cannot help but be reminded of Myrryrs' album Passenger, which stands as one of my favourites, in not just recent memory, but of all time. If this track is any indication, A Little Light is going to join that list of awesome albums. I truly cannot wait to hear the dozen other tracks ("Maze" is already out), and how Slackk has packaged them. Pre-order it on your preferred platform here, and get it May 12.


Monday, April 10, 2017

aywy - Broken Promises

There's no denying the supreme elegance of Sade, as her beauty is basically unparalleled, and while her entire discography is truly inspired, it's hard to argue that Promise isn't her greatest output. With sublime singles like "Is It A Crime," "Never As Good As The First Time" and "The Sweetest Taboo," alongside deep cut "Jezebel" (perhaps my favourite of the bunch), it's no wonder it achieved so many accolades. From a pure production perspective it stands as one of the best LPs of the uber-inspired 80s. But have you ever wanted to let your mind wander while the carefully cultivated production of Promise washes over you as one epic journey through sound? If the answer is yes, then you're in luck.

Australian producer aywy has compiled a set of edits/remixes utilizing samples from Promise, and put them to work in a beautiful 22 minute mix, ingeniously entitled "Broken Promises." Interspersed with vocal clips, the mix winds along tying the LP together like never before. There's so many bits to like: from the roaring groove that kicks in at 2:10, the heart-palpitating piano at 6:02, the magical mixture of seemingly all elements of "Broken Promises" at 8:35 and the ethereal kick "Never As Good As The First Time" at 13:44. aywy has found the essence of each track, boiled it down to the core, and imbued it with a brand new life. My only complaint is that because I want to listen to certain sections on repeat I'm forced to scroll back through the mix. My fingers are crossed that each new edit gets released individually, but until then I'll have to be satisfied with the free download of the entire mix, here.

UPDATE: The EP has been released as 8 individual tracks, get them free from Bandcamp, here. FOLLOW AYWY: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Sunday, April 09, 2017

Rechérche - Gametime (ft. Re-ill)

Last week saw the first release of new artist Rechérche with the Re-ill aided trap joint "Gametime." It's a hell of a debut too, not at all rough or unpolished. In fact it's the opposite, it's really well put together, from the underlying production and it's ability to stand alone as temptuous trap beat, to it's strong fit with Re-ill's rapping. It both oozes with dramatic intensity and rides out a groove that you don't want to stop. There's bits where you can't help but get your trap arms out, where the rest of the time your head is nodding. From the fluid rapping to the bleepy and whole club jumping bounce of the drop there's little left to be desired from "Gametime." Truly an exceptional introduction to the scene.Get in the game yourself by downloading the debut free via ToneDen, here.


Saturday, April 08, 2017

Underworld - Born Slippy (LondonBridge Booty Edit)

The latest in a long list of classic rave tracks getting reworked comes from Space Yacht co-founder, LondonBridge and his take on Underworld's "Born Slippy." The idea of putting a new spin on something as foundational this is an interesting topic, and one I've tackled several times on this blog. It's not a task to be taken lightly, as you can easily alienate not just your own fans, but potential new fans if you don't do it properly. But how do you do it properly? You have to balance the new elements with the old; it cannot be either an all-new destruction of the original, or a mere insert a new drop scenario.

It seems to me the best way to attack a mix like this is to make subtle edits, so as to re-position the track in the new style. Then once that fits with the nostalgic nature of the original, you can find a way to flip the track on its head with a reinvigorated drop or breakdown. And I do believe that this is what LondonBridge has been able to do, and why this new version is not a blasphemous take on truly one of the most important productions in electronic music history.

It is immediately recognizable as "Born Slippy" but with a different twist, that doesn't overpower or take away from the original brilliance. The additional percussion changes the original attitude, but in a truly subtle, easy to accept way. Even if you were the most die-hard Underworld fan, I don't think you could craft an argument as to why this treatment is not satisfactory. Slowly but surely the arc changes under LondonBridge's influence, from the original experimental techno/trance masterpiece to a more gritty, groovy number. There's no doubt that this version would fit more easily into today's sets, and likely introduce a new generation to the prolific 1995 production. Get the new version free via ToneDen, here. FOLLOW LONDONBRIDGE: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Friday, April 07, 2017

My Mixtape featuring Nah Mean

  1. Drake - Fake Love (Nah Mean Remix)
  2. Breaux & Michael Sparks - OG Boi
  3. Holly x  PRZM x CCIV - Suss
  4. Keys N Krates v Zomboy - Dum Dum Lights Out (Nah Mean Mash)
  5. Kai Wachi - Damage
  6. PhatCap! - Breakfast
  7. Migos - Bad And Boujee (Nah Mean Remix)
  8. Nah Mean v Dion Timmer v Skrillex - Pretty Bye Bye / FUKEM (Nah Mean Mash)
  9. Nah Mean - LIKKUR
  10. Excision & Space Laces - Throwin' Elbows
  11. Nah Mean - SKRILLA
  12. Kai Wachi - Eminence
  13. Adventure Club x Dion Timmer - Need Your Heart 2.0
  14. Zeds Dead v Bite Me - Wait For Frontline (Nah Mean Mash)
  15. DJ Snake & Justin Bieber v Tisoki - Let Me Wub You (Nah Mean Mash)
  16. Drake v Boombox Cartel - Jump Jefe (Nah Mean Man)
  17. Kanye v Zeds Dead - All Day Flies (Nah Mean Mash)
  18. Nonsens - WYA (Michael Sparks Flip)
  19. Nah Mean - DEAD
  20. Grandtheft & Sleepy Tom - Hold On 2.0
  21. Wax Motif & Hunter Siegel - All Night Man
  22. Michael Sparks - Ja Rasta
  23. Sikdope - Snakes (Michael Sparks Remix)
  24. Blvck Sheep v Grandtheft - 100HUNNID (Nah Mean Mash)
  25. Nah Mean v Boombox Cartel & Quix - Dearly Beloved Banger (Nah Mean Mash)
  26. Nah Mean - Back At It
  27. Charlie Zane - Lay Down
  28. Lukav x JuLo - Shuriken
  29. Calvin Harris - Summer (Grandtheft & Diplo Remix)
  30. Jack U ft. Snails - Holla Out (Atik Remix)
  31. Torro Torro & Aylen - Designed 4 U
  32. Desiigner - Timmy Turner (Nah Mean Remix)
  33. Drake ft. Gucci Mane - Both (YehMe2 Remix)
  34. Michael Sparks - BTFU
  35. Panta Q ft. Julia Wu - Crazy (WARZ Remix)
  36. Blink 182 v Marshmello v Michael Sparks - Bored To Death Alone (Nah Mean Mash)
  37. Goldhouse - On & On (Nah Mean Remix)
  38. Nah Mean - Blow Up ft. Jake Beers
  39. Snails x Pegboard Nerds - Deep In The Night (Barely Alive Remix)
  40. Nah Mean - BOUT CHU
  41. Nah Mean & Goldhouse - Right Now
  42. Adventure Club ft. ELEA - Dreams (NIGHTOWLS x Fransis Derelle Remix)
  43. Snakehips & Mo - Don't Leave (Ekali Remix)
  44. Jeremy Zucker - Icarus (Nah Mean Remix)

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Bump In The Hump: April 5 (Season 5, Episode 24)


Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Dabin - The Fall

Since 2017 began, we've had one new Dabin track a month on Bump In The Hump, and that trend continues for April tonight with "The Fall." Fresh off his brilliant debut album Two Hearts, "The Fall" is not only a dramatic display of Dabin's production brilliance, but it is one of the most important pieces in the album's arc. This is something I wrote about in my review of it on FUXWITHIT (read here), particularly when discussing Dabin on the guitar (an integral piece of his live shows) and its role as the connecting red thread. Stream the album here, and "The Fall" below. Along with the above, Bump In The Hump features tracks from CRi and Whipped Cream's new EPs, brilliant bootlegs from Dom Dias, PhatCap, CRaymak, and Weston & Teston, plus even more from Robotaki and CastNowski. Finally we look ahead to My Mixtape (Friday at 11 PM EDT on Radio Humber), with my interview with guest DJs NAH MEAN. Catch the hour of new Canadian electronic music with Bump In The Hump live tonight from 6-7 PM EDT, here.


Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Grandtheft on Diplo & Friends (Jan 29, 2017)

At the end of January Grandtheft graced Diplo and Friends for another guest mix, just over a year since he made his last appearance on, arguably one of the best mixshows in the world (a set I also covered here). A lot has happened since last year, but we can still count on Grandtheft to deliver a dope mix with a bunch of new and forthcoming records as well as his trademark edits.Just in the first 10 minutes we're treated to a slew of genres and styles, all mixed together not just in a fluid manner, but almost so as to tell a story. From the rap intro of "Pull Up Hop Out" and "Gang With Me" to house with "Prophecy," "Rude Boy," and "Devotion" mixed with the vocals of "House Work," Grandtheft shows off his mixing chops beautifully. But for me the way he goes from his collab with Sleepy Tom to the instant singalong of Mr. Fuzz's "Bel Air" is what really gets me. And that's only the first 10 minutes.

Things then get more clubbed out as he hits up Jersey, before heading back to the 6ix with "Fake Love" followed by his "Heroes x Feel It" edit and Shaun Frank flip of "Easy Go." And while this is a really nice touchy feely section. it quickly devolves into too turnt trap with back to back Slumberjack, followed by Ekali and KRANE then his gritty "Waiting x Keep It 100" smash edit.

As if that weren't enough, we get a glimpse of his remix of "Let You Get Away" (hopefully forthcoming) returning the favour for Shaun Frank. Then it's more of the dudes Keys N Krates and their KRANE collab, followed by two more fire edits. Like really, who doesn't love the vocals to "In For The Kill." But still we're not even close to being done.

One of the things that makes Grandtheft so great is his ear for new talent and willingness to support it. His last Diplo & Friends mix introduced me to Dom Dias, who has become one of the most played artists on Bump In The Hump and made one of the most musically sound sets for My Mixtape. This time I notice Grandtheft has gone to the west coast to feature Juelz and while he's not new to me, I still feel he's incredibly underrated. His "Whine & Kotch" is fire and works perfectly with Grandtheft's set, but it's only one of many dope releases under his belt.

Of course the way the mix is rounded up further shows off Grantheft's expertise. He goes back to back with two of my favourite tracks of 2016 Jackal's "Ice" and San Holo's "Light" before letting us down gently with Francis and The Lights "Friends." Of course having Kanye doesn't hurt, but it is the combination of Benny Blanco and Cashmere Cat that really seals it for me. This kind is the kind of quality I've come to expect from Grandtheft, and truly I've never been let down. Both live and pre-recorded the man is something to behold. Enjoy the stream above and check out the tracklist here.