Thursday, December 14, 2017

Dr. Fresch & NuKid - 151

Dr. Fresch has been busy. Just two weeks ago he dropped another godly G-House bootleg, in the form of A$AP Ferg's "Plain Jane," and earlier this week I wrote about his Bloghaus episode of The Prescription. Now he's teamed up with NuKid for a potent original production, "151." Like most of what we've come to expect from the good doctor, this track is overly ominous, dropping an unavoidable weight on unsuspecting listeners. Claustrophobes be warned, this one closes in on you quickly, because in spite of its unsightly heft, it's actually quite nimble. The drum work deftly delivers this diabolical dance groove that flows as freely as a noxious gas. Just like the titular concoction, this track is best consumed under adult supervision, and can lead to regrets the next day. Download free here.FOLLOW DR. FRESCH: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Bump In The Hump: December 13 (Season 7, Episode 11)

  • Andy Moor, Somna & Diana Leah - There Is Light
  • MDK - Super Funky Robot
  • Ramzoid - BCW
  • M83 - Road Blaster (Pat Lok's Rejected Remix)
  • 6ig angu5 - Touch The Sky
  • Vérité - Saint (Future Magic Remix)
  • Monstergetdown & Rhett - Sanctuary
  • Attlas - Cold Mountain Air
  • Tiga - Woke (Martin Solveig Remix)
  • J Paul Getto & Hatiras - James Brown Is Getting Down
  • Nitin - Sunday Grey (Art Department Remix)
  • Caribou - Can't Do Without You (Manila Killa & Kidswaste Cover)
  • Krayysh - Talk To Me (Mat Zo Remix)
  • Chromak - Show You (ft. Lilianna Wilde)
  • Adam Pearce & Miles Away - Echoes (Jonas Loeb Remix)
  • Shash'U - New Power (ft. Karma)
  • Deekline ft. La Roux - Cars For The Kill (Donald Bump Re-Boot)
  • Nonsens vs MIMS - This Is Why I'm Hot (DJ Beatzilla Trap Edit)
  • Dr. Ozi - Dirty Gravy (ft. Jeff Kush)
  • Ephixa & Bossfight - Subside
  • X&G x Nate Lowpass - Hate Machine (BLANSH Remix)
  • Stephen Walking x Road Lizard - On Slice
  • Mayke x Casso - Walls
  • Rezz x Isqa - Psycho
  • Slushii - Level Up (Moon Rush Remix)
  • Zeds Dead & DISKORD ft. Reija Lee - Blood Brother (Manic Focus Remix)
  • Rene LaVice - Twilight (ft. Faye)
  • Korn ft. Skrillex & Kill The Noise - Narcissistic Cannibal (CRaymak Remix)

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: We Are Friends Vol. 7

It's compilation season everyone! It's the time of year slews of singles get packaged together. That might not mean much for best-of releases, but when they're as big and full of new tunes as We Are Friends Vol. 7, you've certainly got something to talk about. This monumental mix of mau5trap runs 23 tracks deep, bringing a list of new favourites from Attlas, Moguai & Tinlicker, Notaker, Rhett among many others. Of course you can trust that I'll be bringing a couple cuts to Bump In The Hump!
While the concerned mau5trap fan might be wondering "why no Rezz?" Take solace in knowing she'll still appear on Bump In The Hump tonight. Adding to the milestone above, AVA just hit 200 releases with Andy Moor, Somna and Diana Leah, and somehow we've got new BLANSH for the 5th week in a row. And as always we have the weekend warmup, which looks a little outside the city this time with Krayysh and Sevla in Waterloo Friday (here). We also hear from Kidswaste who opens for Hotel Garuda at Velvet Underground Friday (here), and Nitin who opens for Kerri Chandler at CODA Saturday (here). Catch Bump In The Hump live from 6-8 PM EST on Radio Humber (here) or stream after the fact via Mixcloud.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Dr. Fresch - The Prescription 30: Bloghaus with Wongo

Yesterday Dr. Fresch dropped the 30th edition of his popular mix series, The Prescription. In honour of this milestone, he upped the dosage to two full hours and invited Wongo to help him spin some salacious bloghaus. As you might expect, it is all kinds of sick, wicked and nasty beats and bangers. Both hours feature some of the most respected names of this egregious electro era, and truly some of the most raucous remixes, fire flips and audacious originals.

Right from the get go we're greeted with one of my favourites, Jack Beats and their "Get Down." The next dozen or so tracks turn to more of the mainstays of the scene with SebastiAn, Mr. Oizo, Crookers, and the genius that is Fake Blood. Those names reappear in Wongo's mix while Hervé and Switch make multiple entries as well. With "Marina Gasolina," "Mars," "Erotic Discourse" and "Hustler" all appearing, there's no questioning the quality of choices for a true bloghaus set. Find the full tracklist here and download the mix for yourself free via Hive here.FOLLOW DR. FRESCH: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Monday, December 11, 2017

Stuck On Repeat

December is difficult. Everyone knows that. Add to the already maniacal month a glitch here or there and your whole world can be turned upside down. I dealt with a little of that this past weekend, hence my silence yesterday and most of today. That being said I can always depend on music to make me feel normal by providing a familiar foundation, especially when used as I often do, on repeat. Having my head in every which direction this weekend I relied on these five new releases for comfort and clarity. Since not are all available on Soundcloud I've again opted for a Spotify playlist. Enjoy below.Amtrac - Companions
Amtrac proves adept at partnering the pulse of the piano with the heavy heartbeat of house's deeper darker grooves. Part progressive house, part acid techno takeover. A stunning epic.

HAIM - Walking Away (Mura Masa Remix)
Holy heavenly intro! If that doesn't take your breath away then just wait for Danielle to dance along Mura Masa's new bouncy bed. The onslaught effects and their effectiveness around the vocals is incredible. The infinite potential of electronic music is on full display with this one.

Henry Saiz - The Golden Cage (Sébastien Léger Remix)
I'll admit I was skeptical any track titled "The Golden Cage" could ever compare to Fred Falke's remix of The Whitest Boy Alive, but here we are. Léger has outdone himself with this one. It rocks and most certainly rolls, but it's really the way he mixes the drum work and the atmospheric synths that gives this track freedom. The culmination at 6:18 is quite simply sublime.

London Grammar, Sir Spyro, Ghetts, Jaykae - Hell To The Liars
Another one of my favourites getting an unfamiliar rework. Hannah's vocals and Dan & Dot's music are as strong as ever: never breaking, only bending under the heavyweight grime of this additional trio.

Stephan Bodzin - Strand
Having both Bodzin and Léger in a playlist reminds me of classic Boy 8-Bit mixes. Epic techno with wonderfully warped wobbles, tactical percussion and an utterly explosive atmosphere.

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Virtual Self - Key (Celadon City Edit)

With any new direction or side project comes a flux in support, and certainly that can be said about Porter Robinson's latest venture, Virtual Self. Some people love it, some not so much. Whatever you think, the new turn as Virtual Self isn't without its merits; it brings new music. And new music is pure possibility. Moreover, Celadon City's edit of "Key" further showcases Porter's musical brilliance.While I've heard the original referred to as DDR music, there's still a strong musicality to those kinds of tracks and "Key" certainly doesn't shy from that aspect. But whereas the original is utterly exuberant and explosive, Celadon City pulls back, refining it to a more cinematic, 80s montage. He harnesses the power of Virtual Self in such an elegant fashion while still invoking the initial roaring spirit.

Not attacking the arc as viciously as a remix, Celadon City's edit is more of a recast in time and space. This reformed version only gives Virtual Self a more scintillating sparkle than it already had. I just have to say that after dozen listens (seriously),  I'm totally swept away by this one. Maybe I meant Spirited Away. Whatever. Download "Key" for your Virtual Self absolutely free here.


Friday, December 08, 2017

Cotonete & Dimitri From Paris - Parribean Disco/The Hustle Parisian

Holy heavenly disco delights batman! Cotonete and Dimitri From Paris just teamed up for one of the funkiest and unabashedly awesome 17 minutes of music this year. The two track EP Parribean Disco/The Hustle Parisian, while reliant on electronics is more mortal magic than tech trickery. The horns, drums, and guitar/bass are all played with the grooviest glamour and funkiest of feels. Both tracks are sheer sublime sorcery. You have no hope but to help yourself to a piece of the dance-floor and devote yourself to disco. These are the ultimate jam sessions that just scream for second and third listens, while you try to wrap your head around their wild wickedness. Stream/Download the EP here.

Tiga - Woke (Martin Solveig Remix)

Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be any more remixes of "Woke," here comes Martin Solveig to prove you wrong. The House Hedonist takes Tiga's techno track of the year candidate to a place none of the other 8 mixes have. "Woke" now spins under a graceful groove guise, with additional awe-inspiring vocal volleys. Like the image of the phone, the technological tact of "Woke" still shines through the track, but its backing is firmly furnished in the familiar four-on-the-floor house heaves. Solveig smartly maintains much of the magic effects and ear candy that made the original so strong, while giving it a more human and organic feel. And this is really the crux of what makes this perhaps the perfect remix. Tiga talks about being "Woke" by tossing his telephone into the sea, thus living the more authentic, and human life, and while it may be ironic as a techno track, the heart added in this house touch makes for a powerful, poignant production. Get out of bed and stream/purchase here.FOLLOW TIGA: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Shortlist For Album Of The Year

It's that time of year. Time to look back at some of our favourite moments. While I'm working on crafting my top 100 tracks countdown, I've decided to come through with a 'shortlist' of my favourite albums of the year. I've gone with 17 to tie in with the year itself and will cut down to a select few to tackle on a more in depth basis. For now I'll just share the list in alphabetical order, while saving the review and my reasoning for those that make the cut in the coming weeks. Of course this is by no means a scientific undertaking, just the simple act of sharing the music I most enjoyed this year (electronic or not). Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Bump In The Hump: December 6 (Season 7, Episode 10)

  • Sheridan Grout & Luke Anders - Aspire
  • Tomac - Cyclone
  • Seven Lions ft. Skyler Stonestreet - Freesol (Dabin Remix)
  • Inukshuk - Moving On (ft. RAABERS)
  • Fairlane - Wake Up Alone
  • VÉRITÉ - Saint (tofû Remix)
  • MDK - Cyber Fight (ft. Ronald Jenkees)
  • Grandtheft - Square One (ft. MAX)
  • koi - Never Hold Me
  • Dream Many Times - Los Dios Fin
  • Weston - Worlds
  • Just John - Noise (prod. by Fevra)
  • Hudson Alexander - We're Gonna Have A Party
  • deadmau5 - Strobe (Com Truise Remix)
  • SNBRN ft. Andrew Wyatt - Beat The Sunrise (Kayliox Remix)
  • Zeds Dead x Diplo ft. Elliphant - Blame (Dirtyphonics Remix)
  • Nicky Romero - Novell (Dropwizz x Savagez Remix)
  • Murda Beatz ft. Swae Lee & 2 Chainz - Yacht Master (Leemz & Bosstone Bootleg)
  • Eytan Tobin - Video Games
  • AkaHendy - Veronica
    • Forthcoming
  • Chromeo - Juice (Chris Lake Remix)
  • Paris & Simo ft. Karen Harding - Come As You Are (Bobby Love Remix)
  • ANT LaROCK - The Business
  • Bonetti - So Glad
  • Hanz Ford - As Is
  • TNAN & KVIII - One Dance
  • BLANSH - Another One
    • Forthcoming

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Whopping Weekend Warmup

Each week I try to focus on a single track or release to tease the upcoming episode of Bump In The Hump, however this week I've decided to go a slightly different direction. There will be no direct track teasing, instead it's artists, at several different events throughout the city this weekend. We're in for a whopping weekend warmup with 9 different artists represented, playing 7 different shows. You'll find links to each of the shows, in chronological order, with those artists played noted by an asterisk, below.

Thursday Dec. 7
Com Truise* w/ Telefon Tel Aviv and Eytan Tobin* B2B Hudson Alexander* @ CODA

Friday Dec. 8
Escape Together - Chris Schweizer, SHUGZ, Sheridan Grout* & more @ Toronto Event Centre

Factory Fridays featuring Nicky Romero* @ UNIUN

NXT LVL - Dirtyphonics* & Sullivan King w/ ITEK, OUTTATIME & more @ Nest

Saturday Dec. 9
SNBRN* w/ HIGHBRED & THAREN @ Velvet Underground

Just John* & Hudson Alexander* - Double Release Party @ Unit 2

Sunday Dec. 10
Murda Beatz* at It's Not Sunday w/ Scotty Scratch & Drew James @ UNIUN

From house to trance, and bass to trap and rap, your needs will be serviced this weekend. There's tons of cool parties for you to warm up at, so no excuses. Apart from those artists with asterisks, there's a whole lot more new music coming your way tonight, including the Grandtheft joint I covered yesterday and Chris Lake's remix of Chromeo. There's also an exclusive DnB track from AkaHendy and nine new artist debuts. So don't sleep Bump In The Hump set for another strong showing from 6-8 PM EST on Radio Humber. Stream live here, or get listen back on Mixcloud after the fact here.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Blvk Sheep & Far & Few - Pop

When trap first cropped up as an 'EDM' genre in the early 2010s, I was still doing my undergraduate degree in Philosophy and just starting out with my radio shows. I believe I called 2012 the year of the trap takeover, but little did I know it would still be one of the most banging and fresh genres all these years later. We can thank the likes of RL Grime, Flosstradamus and others for its uprising and evolution, especially in regards to the former's "Era" which further combined sounds and styles. Today one of my favourite duos in the trap sphere, Far & Few, have followed the trends of hybridization in a brand new track called "Pop," alongside fellow fire thrower Blvk Sheep.

I've written about these three before, so you should already be aware of their abilities, and while my favourite from Far & Few trends more to the melodic/future bass side of trap (Street Signs), this one really shows off their penchant for powerful firestorms. "Pop" leans heavily on a cut up version of the amen break, and cracking vocal chops, but really the key to this killer track lies in the gritty, grimy atmosphere that explodes again and again. The builds are as epic as the blistering bass, reminiscent of both bass house and and dubstep, while still remaining tied to trap through fantastic drum flourishes. The second drop features a more future bass tilt through the spiraling synths, before being flipped a la "Era" into a dope DnB section. There's no doubt in my mind that "Pop" will literally have people popping off on the dance floor, absolutely losing their minds. Cop it for free via The Artist Union, here.FOLLOW BLVK SHEEP: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Grandtheft - Square One (ft. MAX)

Over the years we've seen Grandtheft play through several genres: bass, club, trap, twerk, even "bloghaus" (see Hold On 2.0). Most recently, and successfully I might add, his RnB/Trap/Future Bass collaboration with fellow Torontonian Delaney Jane broke into the top 30 on US radio, while accumulating over 30 million plays between Spotify and Youtube. Almost exactly 13 months after "Easy Go" Grandtheft is primed to do it again, this time teaming up with one half of Party Pupils, MAX.

The co-written track "Square One" seems to build on the sensational sound laid down last year, while winding another alluring tapestry of lyrical content. MAX sings of the unavoidable uprising after hitting rock bottom, or being forced back to "Square One." It's a theme we've heard before with Grandtheft's Quit This City, particularly in "Summer In The Winter." It's a 'the sun shines brightest after the storm' type scenario. Let's hope that we've weathered this storm of silence and more of Grandtheft's productions find the light of day, because Grandtheft's greatness cannot be contained. From his treatment of MAX's heartfelt vocals and cutting chops to the strobing synths and delightful drum work, "Square One" is a track I foresee garnering scores of spins, whether on radio, DJ decks or streaming sources. Grandtheft's debut on the Lowly Palace imprint is out for free download via Hive here.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Bruno Mars - Chunky (eSenTRIK Remix)

More than two months ago eSenTRIK tweeted "240 RTs and i'll drop this Chunky remix," unfortunately it never even got close (only 10), but here I am now writing about that very track. We've come to love eSenTRIK's ability to put a loving twist on RnB and hip hop tracks, and he's done it yet again. Mars' cool crooning still strides confidently atop the upended instrumental as the bolstered bass bumps even bigger than before. Like my other post from today (here), this is an incredibly cool cut that just seems to slither its way into your soul. And if you can believe it, it actually begs for booty shaking even more than the original. "Chunky" is now a big time funky club cut that, as with any of eSenTRIK's productions, succeeds through smooth synth work and potent percussion. Download it for free via Click DJ, here.FOLLOW ESENTRIK: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Hanz X twiddy - Daydream

While this part of the world is getting cooler day by day, I feel like the collective consciousness is becoming more cool too. By this I mean that we're experiencing an uptick in the amount of groovy vibes being released, particularly with what many have been calling future funk. And really what could be cooler than a groovy guitar line, squelching synth and whirring organ? It's those things, amidst some edifying effects, that make this Hanz & twiddy collaboration such a stunner.

"Daydream" is a funky jam session, that has a chill core to go with a whimsical wonderment (in a clear nod to its namesake). The atmosphere has a tickling tone that bounces with a wonderful weightless feel, only adding to the heavenly nature of the heaving heart of the track beginning at 1:19. Organs always add an ecclesiastical element, as though handed down directly from heaven, and boy does the mixture of instruments give off a godly groove. I see "Daydream" acting as an awesome opening number, especially with its iPhone clicks and swoops leading into the illusory intro. It could also serve as a fantastic finale, especially if performed live with an extended jam session outro. However you choose to "Daydream," you'll be happy to hear it's available as a WAV, free via The Artist Union, here.FOLLOW HANZ: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Sunday, December 03, 2017

DJ Khaled ft. Beyonce & Jay Z - Shining (CID Remix)

Usually I try to focus on brand new tracks, but CID's remix of this DJ Khaled, Beyonce and Jay Z joint is too good to pass up. Hopefully you recall my post about his original track "Believer" with CeeLo Green (read here), as it remains one of my favourite tracks of the year, and only further establishes CID as an artist you need to keep your eyes and ears on. Last month he gave "Shining," a hearty house flip, and while it's not quite as heavy or deep as his brand new Bruno Mars bootleg or killer Cardi B flip, it's just a juicy. The magisterial marriage of Beyonce and Jay Z still remains front and centre, while riding a reinvigorated, groovy house rhythm. The track itself is a splashy wave pool of a party, succeeding through somewhat simple, yet entirely effective dance designs. It's killer club tool that should both get the party started and bring a good bounce to the dance-floor. Download it for free via Dropbox here.FOLLOW CID: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Slow Magic ft. Tropics - Light (Omniboi Remix)

Los Angeles' Omniboi continues to carve out a unique position for himself with a masterful mix of jazz influenced, future bass. You've probably heard his "Bad And Boujee" remix and I seem to remember sharing "Twinkle Bang Bang" on this blog, but it's one of his more recent releases that has caught my attention today. His remix of Slow Magic's "Light" is ludicrously laudable. While it opens inauspiciously, the groove takes little time to take over. The strings sweep you off your feet as the percussion pulverizes you in the most magnificent way possible. As always seems to be the case, Omniboi conjures up some sublime strides with brilliant bells, that pair perfectly with all the other instruments. Even the way the vocals are used illustrates Omniboi's divine plan for each and every element, there's a right place and power for each sound and sample. It's bright, bold and beautiful from beginning to end with precious piano, stunning strings and vaporous vocals. Bask in the "Light" and download here.FOLLOW OMNIBOI: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Friday, December 01, 2017

Pete Tong with Jules Buckley and The Heritage Orchestra - Ibiza Classics

Last year Pete Tong teamed up with Jules Buckley and The Heritage Orchestra to release Classic House, a masterful album of covers of some of Ibiza's favourite songs. After featuring the likes of Katy B, Ella Eyre, and John Newman, Tong and Buckley have tapped Jessie Ware, Becky Hill and even Seal for their new album, Ibiza Classics. This new hour and a quarter epic sees The Chemical Brothers, Armand Van Helden, Kolsch, The Prodigy and more take on a new symphonic sound. After the success of the first album, it's hard to believe that things could get better, but dare I say it, they may have achieved the impossible. Hearing Seal sing "Killer" and RAYE sing "Body Language" is one thing, but once again the win in my ears comes with the multi-track melodies "Running/Finally" and "Rej/Man With The Red Face/Yeke Yeke." I know I'll be enjoying the entirety of this undeniable excellence for days, weeks and most likely months to come. Stream Ibiza Classics below, and download from iTunes here.FOLLOW PETE TONG: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Lil Hank - EDM's Last Hope

Pupper producer and good boy, Lil Hank has just graced us with his debut EP, and just in time, as he's EDM's Last Hope. I'm fairly confident in saying you've never heard anything quite like this before, unless you've been to an alternate reality in which dogs played the rebels and cats played the galactic empire in Star Wars. In that reality, Dog Williams composed this as the Star Wars soundtrack.

The first track "A Young Puppo Is Born" is one of the most beautiful and uplifting tracks 2017 has heard. It is the most like any other Lil Hank track you've heard previously, whereas the following three find a more forceful delivery than we're used to. Of course with a name like "Attack Of The Mean DJs," you'd expect a brash and baleful number, and that's just what we get. It's all mechanized malevolence as it seems our pupper is up against insurmountable odds. The title track then arrives as "EDM's Last Hope" plays host to a hellacious battle between good and evil. There's loses on both sides and while the hero seems cornered and nearly defeated, his secret weapon is set free. Love wins out with "A Legend Unleashed." This finale is half ceremony, half celebration. The losses are grieved, while the win is rejoiced, at least for now. Knowing the nature of the universe, a sequel seems immanent.Fifty percent of the proceeds of each purchase go to Animal Shelters affected by hurricanes this year. Do the right thing and support all good animals by picking up EDM's Last Hope from iTunes, here.


Benzi - Girl Trapz 13

King Benzi is back with the lucky 13th edition of his famed Girl Trapz mix series. Of course it's got the usual "rare edits and world premieres" that it's become known for, but it's just as much about Benzi's rapid fire mixing style and incredible eclectic collection of tracks. There's R. Kelly, Spice Girls and Lil Pump, in the first three tracks alone. There's also regulars San Holo, What So Not and Ookay, who premieres his track "Cool" near the end. This nearly 50 minutes of mayhem once again establishes Benzi as the preeminent purveyor of all things future bass and trap, managing to maintain freshness with familiarity. Download the mix from Dropbox here, find tracklist here and follow Benzi below.FOLLOW BENZI: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Lazy Rich

This past weekend, one of the most important producers in bringing me into the electronic music scene decided to call it quits. Lazy Rich announced Saturday evening that he would give up gigging after New Years Eve. This is crushing, as despite my fandom, I've never been able to take in a Lazy Rich set first hand, and while we can hope that he goes back on his word, he has not closed the door on future productions. He's also stated that he will stay on with his label Big Fish Recordings, and maintain his roles with both Label Engine and Create Music. All this being said I figured it was appropriate to share a small sampling of my favourite Lazy Rich productions and some of the remixes they inspired.

While the playlist below contains 15 tracks, it really is a small sampling of Lazy Rich's enormous catalog which (while incomplete also includes duplicates) contains over 500 tracks on Beatport and reaches back to 2007. His impact cannot be overstated, whether through his productions alone or his work with the aforementioned trio of behind the scenes roles. His work within the electro house scene is immeasurable; just a quick scroll through his feed shows countless artists reaching out and thanking him for his role in, either directly or indirectly, influencing them.

While electro is gritty and raw, his tracks always had a undeniable polish and funky dance-able feel. Just one listen to the first track below "Disco Rocking" illustrates that perfectly. Later his work with vocalists (be them originals or remixes) further showed his ability to pair his power with poignant emotion. More recently he left the comfortable confines of 128 BPM to explore new worlds, and seemingly no matter who or what he worked with, success was guaranteed.

When I first came into dance music, it was always about pairing power with a tune you could dance to and no one did this quite like Lazy Rich. Finally, I leave you to enjoy the three handfuls of my favourites below. Be sure to check out more of his illustrious library, and follow his socials at the bottom.FOLLOW LAZY RICH: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Bump In The Hump: November 29 (Season 7, Episode 9)

  • Sheridan Grout - Renegade
  • TheRio & Somna & Solen - Intercontinental
  • Tiga - Woke (Justin Cudmore Remix)
  • ASHE - Little King
  • Hanz Ford - What You Believe
  • CRi ft. Odile Myrtil - My Place (Ouri Remix)
  • Vanrip & Watson - Nothing Left (ft. Karra)
  • Jai Wolf ft. The Chain Gang Of 1974 - Drive (Billboard Remix)
  • Pat Lok ft. Kye Sones - Hollywood (Noce Remix)
  • Vincent Caira - City Lights
  • Death From Above - Black History Month (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix)
  • Cam'ron & A-Trak - Dipsh*ts (ft. Juelz Santana)
  • Memphis - R O $ $
  • Sixtroke & DJ Tenshin - Capri Sun
  • Vanic x Zella Day - Wonderwall
  • Lexy Panterra & Rob James - Deep End (Cloudsz Remix)
  • Selena Gomez & Marshmello - Wolves (Vincent Remix)
  • Spock ft. Nah Mean - Floating (Nah Mean Remix)
  • Bishu - Eyes Wide Open (ft. Sophie Rose)
  • Krayysh - Take A Look And See
  • Travis Scott ft. NAV - biebs in the trap (Juelz Remix)
  • Flatland Funk - Shook
  • HYPSTR - Chasedown
  • Cherney & INF1N1TE - Conquer
  • CVZZ - Discharged
  • LVXURY & Morpheus YVRN - Trip To Mars
  • BLANSH x Usica - Jet Lag

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Death From Above - Black History Month (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix)

Instead of teasing with the normal new content (I'm going to leave that all hidden for now), I've instead opted to excite with one part of this episode's Weekend Warmup. As you may already know, Toronto's own Death From Above are playing Friday and Saturday at The Phoenix Concert Theatre (RSVP/Tickets: 1st and 2nd). The duo of Sebastien Grainger and Jesse F. Keeler (also of MSTRKRFT) are coming off the release of their album Outrage! is Now, however once again I'm looking at their older stuff, particularly the awesome duo of Alan Braxe and Fred Falke. I'll be playing their mix of "Black History Month" as the first half of the Weekend Warmup on this episode of Bump In The Hump. Stream below.Also on tonight's episode, I've got a double dose of trance to start, an intoxicating remix of Tiga's "Woke," followed by the absolute brilliance of ASHE and his track "Little King." We then get into deep house and disco vibes, before flipping things into the trap, with bass bangers from the likes of WHIPPED CREAM and Krayysh, followed by a flurry of dubstep. We round things out with the Fire Finale from BLANSH, who graces Bump In The Hump for the third week in a row. The episode runs live from 6-8 PM EST via Radio Humber here, and can be streamed after the fact via Mixcloud.


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

60th Grammy Awards (Nominees)

The Grammys will celebrate their 60th anniversary this coming January in New York, and today they've released their list of nominees (full list here). Once again I debated whether a post was warranted, and since you're reading this I decided it in fact was (see my debate from last year). However this year I've decided to hold off on the predictions for now, and really just dig into the nominations themselves. Of course I'm not going to tackle all of the categories, just those I see pertinent to this blog.

Best Dance Recording
Firstly, I find it interesting that both Gorillaz and LCD Soundsytem's albums were nominated in the Alternative category, yet their tracks are classified as Dance. Let us however note that their is no Alternative Recording category. Also it might be pertinent that in 2003 this category fell under the Pop field before the creation of this Dance field. I feel this only further complicates Alternative productions being in a previously Pop field, but perhaps the Grammys feel that Dance is Alternative.

Regardless, both artists had big years, particularly in that they made massively anticipated returns, and therefore ought to warrant some kind of acknowledgement. I would however argue that neither of these are their best efforts. For my ears, "Submission" and "Other Voices" are the standout tracks from Humanz and American Dream, respectively.

Another artist who had a big year was Bonobo. His album Migration (also nominated below) garnered widespread support, and while I am more than fine with him receiving a nod here, I'd again suggest that this wasn't even the best track on the album. I'd submit "No Reason" as the zenith, but picking just one cut from Migration serves as a tough task, and I cannot be too critical here.

I'm glad the Grammys have nominated a house track, and I quite enjoy "Cola." I am however curious where more widespread and progressive (not in sub-genre, but in scope) house tunes are, see Tchami, Kolsch or Bicep. Regardless, Camelphat and Elderbrook have built an incredible track worthy of this honour.

Speaking of progressive, there aren't many as cutting edge as Odesza. While most would point to Flume and Rustie as originators of future bass, you'd be remiss not to include Odesza in that conversation. I would however argue that this particular brand of future bass, is quickly becoming stale and purely pop music. But this is the Grammys and it would be silly to expect them to be ahead of the curve.

Finally I wonder whether Dance is a cumbersome category name, isn't all music meant to make you move, and isn't moving to music dancing?

Best Dance/Electronic Album
You'll notice that both Bonobo and Odesza are holdovers from the Recording category, and as above both received widespread critical acclaim. While I was tough on "Line Of Sight" I feel the rest of Odesza's album makes up for the mainstream, pop feels of that particular track. Both Migration and A Moment Apart are strong albums, with incredible arcs, inciting waves of feels and emotions. Worthy nominees in my mind, especially in A Moment Apartas I get some distinct Pink Floyd vibes.

While there's no questioning Kraftwerk's greatness, or legendary status, I find their album somewhat troublesome to include here. One it's live, two it's almost entirely made of their previous productions. This seems unfair, but it is what it is. Certainly not the first time the Grammys have thrown a wrench into this category. Regardless, it's an incredible piece of production, especially in the way it's mixed.

My love for Mura Masa and his album will not be new to readers of this blog, so it's no surprise I agree with its inclusion. It's the perfect mixture of forward thinking club music and pop production abilities. The vocal features are fantastic and the whole thing just grooves through and through. On the opposite end of the scale is Sylvan Esso, who I've not heard of until today. Not surprising though, cause as I say, this seems to happen every year in this category. I will say that after listening to What Now I can kind of understand why it would be nominated: it's an eclectic mix of all kinds of electronic. It is well done, and will certainly have me keeping my eyes/ears on them in the future.

Best Remixed Recording
The first time in three years that both RAC and Kaskade are not in this category, so it's good to see some fresh faces. It's also a great mix, there's old school electronic dance via Louie Vega and SMLE, a big time banger from Adventure Club, an epic piece of electronica courtesy Four Tet, and some dirty house from Latroit. I really like this category, although I do wonder about SMLE's inclusion, as I cannot find any instance (spotify, soundcloud, youtube etc) that shows it as having garnered much attention. I know it's not a popularity contest (and this has happened before, see Paul McCartney in last year's nominees), but you'd think with the number of worthy remixes out there, they'd be able to find one with both a wide reach and strong musical depth. While categories cannot be perfect, and I don't claim this one to be, I feel this is the best we could expect, and perhaps the best since 2013.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That's it for me for now, I'll be back with a predictions post, with my usual write in nominees later.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Joris Voorn - Goodbye Fly 2K17 (KiTT Remode)

Joris Voorn's 2012 classic "Goodbye Fly" just got a groovy update from Czech producer KiTT. Where the original eased into the epic bouncy bass, amidst Voorn's trademark tech talent, KiTT keeps it at the forefront nearly the entire time, only allowing for brief breathers before the booming returns.

This is really a wicked club tool, signifying the times where (at least in my purview) extended tech pieces have fallen out of favour. The crowds demand more and more and faster and faster; and this track delivers just that. It still maintains the brilliance that made the original so iconic (the drums, the vocal samples, and the shimmering synths), just more compacted and bigger. It's a perfect fit for those DJs that want to pay homage to the classics of yesteryear, but need to still need to satisfy the swarms. Now, I don't mean to say that this makes for lesser or inferior productions, just a different delivery, and in the case of "Goodbye Fly," I'm more likely to seek out this version. Maybe I'm just like the impatient millennials, but I'll push back by professing my love for extended/12" remixes and edits. Whatever the case, you can most certainly get your groove on by yourself (pun intended as "Goodbye Fly 2K17" is hosted by The Groove Cartel), or dazzle on the decks with a free download from The Husk here.FOLLOW KITT: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Holly & Dirty Ducks - Funky Farm

Holly has got to be the hardest, or at least fastest, working producer in the game. Just last week he released Maggie Love, and yesterday dropped his Beat Tape Vol.89. Now today he makes his debut on Revealed Recordings alongside Dirty Ducks. With Holly's vast library, we've heard him take on just about every genre/style known to man, this collaboration coming in the form of a festival/club banger. "Funky Farm" has both the wild animal nature and large cast of creatures that fit its name perfectly. The vocalizations and breakbeats will have the whole barnyard bouncing up and down, in a crazy critter ceremony of sorts. All of this natural beastly brilliance is wrapped around an awesome electronic design that should satisfy even the most staunch techno purist. Stream/Download "Funky Farm" here.FOLLOW HOLLY: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Post Malone ft. 21 Savage - Rockstar (StéLouse's "Soundcloud '14 4eva" Flip)

Thursday afternoon StéLouse teased us saying he'd been sitting on "two versions of this official Rockstar remix."  Yesterday afternoon he left the teasing alone and shared his "Soundcloud '14 4eva" flip. The mix is a tribute to his favourite era of Soundcloud, featuring "floomed out synths and Portered up drops." I also point to this time as one of my favourites, certainly in terms of it seeing the explosion of future bass, when it was really fresh, and maybe even before that troublesome term was coined.  I'm not sure it holds the same nostalgia as bloghaus, but we're obviously not that far removed; perhaps in a few more years we'll be clamouring for more like this. And this is very good. It's probably about the same time I first heard StéLouse, and certainly reminds me of his earlier stuff, albeit more tempered, so as to fit with Post Malone's flow. The production that makes the original so popular still rings true in this temporal re-positioning, so you can still easily sing along, while the rolling drums and wavering synths will have you getting down for sure. Whether his more singer/songwriter focused productions (Sociopath or Bones) or blistering future bass bangers, it's clear StéLouse is a force to be reckoned with. While "Rockstar" isn't available for download, StéLouse is headed on tour, so you'll certainly have your chance to hear this played out on a big system. Find your nearest show here.

UPDATE: The track was removed rather quickly, but today has been re-uploaded as a cover with help from Nashville's Still Haze and Los Angeles' Manus. Still no download however, so enjoy the stream.FOLLOW STÉLOUSE: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER