Friday, September 30, 2016

Lido - Dye

One week before we get Lido's Everything, comes another look inside the 11 track album. He's added a youtube clip with the audio and art for the follow up track to "Murder," and the third in the album, "Dye." While previous 'unofficial' iterations of "Dye" had Cashmere Cat as a featured artist, this version does not, nor does the tracklist that he posted to his twitter. One youtube commenter hypothesized that it might be because Cashmere Cat has his own track out today, "Trust Nobody" with Selena Gomez and Tory Lanez. Whatever the case we've now got further insight into Everything's emotional arc. 

I'm excited to see and hear how Lido puts the whole album together in a live setup, and can assure you his performance is an awesome experience. Find tickets for yourself at his tour website, and catch the man himself bringing the below tracklist to life.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Bro Safari ft. Sarah Hudson - Reality (Blvk Sheep Remix ft. Giant Spirit)

Blvk Sheep remixes "Reality" into a dark, dream-state; transforming Sarah Hudson into an interminable narrator, ever present in our consciousness. Sly guitar work from Giant Spirit slips into your soul, infecting the Bro Safari track with a blistering heat that pairs perfectly with Blvk Sheep's bobbing and weaving bassline, stimulating snare and dynamite drums. The entire experience of this "Reality" is arranged with such incredible precision, combing over every note, ensuring it serves its role perfectly. Like the lyrics, it taps into our consciousness, as we step out of reality, completely under its influence. Join Blvk Sheep and Giant Spirit's collective consciousness by downloading "Reality" free, here.


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Bump In The Hump: September Showcase (Episode Three)


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: September Showcase Finale

Wednesday marks the final, special September Showcase episode of Bump In The Hump on Radio Humber. Next week I'll return to Humber's online counterpart, H2O for the premiere of the fifth season of Bump In The Hump, October 5th from 6-7 PM EDT. But this week we continue to showcase some of the best from the past of Bump In The Hump as well as the usual onslaught of new Canadian electronic music. As has been the case for each of the September Showcase episodes, I'll begin with on of my favourite tracks of all time. This week it'll be Tristam's "Till It's Over" kicking off the episode at full force. Following up Tristam comes one of Bump In The Hump's most played artists, Dr. Ozi, with yet another awesome new dubstep track. Continuing with the new music we hear from Bishu, Vincent, Krowley, and get a new remix from Pat Lok. After breaking down for the 6:30 newscast, Bump In The Hump will return with a perfect track for the September Showcase, a remix of deadmau5's classic "Strobe" from one of my favourite artists, that you'll have to tune in live to experience. Rounding out the new music, is one of Canada's fastest rising talents, Syre with a remix of Tove Lo. Before sending you off to finish the week, I've got three tracks in a row from Toronto and Humber's own Pusher, two of my old favourites and a new favourite from his New Laces EP. Finally, and as is tradition on Bump In The Hump, I highlight an artist playing Toronto this coming weekend, with a track from them to get you excited for their show. This week it's Harrison, who we've heard from in each of the prior September Showcase episodes, with "Right Hook" and the title track, from his debut album Checkpoint Titanium. He'll be playing Velvet Underground Friday the 30th, alongside collaborators Allie and Clairmont The Second. Get more event info and links to tickets here. But we go back to Harrison's Colors EP for my favourite track of his, "Ashe Maree." Listen to Bump In The Hump live this Wednesday the 28th from 6-7 PM EDT, here. I'll be live tweeting from my account @OggieJames, and you can find the tracklist on this blog as the show goes live at 6.

Catch up on previous episodes of Bump In The Hump via the back catalog on mixcloud, here.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Valentine - Her (NRMN Remix)

Full of heart and feeling, "Her" from Kansas City kid, Valentine, has been received four remixes from Xavi, Halpe, Blake Skowron, and NRMN, of Hebinomichi fame. The latter, delivers delightful disco rhythms, injecting the original with deeper thumps imitating the heart palpitations that come along with such a moving remix. NRMN maintains much of the fanciful flourishes of the original, while dropping the overall tempo and filtering the vocals further, invoking a distance between the protagonist and the titular, "Her." Whereas Valentine's version is incredibly bright, bubbly and filled with an infectious energy, NRMN's version subverts those tropes with a more toned down, and tempered energy. It's as though NRMN's attempt at wooing "Her" is more deliberate and thought out, less brash and bold. However, it is still a hard hitting and potent production, and perhaps my favourite of the bunch. The whole remix EP is available for free download via ToneDen, so I'll let you decide which version of "Her" you like best.


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Zerotic & Tiger Twist - Faceless

Australians Zerotic and Tiger Twist have joined forces, introducing the world to the dark, mysterious stranger, "Faceless." It's easy to imagine "Faceless" as the soundtrack, as you walk in to a dimly lit club for the first time, struggling to gain your composure and adapt to your new surroundings. It feels familiar, yet it's new and scary. You don't recognize any of the people, as their faces are hidden in shadows. The two Sydney products, have created a track that oozes with anonymous and ominous intensity, that sends chills down your spine, all while grabbing listeners with its gargantuan groove. "Faceless" is available now as a free download. Grab it and follow Zerotic and Tiger Twist below.


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Uth Fruit & Chahine - Thorns

The French connection of producers, Uth Fruit and Chahine's "Thorns" is out now as a part of the third volume of Rooftop Horizon's compilation series. I'm kind of mystified by this track. I've now listened to it a half dozen times, and have written three sentences. I know I like it a lot, and I know why I like it, at least I think. It's hard to put my finger on just what this track is. But I think that's part of the reason I like it so much. As soon as I think I've finally figured out what "Thorns" is and where it's going, Uth Fruit and Chahine change it up, slipping through my fingers as I try to close my fist.There's so many musical elements in it that I love. The piano, the strings, the bass, the drums, the atmosphere, the drops, the breaks, the vocals. How all of these elements can come together in such a cohesive manner is a testament to Uth Fruit and Chahine's production prowess. "Thorns" has everything I want in a track, progression, creativity and a gripping emotional element. "Thorns" is available now on iTunes, or for streaming via Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer.


Friday, September 23, 2016

Boys Noize - Roulé and Crydamoure Mix

The blogosphere has been abuzz thanks to an "unreleased Daft Punk remix of N.E.R.D." that Boys Noize played on SiriusXM's Electric Area. This was however quickly dispelled as a mashup of Imagination's track "Changes" and an acapella of N.E.R.D.'s "She Wants To Move." The youtube video which features a direct cut of the track from Boys Noize's tribute mix to Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo's labels' Roulé and Crydamoure, has been shared and viewed thousands of times. Despite Boys Noize addressing the fact that there is no unreleased Daft Punk remix of N.E.R.D., he's continued to categorize it as such, in the tracklist he's provided with both his youtube and soundcloud uploads of the mix. Despite being included in the tracklist, the mashup has been edited out of what was an hour long mix. However you can still hear it from the original rip by Finley Gomez, here. That controversy aside, the mix itself is one of the more well thought out and put together tributes in recent memory. Utterly enjoyable and frightfully funky, the hour features a bunch of Thomas Bangalter credits, as well as classics from DJ Falcon, Le Knight Club and of course, the obligatory french touch, Roulé record, Stardust's "Music Sounds Better With You." The nostalgia from this mix is next level so be prepared to be transported to French nightclubs in the mid to late 90s.

But if controversy is what you're looking for, perhaps this mashup was intentionally miscredited as unreleased Daft Punk to build hype for the duo's new track with The Weeknd, "Starboy." But I'll let you be the judge of that. Since it first dropped Wednesday, "Starboy" has been polarizing in the electronic community, many decrying Daft Punk for selling out, while others cannot sing their praises enough. Again, enjoy it if you will, or not. It's your life, and although music is awesome when shared, it truly is a personal product.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Lido - Murder [Music Video]

Premiered via Complex, here, Lido has unveiled the second track "Murder" from his forthcoming album, Everything, set to be released October 7th. Maintaining Lido's artistic arc the music video for "Murder" is yet another incredible visual experience in which the music comes to life through light in pulsating patterns. Similar to "Crazy," the first single from Everything, Lido's track becomes more than mere music, he's crafted a truly artistic and spiritual experience. I already feel as though I've heard "Murder" somewhere before, but whether or not that is the case is irrelevant. The beauty of Lido's productions is his ability to weave a story right into the core of our soul, leaving us immediately and forever affected, as if we were the protagonist in this heart-wrenching affair that is Everything.
Lido is set to embark on his Everything tour in support of his album, starting October 1st in San Diego spanning all across North America until November 18th in Chicago. Right now he's at home in Norway playing Oslo tonight, with a week's worth of shows ending in London, September 29th. He'll be at The Great Hall here in Toronto November 16th, for which you can find tickets and RSVP, here. All other tour tickets can be found here, and watch the official teaser video for Everything here.


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bump In The Hump: September Showcase (Episode Two)

  • Botnek - Through The Night
  • Kid Kenobi - Sunshine (Skene Music Remix)
  • Andy Moor & Somna - Look Back
  • Harrison - Checkpoint Titanium
  • Kare - Better 0ff Alone
  • Cashmere Cat - Wild Love (ft. The Weeknd & Francis and the Lights)
  • Pusher - Fences (ft. CAPPA)
  • Vanic - Samurai (ft. Katy Tiz)
  • CCIV & PRZM - Mindmelt
  • NGHTMRE & Zeds Dead - Frontlines (ft. GG Magree)
  • Zeds Dead & Dirtyphonics ft. Bright Lights - Where Are You Now (Hunter Siegel Remix)
  • Hunter Siegel - Waiting Up
  • Hunter Siegel - Bootleg Beat Control
  • Frustra & NAHTE - Flex

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Four Favourites

Bump In The Hump is back tonight with the second of three special September Showcase episodes, live on 96.9 FM Radio Humber. Just as last week, I've got a number of my favourite tracks cue'd up for this week's episode in anticipation of two separate nights of partying. First and also our final track of the night comes from Frustra and NAHTE, "Flex." The latter will be performing alongside Hey! DW and James Redi at Supermarket for Home Brew. More details can be found on the Facebook event page. Saturday marks yet another installment of Hunter Siegel's always awesome No Neon series, this time featuring Los Angeles producer Joyryde, with support from locals VANRIP and Edan. Last year this event was held on the 20th of September, Hunter's birthday. This year Hunter delivered a gift of his own, a bootleg track that you can pick up for free on the No Neon soundcloud. In honour of the Dark Plur god himself and his now legendary No Neon nights, I've got three of his tracks back to back to back. Tickets to Saturday night at The Hoxton are still available but will go quick, RSVP and such, here. Finally, we head back to the beginning, where for these September Showcase episodes I kick off the action with one of my favourite tracks of all time. Last week it was Stephen Walking's "Shark City," and this week it's the undeniably awesome and potent production of Botnek's "Through The Night." I had so much fun compiling and presenting last week's episode of Bump In The Hump and can safely say this week's will be just as exciting. These four tracks are the only ones that were not released in the past couple weeks, allowing Bump In The Hump to maintain its focus on brand new music. So be sure to tune in to Radio Humber live from 6-7 EST, to hear new IDGVF, Pusher, and Somna, among others!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Kideko & George Kwali ft. Nadia Rose & Sweetie Irie - Crank It (Woah!) [Toddla T & Coco Remix]

Turn your speakers up, then press play on the new Toddla T & Coco remix of Kideko and George Kwali's "Crank It, Woah!" Added to soundcloud for streaming early this morning via Ministry of Sound, the upbeat energetic mix takes the original and turns it up to 11. You'll be feeling the effects of this raucous remix pulsating from your heart through to the tips of your toes and fluttering through each hair follicle. The added vocals of Nadia Rose and Sweetie Irie take the original, instrumental version of "Crank It" and add the wow, or more appropriately woah, factor. As always Toddla T's production ups the intensity, with his inimitable cross breed of Caribbean, UK garage and grime vibes. And of course Toddla knows just how to build a track that supports the fire MC Coco spits. The two are truly a duo that can do no wrong.  Of all the iterations of "Crank It" this is my favourite, and surely succeeds in either getting listeners hyped to go out and party their face off, or send them spiraling back into rave relapse. As of now this particular version of "Crank It" is only available via souncloud above, so stream it there.


Monday, September 19, 2016

Araatan - Dreaming Of Us (ft. Zaya)

Another fresh and free track for your Monday, comes to you via bitbird and Mongolian brother duo, Araatan. The soundcloud description says "Dreaming Of Us" is "a song about God-sent love," and there certainly seems to be no shortage of euphoric and dreamy doting in their track. Zaya's vocals show a careful, loving caress, as the bleepy bitbird production floats along underneath. Araatan have found a direct link to our Creator's bedside, giving us, a never before heard, insight into what the Almighty has on its mind. It is a picture perfect beauty, that reminds us of the aesthetic allure of our world.Reconnect with your Creator and download "Dreaming Of Us" for free via bitbird, here.


Breaux & Senojnayr - Elixir

Out today for free via Elysian Records, comes a collab from Seattle's Breaux and Richmond, Virginia's Senojnayr, entitled "Elixir." The turbulent trap track is about as dark and ominous as it gets, with wobbly bass bursts, stomping synths and seriously scary atmosphere. Forget about purple drank, one sip of this potent "Elixir" and you'll be turning into a purple people eater. Fill your cup for free, here. FOLLOW BREAUX: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Kamera - Consignia (George Fitzgerald Remix)

Following in the footsteps of Truncate and Yaleesa Hall, George Fitzgerald has remixed Kamera's "Consignia." Released this past week on Phantasy Sound, the original track begs for Fitzgerald's brilliant brand of technological theatrics. The long sweeping movements that enjoy magnificent momentum shifts and resplendent, ringing tones, colour "Consignia" all kinds of industrialized awesome. The key to the quality of Fitzgerald's production is the slow burning, suspense ridden and bubbling build that culminates in a no nonsense, combination of all elements. When each sounds plays its role, perfectly falling into unison, you've got yourself a gold-star, George Fitzgerald production. For eight British pound, you can have both the vinyl and digital copies of this mix as well as Throwing Snow's version of "Ventoux," both from the Phantasy Sound store, here.


Saturday, September 17, 2016

Kastra - Who We Are (ft. Nicole Medoro)

Another free download from Friday, Kastra's latest "Who We Are" featuring Nicole Medoro, is available now courtesy Clutch Records. Immediately intoxicating, the groove crafted by Kastra sucks you in with its seductive rhythms. The buoyant bass bounces with a brilliant rubber-band lilt that just doesn't stop. Energizing electro vibes meet the moombahton mayhem of the manipulated vocals in the drop.There's no way you don't wile out when those whirling vocals wash over your ears. Most of the time I'm moombah and Melbourne bounce adverse, but give me a good groove along with a track that continually progresses without too much repetition and you've got me hooked. That's just what Kastra has done; get your copy of "Who We Are" for free, here.


Friday, September 16, 2016

New Music For Your Weekend

Fridays are always the best day of the week, both for new music releases and for live shows. This week is no different, and is perhaps the best Friday of the year, in large part thanks to the highly anticipated debut EP, New Laces, from Pusher, and hometown heroes, Loud Luxury taking the stage at UNIUN. Below you'll find some of the releases I'm dead excited about and will be playing a ton this weekend. New Laces is a true artistic masterpiece, the first three tracks "Clear," "Tell You," and "Shake Down," are all in the conversation for my track of the year. Not only do they range in styles, but they showcase three different vocalists, for which Pusher so perfectly works around their lyrics. Add to that three more tracks with an additional three vocalists and you've got album that surely marks the official 'startup' of what promises to be a phenomenal career. Make no mistake, Pusher has been on my radar ever since I heard his remix of Ryn Weaver's "OctaHate," but New Laces will propel Pusher into the ears and hearts of music fans worldwide. I for one am anxiously awaiting his next live set, fingers crossed that he headlines a Toronto show soon, so he can really show off his awesome mixing style.  From Point Point's Record Record imprint comes, DZZ's debut EP Wishes. Bright and bleepy, the three originals and additional remix from Maxo, flow from a fluorescent factory of feels. A combination of Porter Robinson sentimentality and Cashmere Cat creativity, the shower of sparkles that is the 8-bit, lullaby-esque beauty of Wishes guarantees good feelings all around.  I think it's safe to say my favourite label is Monstercat, thanks to the consistent quality they pump out, not to mention they're the home of one of my favourite artists, Stephen Walking. Of course they also enjoy producers, Conro, Tristam and Aero Chord. The latter, Aero Chord, has Monstercat's latest release, "The 90s," which is a delicious depiction of future bass. Aero Chord offers up bounding bass and the soaring soundtrack-esque synths that make that decade so delightful.A close second in the race for my favourite label is AC Slater's Night Bass. The carefully curated content they release is always awesome, and Kry Wolf's Temper certainly fits the billing. Ballsy, big and bouncy the three track EP is everything we've come to expect from the duo. Fear not the dark of Night Bass as Kry Wolf are armed with a "Flashlight" that will have you in "Wavves" of ecstasy. Toronto's own Shaun Frank is riding some kind of high lately, having released massive records with The Chainsmokers, DVBBS and Oliver Heldens. "Let You Get Away" is however a solo production, and one without frequent collaborator, Delaney Jane. But once again, Shaun Frank fills our speakers with an undeniably awesome production. The man simply knows how to produce, especially around vocals.Another Canadian that's been on a tear lately, is Vancouver's own, Vanic. His latest, "Samurai" showcases his sharp ear for production, slicing and dicing synths around Katy Tiz's vocals, proving Vanic is not just a flash in the pan talent, but a true heavy hitter that can swing with the best. There's something about this Vera production that just captures my attention. Perfect for Pelican Fly, the cool Copenhagen producer pits big bass against raucous, rapturous wild sounds that remind me of RL Grime, Toto's "Africa" and Dem Slackers' remix of "Fifty What." I for one cannot wait to hear what else Vera has in store for us with the rest of her debut EP, scheduled to be released September 23rd. NGHTMRE is fresh off his killer collab "Need You" with Dillon Francis, yet may have just dropped an even deeper, darker and more dangerous death star of sorts. The veteran presence of Zeds Dead on "Frontlines" propels NGHTMRE into another stratosphere, likely launching this track into even more DJ sets and onto even more radio stations. Why not finish with a fire free download from Winnipeg, the city with perhaps the highest number of producers, per capita. Released on Kardoso's LUXE label, CCIV & PRZM have found a number of their tracks on Bump In The Hump, and you better believe "Mindmelt" will get a spin on Radio Humber as well. Whenever these two match up, the resulting track is pure power, and "Mindmelt" is just that. The bass is big enough to cause a concussion and make your brain bleed, but in a good way.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Osmo - Take Your Time (ft. Ayelle)

Swedish producer, Osmo finds his track "Take Your Time" on the massive 32 track Poolside Croatia compilation album, which is mixed this year by fellow Swede, Oliver Nelson. The Ayelle vocal aided track, is perfect for those of us unwilling to give up on summer and warm weather. Freeing and full of fun, its incredibly groovy and demands listeners to dance. Overflowing with youthful vigour, "Take Your Time" is ignorant of the problems of the world. Uninhibited by the monotony of everyday life, Osmo's track is a slice of unadulterated aural ecstasy. From his playful and progressive vocal manipulations, strident synths and boisterous bouncing, disco bass lines, "Take Your Time" is not just another track, it's an inspiring and energizing, philosophy of life. Listening to "Take Your Time," both literally and figuratively, will increase your overall happiness as well as your life expectancy. Doctor's order are to "Take Your Time" and the prescription comes in the form of Poolside Croatia.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Bump In The Hump: September Showcase (Episode One)


Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: September Showcase

After a week off, Bump In The Hump returns to Radio Humber with the first of a three part series, called the September Showcase. Before the fifth season properly begins on October 5th, I'll be reintroducing listeners to the Bump In The Hump brand by bringing you the same new, quality Canadian content you've come to expect, as well as the bootleg remixes and free downloads that have been the backbone of Bump In The Hump's over 50 episodes. Each episode, I'll be playing a trio of tracks from one great Canadian artist, as well as revealing my three favourite tracks, one each week. As a teaser, I've uploaded the new intro I created specifically for these showcase episodes, listen below.
The new intro features Pusher's latest release "Shake Down," from his forthcoming EP New Laces, set to drop this Friday, the 16th. You can have "Shake Down" as well as "Clear" and "Tell You" (both of which have previously aired on Bump In The Hump) immediately with a pre-order of New Laces.

For the first episode of the September Showcase, I've got three A-Trak tracks, two brand new remixes of him and one remix of his own. If you've been following Bump In The Hump it will come as no surprise that the first of my three favourite tracks comes from the one and only Stephen Walking. Tune in to Radio Humber live, Wednesday from 6-7 EST to hear all this and more.

I also have a number of surprises and big things set to come by October 5th, when the fifth season of Bump In The Hump kicks off. I can't say anything further at this point, but I can assure you there's an incredible amount of music coming your way soon!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Roger Wilco - Runner

Nashville native, Roger Wilco and his latest track "Runner" are proof that more than just country music comes from the capital of Tennessee. Released for free via the Rauthentic collective, "Runner" is a combination of both trap and bass beats, but also late 80s/early 90s ethereal soundtrack synths. It's almost as though Cashmere Cat and The X-Files theme were mixed up in a big pot of bubbling acid, much like the creation of Batman supervillain, Two-Face. "Runner" has some sneaky beauty, that lulls listeners into a false sense of security, only to have it all wiped out in an instant, with a remarkably ratchet and ruinous, descending drop. The allure of Roger Wilco's production is absolutely awesome, and although it may be an odd choice I think I'm going to try out "Runner" as my new alarm. What could be better to wake up to than that ominous opening and descent into darkness as you awake from the darkness of your dreams. Grab the free download of "Runner" and try it for yourself, here. FOLLOW ROGER WILCO: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Monday, September 12, 2016

Holly x BeazyTymes x Masayoshi Iimori - Pump It Up

As fresh as it gets, the threesome collab of Holly, BeazyTymes and Masayoshi Iimori "Pump It Up" has been online for only 23 minutes as I write this sentence. Hosted on the Portuguese producer's soundcloud, Holly is quickly becoming known for blistering bootlegs and countless quality collabs with the likes of Ian Munro, Woolymammoth and Whipped Cream to name just a few. Masayoshi Iimori continues to crop up just about anywhere fire new tracks are heard; I've already written about his penchant for genre and mind bending tracks (see his track for Filet Mignon Vol 4 and his Malaa "Fade" bootleg). Add BeazyTymes into the mix and you've got yourself a three continent collab of epic proportions. From North America, to Europe and Asia, "Pump It Up" has it all, not just musically but production-wise, as these are three of the fastest rising stars of the trap/bass scene. These three are not messing around, they've created an enigmatic, ear-shattering and explosive track that will surely be blasting it's enormous bass in club sets and car stereos worldwide, in absolutely no time at all.Be sure to get it while it's hot, so you can see the screw faces on your friends, as they hear it for the first time. "Pump It Up" is available for free download now!


Sunday, September 11, 2016

Markus Schulz - I Hear You Calling (Nick Fav Remix)

Markus Schulz's track "I Hear You Calling" has received over 150 remixes in the past month, including one from Italian producer Nick Fav. The vast majority of these mixes appear in Schulz's remix competition, which is now in the judging stage, however this particular version is absent from that monstrous list which, for some reason, includes Loud Luxury and Shoffy's "Villains." Although I've highlighted a number of remix competitions on this blog in the past, I've grown weary of putting much stock in the actual winners, almost always finding that the most original and creative tracks get overlooked. In fact I've never found myself voting for any eventual winners, and since Nick Fav's mix isn't in the competition you can chalk up another of my favourite mixes not winning the competition. It's hard to nail down just what Nick Fav was up to with this mix, other than absolutely killing it. He does honour the original by keeping much of the movement and progression intact, as well as CAYO's vocals, but the big booming groove and bounce he adds to Schulz's production gives it a fresh feel. It's progressive and powerful, and above all original and creative. There's still time to check out the 150+ other remixes before a winner is chosen, and you can have Nick Fav's remix for yourself free, here.


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Five tracks to get you back in the groove

With summer unofficially over, and my baseball team unceremoniously knocked out of the playoffs, I've hit a wall, not wanting to start the next chapter. As always, I find myself turning to music to not just lift me up and help me move on but to re-calibrate my body and soul. Music is incredibly powerful because of its inherent personal appeal; it connects listeners through a shared experience, but in the end, its strength lies in its existential capacity. Today I've compiled five tracks that ooze with groove, both literally (grooves in vinyl) and figuratively (try not to dance to these tracks). These five tracks are full of funky disco vibes and show no shortage of uplifting energy. The first, Flying Mojito Bros remix of Crosby Stills and Nash "Turn Your Back On Love" came to me yesterday, as I was trolling the web for something to write about and immediately appealed to my love of old groove tracks. The content is killer from the guitar to the bass and the lyrics to the vocal harmonies. This is the track that inspired this playlist.

Fittingly, the V4YS remix of Marvin Gaye "Where Are We Going" followed the Flying Mojito Bros, via souncloud's related tracks feature. With that rolling intro, and bright keys the disco is strong throughout and is incredibly infectious. Grab the free download here.

Diving deeper into the disco vibes comes, The Immortals' "Ultimate Warlord." It's fun, funky and incredibly lighthearted. After hearing it for the first time on a long trip home, it woke me up and got me home safely, inspiring me to become "The Ultimate Warlord."

From 1979 to 2016, is Breakbot's remix of Fatima Yamaha's "Love Invaders," which sounds at home in either decade. It's an absolutely awesome slice of carefree disco funk, proving once again the combination of Breakbot and Fatima Yamaha is without parallel. If you like this be sure to check out their cross contamination "2GOOD4ME," which is also a free download.

Rounding out this five-some of uplifting funk, is one of my favourite tracks of all time, my second most played Boy 8-Bit production, and 7th most played track of all time, his remix of Vandroid's "Master and Slave." The combination of Boy 8-Bit's bleepy chiptune quality, playfully poignant percussion and awe inspiring, soundtrack-esque arc makes it the perfect capper for this playlist. I have gone to this track nearly a hundred times on my iTunes alone and will continue to count on it to change my mood and get me back in its inescapable groove. I just hope one of these five tracks speaks to you the same way this track speaks to me, and you can count on it the way I count on Boy 8-Bit.

Friday, September 09, 2016

KLYMVX - California (ft. Cozy & Snoop Dogg)

French duo, Axel and Hovig who together create KLYMVX, have crafted an incredibly cool track called "California." Full of tropical themes and Cozy's chilling vocals, there's a level of freshness that seems to evade most of the tracks made in this increasingly popular trope. "California" features much of the fundamental facets of the so called 'deep house' and tropical subgenres. The difference with KLYMVX's production is the delicate intricacies and simple refinement, it does not posture or masquerade. It just is, flowing seemingly effortlessly and organically from the Parisian pair. Were I to compare "California" to any other track or artist, I'd have to invoke the awesomeness of Matoma. Both Matoma and "California" have a penchant for powerful mixdowns, perfectly mastering each layer, flowing from and through each other so fluently. Additionally, the use of rappers, though an unlikely combination, is part of the magic of both Matoma and KLYMVX's production. The musical bed they build is perfect for the flow of Snoop and Eminem (in Matoma's "Business" remix, my favourite of his). Having only been posted at 11 am EST, there is no word on a release, so you'll have to enjoy "California" solely via streaming on soundcloud. However, the majority of KLYMVX's productions are available for free download, so I highly recommend checking back, in the coming days so you can get your own personal "California."


Thursday, September 08, 2016

Nero - Crush On You (Animal HÖuse Remix)

Florida based production crew, Animal HÖuse, who first appeared on Soundcloud in January with a remix of "White Iverson," are quickly becoming known for their unique brand of beastly bass bootlegs. Having already remixed A$AP Ferg, Benny Benassi and Cassie, their latest is a delightfully daring dub remix of Nero track, "Crush On You." As always the Floridians have offered their track for free, here. Upon first listen I wasn't positive whether Animal HÖuse were remixing The Jets' original, a la Nero, or whether it was a remix of Nero themselves. There is no lack of original content here, although there certainly is a lot of Nero's now legendary instrumentation. I recently found myself re-listening to much of Nero's Welcome Reality and while the groove of "Crush On You" was my favourite of the album, that was were my enjoyment ended. There was just something disjointed about the original Nero dubstep drop that just didn't jive with my indulgence. However, Animal HÖuse seem to have remedied that derangement. This version flows much more smoothly while still offering that essential element of electronic anarchy.

Doc Brown offering up the line "back to the future" is the cheeky capstone that perhaps best describes this union of old and new, and making the old new, yet again. After having played Dom Dias' downtempo remix of The Jets' "Crush On You" on Bump In The Hump, I'm glad those classic vocals have received another revitalization, more in the way I'm used to hearing them. Art, and therefore music, is cyclical and referential, it is a mirror held up to society, but society has been a mirror in and of itself for years now. Animal HÖuse (knowingly or not) have perfectly illustrated the postmodern conundrum of originality. Everything is a reference to something that has already happened before, once again, knowingly or not. The key is quite simple, just be and just do you, and the end result will be virtuous and valuable. Animal HÖuse have done just that, and in doing so have opened the door for bedroom producers around the world to remix their favourite tunes guilt free.