Saturday, August 27, 2016

Lucas remixes Wiz Khalifa, Beyonce, Rihanna, Future, Jeremih and more in Fliptape EP

Seattle based producer and Secret Songs alum, Lucas just dropped a six track remix package/EP in which he puts his own spin on many of the hottest tracks of the past few years, including Beyonce's "Formation," Rihanna's "Work" and Jeremih's "Don't Tell Em." Each track is available for free download individually on Soundcloud, or you can get all of them together as a compressed folder, here. These are by no means bangers or even really club tools, they're basically just bootleg versions that take the original track in a different direction. Lucas showcases his subdued and subtle style, not being flashy but still beefing up the original. A little jazz, a little air-horn, and a little after-hours affectation give the Fliptape and all of these tracks a new life and purpose. These are the kind of tracks you can break out to impress your friends, as you chill on the dock or reminisce about the night before. Add Fliptape to your library and enjoy the rest of the summer with these tracks in your shuffle.


Friday, August 26, 2016

12 tracks for the last weekend in August

With summer drawing to a close, it seems people are rushing around trying to take advantage of whatever time is left under the empowering and freeing summer sun. This being the last weekend August, I too am feeling the push to post up lakeside and relax. So before my family and I head to the cottage for this last stretch of summer, I've compiled a list of 12 new tracks that will make your time pass that much more enjoyably. Even better, the majority of these tracks are up for free download. The first three or four tracks are rough, raw and hard hitting trap numbers from big names Masayoshi Iimori, Slumberjack, San Holo and Josh Pan. Slumberjack and San Holo are back with new originals, while Iimori and Pan build on their already inimitable styles with two massive remixes. After taking on Kanye West earlier in the week, Josh Pan now takes on Amerie's "1 Thing." Following that is a brilliant bootleg from German producer, Bibo of classic Skylar Grey "Love The Way You Lie." The next four tracks are extremely bright, futuristic tracks from Italian, Mordecai, Frenchman Offramp, Pluto and Ye. and Sweater Beats. The following track from Bonnie and Clyde is somehow able to combine many of the styles from the previous tracks. "Tonight" is part future bass, part house, part trap, part tropical; a blissful balance between pop and bass.  The duo of Los Angelenos, DJCJ and Bloodtone rework Kevin Gates' "Really Really" to perfection, calling me back to Dr. Fresch's "Gangsta Gangsta." Rounding things out in the best way I know how, with UZ's joint remix with MYRNE of his own "Trap Shit 16." It's always awesome when an original artist remixes their own work but the touch of MYRNE takes it to the next level, as a true work of art. Follow through for all of the download links and get your own copy of the tracks above.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Bump In The Hump: August 24 (Season 4, Episode 13)


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Kanye West - Touch The Sky (Josh Pan Rehab)

Enigmatic producer, Josh Pan just dropped what could be his best bootleg, in what he's calling his 'rehab' version of Kanye West's "Touch The Sky." And that's saying something, considering Pan's prolific "It G Ma" opus remix. This one may be a mini-opus; a higher concentration of thoughtful production, perfectly suited to the manipulated lyrics. From the atmospheric opening with Yeezy testifying "Imma touch the sky" and the following vicious explosion, the track oozes with an ominous intensity. It's no surprise that Kanye and Josh Pan would be a perfect pairing, as they are both consummate artists, and unique personalities. "Touch The Sky" is the symbiosis of music and lyrics, amplifying each other. If a track could truly make someone fly this would be it.Get your free piece of sky here.


Monday, August 22, 2016

Azles & Cathalyst - Invincible ft. Hanna Magdon

Two Berlin based producers, Azles and Cathalyst, have combined their powers of production to craft a chill track, that with the aid of Hanna Magdon's vocals, imbues listeners with invincibility. The truly wondrous track washes over you in waves of valiance, and can be attained as a free download, here. A combination of both retro and futuristic elements, "Invincible" walks a path of its own, like the heroic figure the vocals describe. Despite its carefree, cute and lighthearted sounds there is real strength in "Invincible," not just in its name but in its confident and constant progression. Joyful and uplifting it is the light in the darkness and the comfortable bed on which you rest your head at the end of a long night. Incredibly beautiful, "Invincible" can be yours free here, or found on iTunes, Beatport and Spotify.


Friday, August 19, 2016

Frustra discusses his new track "Rectify"

Mere hours ago, Frustra and I sat down in the Radio Humber studios to talk about the future of his career, his aspirations and his forthcoming track "Rectify," to be premiered on Bump In The Hump August 24th from 6-7 EST. As you'll hear below, the concept for "Rectify" arose through Frustra's self imposed hiatus, in which he stepped back, refocused and reconfigured his production style. Both the interview and the full premiere of "Rectify" will air on Bump In The Hump, August 24th from 6-7 EST. Until then, enjoy the teaser from Frustra himself below, and be sure to check out the rest of his library via soundcloud, and stay tuned to Frustra's social media for more from him. FOLLOW FRUSTRA: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hoodboi ft. ASTR - Closer "Moonrise" Mix

Four months and six remixes since the original release of Hoodboi's prolific track "Closer" featuring ASTR, the well rounded producer has reconfigured his own creation, into an super charged, upbeat and retro racing arcade game. The best part of this game is there's no charge to play, it's a free download!
The chopped and cut vocals work incredibly well as the track gains steam with an eighties-esque, old school loading screen vibe, before blasting off like a strobe-light. Driving at such a blistering tempo, the track feels like one long blazing drop, whipping your hair back as the synths scream by. "Closer" feels comfortable as ASTR's full lyrics come in, lulling you into a false sense of security before the effects take over, as the vehicle charges in preparation for a final explosive maneuver. The concluding drop is the culmination of all aspects of "Closer." Hoodboi shreds the synth like a savant, weaving his way into our hearts, with his solicitous soundtrack. Magically matching the lyrics, the "Moonrise" mix will have "lightning in you eyes" as you "race the night."


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Bump In The Hump: August 17 (Season 4, Episode 12)

  • Flume ft. Kai - Never Be Like You (Martin Solveig Remix)
  • Borgeous & Loud Luxury - Going Under
  • The Killers - When You Were Young (Fahjah Bootleg Remix)
  • Attlas - Crawl
  • Rezz - Voice In The Wall
  • Tiga - Blondes Have More Fun (Jonas Rathsman Remix)
  • Conro - I Wanna Know
  • MDK - Super Ultra
  • Dropwizz - Lost Woods
  • Adventure Club - Dreams (ft. Elea)
  • Bone & IDGVF - Home
  • Cash Cash & Digital Farm Animals ft. Nelly - Millionaire (Jackal Remix)
  • Obeson - Hi
  • #WeekendWarmup
  • Bishu - A Feeling

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Flume ft. Kai - Never Be Like You (Martin Solveig Remix)

This week on Bump In The Hump comes one of the biggest and best remixes of the year, and arguably of the track of the year. French legend, Martin Solveig has lent his inimitable style to the already awesome, Kai aided, Flume track "Never Be Like You." It should take no time at all for listeners to appreciate the sheer glory that is Solveig's sultry re-imagining. I'm proud to bring you this brilliance right off the bat, as we begin the hour of new Canadian electronic music with "Never Be Like You." Tune in to 96.9 FM Radio Humber live from 6-7 EST to hear this, alongside the best new Canadian electronic music, including new Attlas, Conro and Rezz, as well as a bootleg remix of The Killers.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sharam - PATT (iMad Groovy Remix)

Polish producer, iMad has taken on one of the most well known electronic tracks of all time, Sharam's "PATT," which was originally Eddie Murphy's "Party All The Time." Grab the groovy remix for free now. iMad does a great job incorporating all of the important aspects of the legendary track, from the original groove of Eddie Murphy's original, to the deep vibes Sharam's 2006 revision, all while reinvigorating "PATT" with own intuition. The track looms large right from the get go, as it builds with a thumping groove, alongside playful percussion, before dropping down in classic, old school rave fashion, rebuilding towards a triumphant, fluttering effect ridden drop. I'm not sure how old iMad is, but he seems to have a great respect and understanding of classic rave compositions, as his 2016 revision of a 2006 remix of a 1985 track, is a breath of fresh air. I imagine DJs worldwide would be happy to get themselves a much more fresh version of the classic Sharam track, and iMad has obliged. Banzai Network have the free download, here.


Monday, August 15, 2016

TroyBoi - Voyager

TroyBoi, who is preparing for his 26 date Mantra Tour, which starts September 7th in Reno, has just added another awesome track to his ever growing catalog. Stream the unearthly track "Voyager" below. TroyBoi is perhaps best known for his bass banging productions, but "Voyager" leaves all that behind skyrocketing into a new euphoric atmosphere. It's as though TroyBoi was somehow able to access the database of Starfleet vessel USS Voyager and withdraw their theme song. "Voyager" is at once proud and strong yet unsure as it explores the great unknown, the final frontier. Its strings stirs the senses while TroyBoi's trap proclivities and future forward production propel "Voyager" into warp drive sending it into the stars. It's clear we have a star on our hands with TroyBoi, and you'll be hard pressed to find a more stellar combination of styles. From orchestral to hip hop, and trap to world, "Voyager" is an experiment gone decidedly well. I would love for him to start the journey of his set at The Hoxton, September 17th (to which you can RSVP and buy tickets, here) with "Voyager." One soundcloud commenter noted that many of TroyBoi's most recent uploads have not been available for download, assuming he might be stockpiling them for an album, for which we can only hope.


Maesu - White Peach (Koyö Remix)

Fresh from Hegemon comes a remix from New Caledonian, Koyö who's put his own touch on Los Angeleno, Maesu's "White Peach," and you can now pick it up for free via Artist Intelligence Agency.Immediately identifiable as a Hegemon track with it's incomparably produced percussion sounds, I could be easily convinced that this is a Daktyl track, which should say a lot about its quality. Even though it was posted 20 minutes ago (as I write this), it feels even newer than that as though it's been ripped from a distant future. I'm not sure how I would describe the track, whether more as future bass or as some kind of hybrid trap, but whatever the case it's incredibly well produced. The chiming bells and clicking percussion set the mood, alongside the ever growing ambiance and blasting bass of the drops, however the key to "White Peach" is the combination of vocal manipulations and wavering warm synths. When all of these excellent elements are added together the quality of Koyö's production shines its brightest. This really is Hegemon at its best, and with artists like Just A Gent, Daktyl, GRMM, Obeson and TroyBoi being associated with the label, that's saying a lot. I for one cannot wait to hear what Koyö does next.


Moldavite - Majesty

Cool Californian producer Moldavite, previously known as Passage, fresh off the release of his 14 track album, The Realest on August 3rd, just dropped another new chill trap production, "Majesty." The sub-genre known as chill trap is a bit of an odd one, almost an oxymoron, as true trap is anything but chill. That being said, chill trap seems to have taken off in the past few years after artists like Cashmere Cat, Daktyl and Mr. Carmack among others, set the bar. Moldavite really seems to have figured out the key to crafting a quality chill trap track as he's got a number of them under his belt, including the marvelously cool "Majesty." It's ambiance fills the room immediately lifting spirits, while the radiant wind-chimes stand atop the massive booming bass.

The key for me however, is the tuning of the percussion, specifically wooden blocks (at 1:08 and again at 2:29). The combination of the percussion, oh so beautiful synths and silvery vocals, and their progression throughout, make "Majesty" a track not just for playing once, but one that can and should be enjoyed countless times. Its serene, composed qualities have an amazing and inescapable allure, one that I imagine will have you grateful for this free download from Moldavite.


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Lookas - Samurai (Bass System Remix)

Yesterday, Miami's Lookas and his track "Samurai" received a remix from young Austrian producer, Michael Gössler aka Bass System. The two-tiered trap track is available for free download now. Already one of the best tracks from Lookas always improving collection, the added touch from Bass System boosts the track to an almighty oblivion. Its got the intensity and precision of an unholy army on the march, that seems to bend time and space like a combination of The Matrix and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It is clear to hear Bass System's dubstep background, with the wobbling bass that so perfectly depicts the Samurai's swordplay. With the trap strings, painting the track with eastern influences, Bass System's version of "Samurai" showcases the kind of skill that takes years to master. I'm not saying Bass System is yet a full fledged Samurai master, yet his tutelage is well underway.


Friday, August 12, 2016

DUCKY - Don't Give Up Yet EP

After two months of silence from Ryan Hemsworth's Secret Songs collective, the indie label strikes back with perhaps its best release to date. Ever ebullient Los Angeleno, Ducky delivers a delightful four track EP, that sets a new, sparkling, standard both for her productions as well as Secret Songs'. My love for Ryan Hemsworth and Secret Songs is no secret to followers of Bump In The Hump or Enlightenment For Your Ears. Still one of my favourite tracks of all time, Henrik The Artist's "Naked," was released on Secret Songs last year. However the brilliant "Naked," may have lost a little bit of its shine as Ducky's Don't Give Up Yet is seriously scintillating.  Buoyant, bouncy and fantastically freeing, each track irrupts with unfamiliarly fresh feels.

Getting off to a blistering pace, Don't Give Up Yet begins with "Bliss," a peppy, high-spirited track with supersonic synths strides, centered around punchy percussion pops and rising bass bumps. It is the ultimate opening track, immediately catching your ear, while setting the scene for the rest of the joyous journey through sound.

The second track "Heal," sees Ducky really getting into the groove with some near nightcore driving depth and happy hardcore zest. The fluttering future vibes from the synths steal the show, placing listeners in an extremely uplifting and invigorating landscape, as though having your health restored in a Pokemon Center with Nurse Joy.

Whereas both "Bliss" and "Heal" are entirely effusive and elated tracks, there's something slightly different about the third track "Don't Look Down." While it too features the bubbly characteristics of Ducky's production quality, it has a slightly darker tone; one in which doubt and fear creep in. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something about it that doesn't feel complete, which I find rather intriguing. I believe it's a deliberate ploy by Ducky in not completing many of the musical phrases the way our ears intuit it to. That being said, Ducky does not leave us hanging, as I believe "Don't Look Down" to be the most well rounded track of the EP.

Closing out Don't Give Up Yet, Ducky once again showcases her ability to create a cohesive and complete EP, not just as a compilation of similar sounding tracks, but as an artistic arc of musical movement. The grand finale "Open Yourself Up and Let Her Pour Out" once again utilizes her signature sounds, but in a more peeled back, emotional nature, indicative of the track's title. Don't Give Up Yet provides the foundation for such a fiercely fresh and expository arc, that makes it a musical marvel, truly one of the best EPs of the year.

Although the vast majority of Secret Songs collection is available for free download, Ducky's Don't Give Up Yet is not, but we can understand why; she deserves to reap the benefits of crafting such a fine piece of artwork. Add it to your Spotify or buy it via iTunes.


Thursday, August 11, 2016


Perhaps one of the most well composed tracks of the year, FLOOR BABA's "EVERLASTING" is truly a work of art, weaving his wizardry, crafting an extremely enjoyable pop track through the combination of hip internet sub-scenes. Forthcoming from sophomore album NEON DEATH, set to be released on his own DESKPOP label. Being so 'pop' driven (contemporaneous, voguish and singularly focused), the way FLOOR BABA is able to successfully combine the wide range of genre tags (3 of each #wave #hop #post + a #future) is with world record precision, as though flying through a video game with all the cheats enabled. Cheekily christened, "EVERLASTING" moves so effortlessly from level to level getting the most play out of the game experience. It's as though each new playful, jazz-element added represents a new level supported by the chiptuned background. From it's initially dim, rising vaporwave beginnings, airy gamewave opening screen, bright psychedelic bells, to the funky future drum fills and just right jazz fusion combination of elements, FLOOR BABA crafts an excellent storyline.

I am continually amazed at the unique qualities and styles of producers that the world is seeing right now. While some may lament the rise of the so-called 'soundcloud dj,' I love the internet community because of the inherent ability to guardedly share yourself in ways you wouldn't otherwise in public (good or bad). If the internet can foster the confidence of just one otherwise unwilling yet talented producer to share his or her work, I believe it almost inevitably has a positive outcome, as someone, somewhere, is bound to enjoy it. The reality is no music could possibly suit everyone, but there certainly are tracks that can be appreciated by the masses and I believe FLOOR BABA has one on his hands with "EVERLASTING."


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bump In The Hump: August 10 (Season 4, Episode 11)

  • Jacques Greene - You Can't Deny
  • DeBoer - Fame (feat. Joël)
  • Bob Moses - Like It Or Not (Joris Voorn Remix)
  • Two Friends ft. Ktpearl- Forever (Kayliox Remix)
  • A-Trak & Tommy Trash - Lose My Mind
  • FUTURE MAGIC x E-VO - Vacate
  • Ra Ra Riot - Water (Inukshuk Remix)
  • Ta-ku & Wafia - Meet In The Middle (Ekali Remix)
  • CHVRCHES ft. Hayley Williams - Bury It (Keys N Krates Remix)
  • PhatCap! - Work
  • Diplo & Sleepy Tom x Gent & Jawns - Be Right There (WYLN Edit)
  • Botnek - Bad Bitch
  • 404 - Bring It
    • Unreleased
  • Jauz x Ghastly - Ghosts N' Sharks (ZABO Remix)
  • MDRN & Superdriiv - Black Magic
  • #WeekendWarmup
  • Pusher ft. Hunnah - Tell You (D-Jar Remix)

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: CHVRCHES ft. Hayley Williams - Bury It (Keys N Krates Remix)

This week on Bump In The Hump, comes one of both: the best of a dozens of great CHVRCHES remixes, as well as the best of Keys N Krates own prolific catalog of remixes. "Bury It" featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore, is CHVRCHES' latest single, and showcases Keys N Krates' signature 'three man jam band' style, perfectly utilising the potent vocals. Stream it below and hear it live tonight from 6-7 EST on Bump In The Hump and Radio Humber, alongside the best new Canadian electronic music. I haven't seen Keys N Krates practising it yet, despite giving us plenty of look-ins at their rehearsal sessions via social media, although I do expect they'll be playing "Bury It" out sooner rather than later.
A video posted by KeysNKrates (@keysnkrates) on
I've got my fingers crossed they have both "Bury It" and JSTJR & Snappy Jit's "Throw It Back" in the repertoire for their second annual KNK Birthday Party at the beautiful outdoor venue, Sunnyside Pavilion. This year they've got Mannie Fresh, Lunice, araabmuzik, River Tiber, cln and BEVSTMODE. I've already got my tickets, you can get your own here and check the Facebook event here. Have a look at what last year's edition was like in case you needed any more convincing.


Tuesday, August 09, 2016

kio - memories

The Olympics aren't the only source of entertainment coming out of Brazil at the moment. kio, a member of the trio Sansai (alongside Murahi & undr_), just dropped a free track called "memories." Ominous trap vibes and scorching strings lead the menacing "memories" down a dimly lit alley, filled with foreboding figures around each and every corner. There's definitely something dark about this track that seems to be bubbling and brewing, eventually bursting into the baleful bass led, deadly drop. Being a mere two and half minutes, there's an addictive element to the way "memories" starts, with its metronomic clicking and progressive, rising strings that suddenly turn sour. It's an absolutely awesome introduction and entirely excellent track. Add kio's "memories" to your own collection, free, here.


Falcon Punch - Cream

Avery Henderson, aka Falcon Punch, finds hits latest production, "Cream," on All Good Records new compilation series called Freshly Baked. The first installment in this series is curated by GRiZ, who has handpicked 10 producers to showcase. You can now pick up the first track for free download, here. Dreamy and funky, "Cream" is smooth and delightfully delectable. Falcon Punch finds flirtatious rhythms that float oh so effortlessly, above jazzy disco piano, impassioned guitars and doting vocal caresses. The key to the quality of "Cream," apart from the salacious synth keys themselves, is the poignant percussion that acts as the glue, grafting this glorious track together. A few weeks ago, I tweeted about how I thought Luca Lush and Bishu's remix of Maggie Rogers' "Alaska" is what you would hear in the jazz clubs of the future, and certainly "Cream" would fit in that same category. Grab the free download, add it to your repertoire, and be sure to follow All Good Records for more of the Freshly Baked series.


Monday, August 08, 2016

Rihanna - Needed Me (Murlo Remix)

In honour of his remix of Rihanna's "Work" surpassing the million play milestone on soundcloud, British DJ and producer, Murlo just dropped another Rihanna rework, this time taking on "Needed Me." Fluttering and flighty, the tropical steel pans add a refreshing island vibe reminiscent of Rihanna's homeland. Subtle and sneaky, this remix washes over your ears like waves lapping on an island paradise. Murlo's treatment of her vocals is both delicate and incredibly alluring, making it easy to get lost in this potent production. The beauty of this version is the seemingly contradictory fact of its definite distinct nature, setting it apart from the original, yet somehow familiar feel, not bastardizing the beauty of the original. I fully expect Murlo's version of "Needed Me" to get the same amount of recognition his "Work" remix received.


Bob Moses - Like It Or Not (Joris Voorn Remix)

Anytime Joris Voorn releases a new record it's best to pay close attention. His latest, a remix of Bob Moses "Like It Or Not," is a stunning example of the Dutch house-head's unparalleled production ability. The way Joris Voorn is able to so smartly move from sound to sound while maintaining the forward movement and melody is a breath of fantastically fresh air, bringing to life the distinctly digital house vibes. The contrast of the dreamlike, bright synth sparkles, and the dark depths of the nightmarish bass throbs, makes the ethereal vocals even that much more powerful. The strength of Voorn's production is his ability to keep the same repeated sounds and vocals sounding ever so fresh, never losing steam or sounding stale. It's incredibly easy to get lost in "Like It Or Not," feeling it all inside of you; you know it's true.


Sunday, August 07, 2016

Sam Feldt ft. Heidi Rojas - Shadows Of Love (FlicFlac Remix)

Austrian duo, Flicflac have added a remix of Spinnin' superstar Sam Feldt to their already stacked list of releases. "Shadows Of Love" is available for free download courtesy Flicflac's own Grow With label. Utilizing Feldt's already awesome and emotional piano, alongside the spine-tingling vocals of Heidi Rojas, Flicflac take the groove out for a walk, in an extremely playful and enjoyable manner. The big bass bounds along, injecting the track with a feeling of weightlessness and utter freedom. Dance-floor ready, the depth of "Shadows Of Love" may only be rivaled by Flicflac's own library.


Friday, August 05, 2016

Artist On Fire: Ekali

To say Ekali has had a big week would be a massive understatement. Vancouver's own Nathan Shaw, who moonlights as Said The Whale's bass player, has seen two remixes drop in the past week as well as spinning two sets at HARD this past Saturday. First for a reported 7,000+ people on stage under the Green tent. Then later that day, he smashed The Smirnoff House for a more intimate, yet equally wild crowd. The latter set was recorded by Mixmag and can be viewed below, (audio only here): 
Last Wednesday his remix of the Jack U & Kai track "Mind," dropped alongside other massive artists, such as Malaa, Wiwek, and Oshi. The collaboration with Gravez is perhaps the best of the bunch, utilizing eastern influences, powerful piano and only the biggest of bass drums.
And now this past Tuesday, his stranglehold on the remix game was only strengthened when he dropped his remix of Ta-ku and Wafia's "Meet In The Middle." Go ahead and grab it for free here. Awfully generous, often dropping free downloads, so do not sleep on Ekali, the man is on fire.


Frustra on Bump In The Hump: August 24

If you've been following Bump In The Hump in the last few weeks, you'll be aware of the hiatus, friend of the show, Frustra has put himself in. He's assured me this is only a temporary move, as he continues to grow and work on his sound and style. And although he's still released music during said hiatus (see his remix of Katy B & Chris Lorenzo "I Wanna Be") it seems the turning point is now in sight.

In less than three weeks time, August 24th to be exact, I'll be playing host to the last track from Frustra as we know him, as well as speaking to him about what the future holds for the talented young producer. This afternoon, he released a teaser on his soundcloud, which one can only assume provides some insight into his new direction. Cryptically titled, "VIIIXXIVMMXVI" features deep, dark bass vibes reminiscent of Gesaffelstein and Rezz, amidst militarily precise percussion and affected, ominous vocals. Tagged "bodywave" and "vaporfunk," the feels from this teaser are sure to send shivers down your spine. Frustra's official comment is, much like Big Brother, to "expect the unexpected." Stay tuned to Enlightenment For Your Ears, Frustra's social media, as well as my own, for news regarding the world premiere and exclusive interview, and don't forget to listen to Bump In The Hump Wednesday from 6-7 on Radio Humber for more of the best new Canadian electronic music.


Palm Tree Gang - Harder Than Life

Utilizing Sylvester Stallone's inspirational speech from Rocky Balboa to set the scene, Palm Tree Gang's "Harder Than Life" is uplifting and bursting with energy, as well as up for free download. Like a computer program initializing its processes, or a human life finding its footing, the track awakens and before it can find its stride we hear the the unmistakable drawl of Sly Stallone proselytizing about how it's not "about how hard you hit," but rather "how hard you can get hit." A perfect metaphor for this track, which despite its uplifting chords actually hits quite hard with a awesome array of killer keyboard slaying, much like the flying fingers of Haywyre or Ronald Jenkees. It's the contrast of the powerful reality of the human condition and the ability to overcome it with positivity, almost like that Chumbawumba track (I get knocked down, but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down) that gives this track such strength. Between the subtle bass manipulations, bleepy popping effects, and fluid movement of "Harder Than Life," Palm Tree Gang have crafted a track worthy of enjoyment as your morning wake up call, your mid-afternoon pick me up or your 'keep me awake and safe' late night track.


Fransis Derelle - Cashmere (Disco Lemonade Remix)

The lead track from Seattle based producer Fransis Derelle's Confessions EP has received a pumped up remix from fellow Northwestern duo Disco Lemonade. Get your free copy of "Cashmere" here. There's no way I could fully explain why I like 'future bass' so much, but it's tracks like this that just seem to hit me so hard that I literally cannot stop listening to, while trying to rationalize my seemingly irrational love for them. Of the hallmarks of 'future bass' Disco Lemonade has nailed each and every element. It's the pitched vocals, bright and warm synths strides, brilliant bass bursts, trap inspired snappy percussion and an almost kawaii feel that meshes so well with a bit of booty bouncing and silly-shaking drops, that just beg for your wildest dance moves. Where Disco Lemonade has succeeded in combining and deftly delivering each of these elements, perhaps the cherry on top comes in their manipulation of the vocals. Furthering the theme of bouncing booties, they've transformed "Cashmere" into a twerk anthem where different characters urge listeners to "move that butt" by utilizing a variety of vocal pitches to to absolute perfection. Sewing the whole track together with subtle strings, I can only hope to hear more from Disco Lemonade in the near future, and would certainly not be opposed to them collaborating with Fransis Derelle.


Thursday, August 04, 2016

Forthcoming Mashup (AC Slater & GotSome vs Out Of Cookies)

Monday I wrote about Out Of Cookies track "Who's Them Boyz" and how it reminded me of AC Slater & GotSome's "Move It Back." So I decided to see how easily I could mash up the two tracks, and surprising it came rather easily. However I'm now on my new computer (finally!) and haven't finished moving stuff over, so it remains incomplete. But I thought I'd share a preview of what's to come.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Bump In The Hump: August 3 (Season 4, Episode 10)

  • Honey Beard - Humming Bird
  • ZaGa - Omega Protocol (ft. Gail Force)
  • TroyBoi x Grandtheft - Sneaky
  • Jackal - Anonymous (ft. Mister Blonde)
  • Vincent - No Mercy
  • Jack U ft. Kai - Mind (Ekali & Gravez Remix)
  • Alan Walker - Faded (Young Bombs Remix)
  • Stephen Walking - Wake Up, The House Is Underwater!
  • Paris & Simo ft. Patrick Moreno & Aloma Steele - Reunite (Galloway Remix)
  • 404 - Help Me Feel
  • Tiga - Make Me Fall In Love (Benny Benassi Remix)
  • Maddmon - Get Down
  • #WeekendWarmup
  • Bob Moses - Tearing Me Up (Tale Of Us Remix)

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Tiga - Make Me Fall In Love (Benny Benassi Remix)

Months ago I professed my love for Prosumer's Mysti Remix of Tiga's track "Make Me Fall In Love" (read it here) now another legend in the music scene has added his touch to the already awesome Tiga track. It's with great pleasure that I'll be able to play perhaps the single most influential producer in my life, on Bump In The Hump. There's very little that, Benny Benassi hasn't accomplished in the world of electronic music, save for working with Canadian culture icon Tiga, that is until now. Benny brings his signature brand of Benassi bass and Italian intuition, to this mix, now available on Spinnin' Deep. It's everything you could possibly expect from two of the most prolific producers of this generation. Tune in to 96.9 FM Radio Humber live tonight from 6-7 to hear this alongside more of the best new Canadian electronic music on Bump In The Hump, including brand new Grandtheft & TroyBoi, Jackal, Vincent, Stephen Walking, and exclusive premieres from Honey Beard, ZaGa and 404!


Tuesday, August 02, 2016

MYNGA & Hechmann - I'm Done (feat. Grant Genske)

Munich based duo MYNGA ironically chose to team up with Hechmann and Grant Genske for their latest track, a break up song, "I'm Done," bringing their brand of Bavarian bass to a breathtakingly beautiful plateau of bereavement. Stream and download "I'm Done" via One Of Us Records, here. Deep sorrow-ridden chords drag the beginning of the track down through the mud, much like the perpetrator forcing our protagonist to throw in the towel. The brilliance of MYNGA and Hechmann's production is their ability to weave the track together with Grant Genske's breakthrough vocals. Like the relationship in this song, the track is a roller-coaster of emotions, from the deepest despair to the empowering realization of liberation; proving that what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. Self-affirming and invigorating the uplifting chords are that much more powerful after having been so low. My favourite part of "I'm Done" comes in the brilliant use of the soaring vocals that flutter alongside Grant Genske as he swears to move on. It's as though the world is singing in some ethereal chorus, backing his decision to move on. My only complaint is the minimal runtime. I can't count how many times I've had to go back and hit play once more. I know for sure that it will take me a long time to be done with this brilliance.