Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bump In The Hump: Season 4 Intro

As part of the build towards tomorrow's fourth season premiere of Bump In The Hump, back on Radio Humber, I've got two treats for you. The first, another promo from the mind of Kenan Habibovic. Second, I compiled a list of my favourite tracks from the third season, threw them in a blender, added some effects and super cool computer voices, to create a new intro that you'll not only be able hear at the beginning of each show, but one that you can listen to right now, for maximum hype. Bump In The Hump goes live with it's brand new fourth season, tomorrow, Wednesday June 1st, from 6-7, with an exciting new show full of premieres, exclusives, bootlegs, and a two part treat from local DJ and producer, WWRD, who was kind enough to drop by for an interview and 15 minute mix.

Tune in live on 96.9 FM or on Radio.Humber.ca. As always, each episode of Bump In The Hump is posted to mixcloud.com/BumpInTheHump so go there and get hyped for the new season now!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Bump In The Hump: Season 4 Promo

Summer is coming, and with it, the fourth season of Bump In The Hump is right around the corner, set to premiere this Wednesday, from 6-7 PM on 96.9 FM, Radio Humber. To get you properly prepared I'll be releasing three promos, as well as some additional content, each day this week. To start you off, I've got a promo from mastermind Kenan Habibovic, shining a little light on what you can expect from the all new season: premieres, exclusives, bootlegs, mashups, artist interviews, guest mixes, festival previews, and of course the latest and greatest, from the world of Canadian electronic music. Be sure to catch up on Bump In The Hump with all previous episodes cataloged at www.mixcloud.com/bumpinthehump/

Saturday, May 28, 2016

LH4L - Count On You

There's something in the air, as it warms for summer, that just seems to bring out the best in producers. Other than the obvious tropical, I think the best genre for all around summer listening is future bass (a moniker I'm not too fond of, but that's another story). I've already written posts about L'Homme Aux 4 Lettres (LH4L) before and although I wouldn't classify much of his catalog as future bass, "Count On You" seems to fit the bill. Pitched-up, pained vocals are endlessly toyed with, juxtaposing the refreshing island flutes and percussion. As fleeting as a tropical breeze, LH4L bounces and eventually evaporates the vocals, in resplendent fashion. The play and progression in the drums and flutes are accented ingeniously by sneaky and sudden cut-drops. I sure expect this one to be played a lot this summer, I know it'll find its way into a bunch of my playlists.  Available for free download now, here.


Friday, May 27, 2016

Girl Friend - Tragic On The Dancefloor (Louis La Roche Remix)

Less than a month after British DJ and producer, Brett Ewels, aka Louis La Roche dropped his funky, disco-inspired EP 1996, he's lent his delicate, heartfelt, and warm, strident-chords to Girl Friend's single, "Tragic On The Dancefloor." Much like 1996, this remix imbibes with intoxicating, old-school vibes leaving listeners swilling in the inebriating awesomeness. As though pulled straight from a John Hughes 80s film, sound-tracking the end-credits, in a cathartic conclusion, "Tragic On The Dancefloor," is a slice of a musical era that has seemingly passed. By now, you probably are well aware of my penchant for being incredibly nostalgic of the 80s. I think I'm so sentimental towards that decade (of which I saw 8 months) in a twofold manner. One, because it was truly the first time synthesizers hit the mainstream, with the new-wave, and two, I feel it was a time more focused on discovery, playfulness, and creativity rather than what is cool or marketable. So big ups to artists like Louis La Roche, who do what they want and don't succumb to the pressures of being the next big thing.

Shimmering synths and disco guitar, reminiscent of Nile Rodgers with Daft Punk, glide beautifully around Girl Friend's vocals. Further depth of production prowess comes in the form of ever so delicately modulated vocals, and slightly warped synths. "Tragic On The Dancefloor" transports listeners to a blissfully beautiful, platform in the heavens. Light and breezy, the music overtakes our corporeal body and sets revelers on an unavoidable crash course of ecstasy. I can't help but be reminded of the moment in Disney's Beauty and the Beast, when the beast is lifted up by Belle's love, and transformed back into the prince. Something about the Beauty and the Beast, has found its way into my consciousness; the whole soundtrack is incredible but it's Alan Menken's "Prologue" that I've found myself using, both as an alarm and palate cleanser (check this beautiful piano cover).

There's still no release date announced yet for "Tragic On The Dancefloor," but staying tuned to both Girl Friend and Louis La Roche's socials (below), as well as this blog and my Twitter, will certainly keep you apprised of its release.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

5 Star Tracks Playlist (Updated)

It's been a crazy week for me, in which I've been away from the internet for the vast majority, and have had to postpone the fourth, season premiere of Bump In The Hump (now set to launch June 1st). Despite being absent from the internet, I've never been far from the music. So I thought I'd get back to filling out my recent "5 Star Tracks" playlist on Soundcloud. I've added 15 tracks to the original 5, many of which are free downloads. While not all of the tracks are brand new, they are newly confirmed 5 star tracks in my iTunes playlist and tracks that I felt simply needed to be showcased.  You may notice tracks that I've already posted about (Ashes Of Love, Karma, Pearl Sun, and Let Disco), but you'll also find tracks so new I haven't been able to post about (The Saint, Golden Era, Middle, Better, Hardware Passion, and Hello). There's also tracks I've already played on Bump In The Hump (All Night, 9, and Give It Time), finally there are older tracks that I just happened across that I cannot get enough of (Helen, and Sordid Affair).

Get more of my playlists for literal days of listening at my Soundcloud, here.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Genius of Danny L Harle

I really wish I could remember how it was I first came across Danny L Harle, because ever since I heard "Broken Flowers" back in February of this year, I've been enamored with his productions. Incredibly bubbly and so beautifully produced, each track features sounds that send me into a tizzy. I've been struggling to properly quantify what it is that makes Danny's productions so evocative.
Looking back at my iTunes playlist I notice that the first track I properly heard of his was "In My Dreams," and it's clear that what drew me to that track was it's combination of classical rave synths, retro/future vibes and that marimba/vibraphone playing as though its mallets were using my ribcage for its melody. Further peeling back the layers of Danny's mysterious and magical charm, the enchanting "Always Remember," is yet another example of that flourishing playfulness in combining so many different elements seemingly always around those classic rave synths. The ostensibly forever climbing, buoyant nature of his tracks without a doubt injects it's listeners with a lighthearted, jovial perspective. I can always trust Danny's productions to get me out of whatever funk I'm in. Finally the track that spurred me to write this piece, his latest production, "Ashes of Love," may just surpass "Broken Flowers" as my favourite song, not just of his, but overall, certainly in the last few months. Having mentioned my iTunes rating system recently, a look back at the past year shows 301 5 star rated tracks. And while there are probably a hundred that I would never skip, there are very few that I would go to before either "Broken Flowers" or "Ashes Of Love." There's something about his incredible combination of so many seemingly disparate and distinct styles, all as a foundation for two of the more beautiful lyrical compositions. He's able to produce pop music unlike any pop music I've ever heard before, very much so the best pop I could possibly imagine. The world would be a better place if there was more music like this on the radio. So I leave you with his latest, "Ashes Of Love," and highly recommend checking out his work with PC Music label mate, A.G. Cook as Dux Content and further suggest two of his mixes, Broken Flowers EP Minimix and Jungle Survival DJ Challenge.SUPPORT DANNY L HARLE: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Friday, May 20, 2016

Flinch - Pearl Sun

Buygore is back again with another fresh, free download, this time a future bass track courtesy Los Angeleno, Adam Glassco aka Flinch. The smooth flowing progressive track "Pearl Sun," dropped Monday, ahead of Flinch's Buygore debut EP Restless, set to be unleashed on the world, May 27th. To be honest, I haven't heard anything from Borgore that I've really liked in quite some time, that being said I'm still an incredibly big fan of his work heading Buygore. The quality tracks Buygore has put out is mind blowing. Just in the last month or so, they've dropped EPs and tracks from the likes of TastyTreat, MYRNE, Spag Heddy and the duo behind one of my favourite tracks in that time, K Theory, "Got Me." But enough of that, back to Flinch, and his track "Pearl Sun."

I'm absolutely enthralled in the explosion of future bass tracks out there. Flinch's "Pearl Sun," utilizes so many of the aspects of that particular subgenre while adding his own throbbing, bouncy bass breaks, under flourishes of sparkling synths, poignant piano chords, pulverizing percussion and just the right amount of video game-esque vocal samples adding playful depth, firmly stating this is not music to be taken seriously, but rather a track for pure unadulterated enjoyment. The swirling synth movement allows the track to flutter in the much needed cool breeze, as a respite from the heat of the "Pearl Sun."

I highly recommend getting yourself a copy of "Pearl Sun," as well as checking out the other already released track "Whatcha Know About," from Restless, and if I may recommend one more of his productions, I suggest his remix of my all time favourite Dillon Francis track, "Without You."


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Obie Trice - Got Some Teeth (Switch Vocal Mix)

This week's installment in my Throwback Thursday series looks back at one of the most captivating, hilarious and, truly well crafted remixes I've ever come across. Switch's Vocal Mix of Obie Trice "Got Some Teeth," which I first came across in DJ Touche's (aka Fake Blood) 2004 Essential Mix
Still to this day, I've never heard a remix that fits the original vocals quite so well. Right off the bat, its hollow, filtered sample strikes me as a perfect bed for Obie's lyrics, and reacts perfectly when Obie says come on, filling out that foundation. Throughout the track, Switch caters his production to suit Obie's inimitable lyrics and delivery. In a fashion reminiscent of Daft Punk, among other revolutionary producers, each added looped and layered sample compliments all those that came before it. I'm thinking specifically of the 'on-hold tone' beep that gives the track the feel that Obie is leaving himself a message reminding himself of what happened the night before. The constant utilization of effects, filtering, adding and removing samples add much needed depth to what could be an incredibly repetitive track. It remains one of my go-to tracks, when I want to impress my friends by reciting all the lyrics, as well as its constant and unmovable status in my 'dance-all-night' playlists. As I like to do with my Throwback Thursday posts, I often refer back to the place/time I first heard the track in question. As I mentioned before, I first came across Switch's "Got Some Teeth" in DJ Touche's Essential Mix. And as is the theme, it remains one of my favourite and go-to mixes, in part because it showcases an era of electronic/dance music that I was never really a part of, but also because of Touche's incredible mixing of so many incredible tracks, such as Fatboy Slim's remix of Scissor Sisters' "Comfortably Numb," Mr. Oizo's "Flat Beat," the first ever Boy 8-Bit track "The Colonel," a mind blowing mashup of "Forgot About Dre" (starting just before 1:06:00), and maybe the only thing that could top that, Touche's scratch edit of ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man" (starting just after 1:33:00). The way "Got Some Teeth" is sandwiched between two fabulously funky tracks in Pleasure's "Disco Doctor" and Dino's "Call Me," furthers the awesome arc of DJ Touche's set, touching on so many styles and genres. Highly recommended listening, especially with the extra time we've got this May 24th weekend, get the full stream from mixcloud here, and follow along with the tracklist, here.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bump In The Hump: May 18 (Season 3, Episode 20)

  • Jessy Lanza - Never Enough
  • Grand Analog - Let Disco (Muneshine Remix)
  • SG Lewis ft Dornik - All Night (Frustra 12" Redux)
  • Kaytranada - Despite The Weather
  • Rihanna - Pon De Replay (Dom Dias Remix)
  • Internet Daughter - Post-Lit (Instrumental)
  • Drake - 9 (Klahr Remix)
  • Lights - Slow Down (WRLD Remix)
  • Apashe - Tank Girls (Razihel Remix)
  • Adventure Club ft Delaney Jane - Limitless (Yultron Remix)
  • Jasmine Thompson - Adore (Sep Remix)
  • JVST SAY YES & Torro Torro - Give It Time
  • Eva Shaw - U (ft. Mally Mal & Sonny Wilson)
  • Riton ft Kah-Lo - Rinse & Repeat (KRFW Remix)
  • Datsik & 12th Planet - Party In The Sewer (ft. Elan)
  • #FireFinale
  • Dr. Ozi - D.O.G. (De Original Gangsta)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Grand Analog - Let Disco (Muneshine Remix)

On this week's episode of Bump In The Hump, I'm proud to have the first play of a true Toronto collaboration, Muneshine's remix of Grand Analog's infectious and brilliantly written, "Let Disco." Incredibly fitting lyrics start "I'm moving up, I'm moving on." They are fitting as this will be the last episode of the third season. But fear not, I'll continue bring you the best new Canadian electronic music for the foreseeable future. In fact, I've got a number of special treats lined up for the coming weeks, and the fourth season of Bump In The Hump. Listen live Wednesday from 6-7 EST, here.
It's time to Let Disco, and let go of the winter/spring season of Bump In The Hump and move on to a whole new adventure, of summer, festivals and long days leading into long nights. Part of the beauty of this track is freedom and joy it inspires not just through the vocals but Muneshine's rolling, uplifting chords, that play just as perfectly first thing in the morning, as it would when the sun sets, and the masks of midnight debauchery hide our faces. As much as I enjoy the atmosphere inside the club, I often enjoy the quiet walk through the empty streets just as much, if not more. There's something about the cool air, and soothing quite melody of the deserted streets, that just hours before were jam packed, that strikes me as incredibly liberating. I simply cannot wait to step out of the club, sans jacket, and go where ever the night takes me. It sure seems as though Muneshine and Grand Analog are on the same page as me. While I don't dance in the streets like that, it is the euphoric release that the masked dancer shows in their video below; perfectly depicting the ethos of "Let Disco."


Monday, May 16, 2016

El Speaker & Skan - Never Gonna Catch Me

Fresh as it gets, El Speaker and Skan come together for the defiant and rebellious rhythm of "Never Gonna Catch Me." Out today for stream and download on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play & Amazon.The Paris - Strasbourg connection feels firmly situated in the south of France, with warm summer vibes, supporting vocals that no doubt invoke the island atmosphere of Bob Marley's "I Shot The Sheriff." Not only is the beautiful vocal style amplified by the rising rhythm, El Speaker and Skan add additional depth and production, almost evaporating it in the humidity (0:20).

Somehow these two producers find a way to create an absolutely incredible combination of tropical, trap and future bass. Just as you think the track has hit it's sweet spot, gliding along through disarming vocals, the trap percussion propels it towards a turnt trap drop, before things get switched up with Daktyl-esque popping and hollow percussion, behind further teased vocals.

My favourite part of "Never Gonna Catch Me" comes in the third drop (2:35) when seemingly all facets of the track are unleashed in unison. The vocal manipulation hits its hardest, making an almost cat-like meow, bouncing up in sequence. The xylophone perfectly sets up the trap synth chords, as the vocalist (accused of murder), confidently strides away, which like the style of the track, seems incredibly illusive. If El Speaker and Skan continue to produce tracks like this, there certainly is no catching them.


Sunday, May 15, 2016

5 Most Recent Five Star Finds

A couple weeks ago I tweeted a little insight into my iTunes star-rating system, and while making soundcloud playlists all weekend I thought it would be fun to make another playlist of the best tracks, not featured on Enlightenment For Your Ears, or Bump In The Hump for that matter. I thought I would start with my five most recent, as a little sample platter of a larger serving to come. Other playlists: Featured Tracks (1/1-5/16, '16), Featured Mixes

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Jack Beats - All Night ft. John B

This Throwback Thursday, it gives me great pleasure to once again revisit one of my favourite DJ duos, Jack Beats and their ever extraordinary production value. As a two part post, I'll first look back at their collaboration with vocalist John B, in "All Night," and second, still to this day, one of my favourite mixes ever, that just happens to start with that very track, a live recording of their 2011 set from Bang Bang night club in San Diego, listen and download here. This post once again takes me back to the glory days of the Erol Alkan forum, which at the time led me to their live set, which hosted a number of then IDs, which turned out to be classics like their collaboration with Diplo, "War" and the incredibly hyped, aforementioned set starting track, "All Night."

It was immediately clear to Erol Alkanites that it was a forthcoming Jack Beats record, as it featured their trademark synths and subharmonic vocal manipulations, however it was the genius progression and perfect mood setting that had the forum followers drooling. Without a doubt "All Night," and the accompanying mix are quintessential Jack Beats; the duo's combination of incredible production value and songwriting from a single track perspective, and their unparalleled ability to combine tracks, and curate a top notch set that hits on all cylinders.

In the same way "All Night" combines incredible movement and depth, from the blithe and bouncy intro, through domineering and deep bass wobbles, to gyrating progressive drops, Jack Beats have crafted their set with the same transcendent touch. The tracklist is the perfect combination their own material (including ""Out Of Body," "Deep," "Shutterbug," "I'm Not Your Toy," and already a TBT, "Little Secrets") established hits ("Babylon," A-Trak's "Heads Will Roll," "Avalanche," Boys Noize's "Swoon," Afrojack's "Cool,""Innocence," Sub Focus' "Hold On," and Herve "Together") throwbacks (Outlander's "Vamp,") and underground bangers (Boy 8-Bit "Yard Birds" and Boris Dlugosch "Bangkok").

Listening back to this hour and half mix, gets me so excited to see Jack Beats, in just less than a month at The Hoxton, June 4th. It will be at least the 5th time I've seen them and I can honestly say that they never disappoint. Their mixes are always incredible, and as I look through my iTunes, I see at least 10 incredible mixes that never get old, whether it's their Essential Mixes (2010 & 2011), Promo mixes, for MixMag or their own EPs (Evolution Mix & Fabric Live), and even their live sets (Ultra 2013, Electric Zoo 2013 & Night Bass NYE 2015), there's hours of bass music to be enjoyed. Once again I've uploaded the 'Bang Bang Mix' for your listening pleasure, and remind you that tickets are still available for their show, here, while the facebook event is here.


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Bump In The Hump: May 11 (Season 3, Episode 19)

  • Jack Wins - Give It Up (Sultan & Shepard Remix)
  • Eekkoo, Forrest, & Sunju Hargun - Kubrick
  • Frustra - Call & Response
  • Kaytranada - Breakdance Lesson N.1.
  • Jaded Thorn - Missing Link
  • Ghastly - Get On This (Maddmon Remix)
  • Coco - Big N Serious (Smalltown DJs Remix)
  • #MashupInTheMiddle
  • Nicky Romero x Desiigner - Novell Panda (Dropwizz x Savagez Remix)
  • Manu Lei ft. Noctilucent & Tiffany Wiemken - Take My Hand (Future Magic Remix)
  • JackEL & ZaZa - Just Fine
  • Kill Them With Colour & Oceans - Whip It
  • Shaylen - Kamikaze
  • Rell The Soundbender x STFU - Gravity (ft. Gretch)
  • #FireFinale
  • IDGVF - Hybrids

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Ghastly - Get On This (Maddmon Remix)

Yet another one of Toronto's seemingly endless list of rising talents, Maddmon has just dropped an entirely free (no repost, follows, or likes necessary) download of his remix of Ghastly's "Get On This." Fresh off the release of his remix of Destructo's "Techno," Maddmon is set to explode into countless DJ sets and playlists, with his ever growing catalog of deep bass, g-house tracks. In fact I can safely say that you can expect some incredible new Maddmon in the near future, but while you wait for that, make sure you tune in to Bump In The Hump tonight, as I'll be playing his "Get On This" remix, alongside another hour of entirely new Canadian electronic music. Don't forget to grab the free download below, and tune into Radio Humber live from 11-midite EST, here. SUPPORT MADDMON: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ζ±Z - Magellan

The maniacal masked, madman behind the now defunct Trap Shit series, UZ has since focused his attention on releasing more cohesive multi-track EPs, Frontier, and the forthcoming Magellan, of which we can now stream, pre-order, and instantly receive the title track, ahead of its May 20th release. While it may be new UZ, it still sounds like the 'ball trap lord' we've come to know and love. "Magellan" utilizes typical trap instrumentation and production to mimic the rough seas the explorer of the same name would have battled while circumnavigating the globe. Despite being centuries removed from Ferdinand Magellan's voyages, UZ is able to invoke the feeling of venturing off into exotic, unfamiliar landscapes with alien sounds, sirens, ringing percussion, and most obviously the "what's that?" vocal immediately before the drop. Even the climbing vocal chops (from 2:40 on) seem reminiscent of a bird of unknown origin. Climb aboard the UZ ship, sail off into a faraway, and unfamiliar environment.


Sunday, May 08, 2016

The Best Walk Up Tracks/Entrance Music

Yesterday was my first day in a new baseball 'beer' league, and it's got be thinking about a number of empowering tracks that I'd love to have blasting while I walk to the plate or come out to the mound. Ever since I was young (and dumb enough to think wrestling was real), I would pretend I were coming into a packed arena to a la Rocky, or more recently Floyd Mayweather with boy wonder, Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne rapping at his side. Entrance music or in baseball, walk up tracks, have to be immediately recognizable, hit hard right off the bat and instantly, thrust its atmosphere of intimidation onto the scene. With that in mind, I've compiled a number of my favourite tracks to puff up my chest and peacock my way into the batter's box or onto the mound. The first, and most recently released, Dr. Fresch's "Gangsta Gangsta" exudes strength and intimidation; Baby Eazy-E's vocals only further that threatening atmosphere, of "don't fuck with me." You've heard it in in Budwieser's latest commercial campaign, Baauer's use of infernal horns, makes "Day Ones" one of the best examples of empowering tracks, that makes any entrance epic. While the lyrics may not be the best fit, the first 5 seconds of OG Maco's collaboration with bad boys TWRK, is incredibly powerful and invokes a strut that rivals any wrestler entering the ring. Despite taking a couple seconds to really hit its anthemic stride, Rustie's "Big Catzz" leaves just the right amount of room for one of the Buffer brothers to announce your entrance. Another of the slow burning, building intensity, Black Tiger Sex Machine's collaboration with Lektrique's flows incredibly ominously underneath the unholy warbling, before exploding in a fury. I would be remiss if I didn't include some NGHTMRE on this list, as he's been so influential in my musical enjoyment in the past year or so, and his remix of Slumberjack "The Others" my favourite of his catalog and perhaps the best suited for this category of tracks. Another one of my favourite artists, Henrik The Artist, may not be the most intense, but this mashup with Lethal Bizzle, courtesy Non Stop Pop, combines the genius "On The Moon" and LB's grime laden vocals.

Friday, May 06, 2016

Rell The Soundbender & STFU - Gravity (ft. Gretch)

One of my favourites, rapidly rising stars, production duo STFU have teamed up with Rell The Soundbender and vocalist Gretch for the astronomically awesome, genre-defying bass track "Gravity." Despite invoking the desire to jump, listeners will find their feet forcibly glued to the ground, as "Gravity" is not something you can fight back against. It is a law of nature, and this collaboration lives up to its weighty title, with unavoidable atmospheric qualities. The free-floating launch of the track, while the technology behind the rocketry fires up, contrasts so brilliantly with the crushing pressure of entering an alien atmosphere as the interstellar rave vehicle hurtles to it's inevitable destruction. The crashing explosion of the diabolical drop furthers this theme of a futuristic space conflict, that I find hard not to fall for. Available for free download now, you'd be wise to get a copy for yourself, unleash it on your unsuspecting friends and knock them to the floor.


Dillon Francis & NGHTMRE - Need You

Just less than 3 months since I first caught NGHTMRE dropping the, then work in progress (WIP), collaboration with Dillon Francis "Need You," it's got an official release on Mad Decent. Video below.
People have been losing their minds over the rapid-fire bazooka like drop as both of it's creators have been previewing it at many festivals, and tons of videos have surfaced (at Euphoria Fest, at IDGAFOS Weekend and OMFGNYE 2016). I knew immediately when NGHTMRE dropped it at The Hoxton, he and Dillon had a weapon of mass destruction on their hands. The building shook under the incredible drop, as it often does, but there was something different about "Need You." It may be the sub-harmonic sweeps, the punchy percussion, the stunning synth chords or their sublime combination, but whatever it is, there's undoubtedly some magic in the moombahton mayhem of NGHTMRE and Dillon Francis' "Need You." Available now everywhere, "Need You," is set to receive a number of remixes, and you can be a part of it. Dillon Francis, known for his incredible acting and content creation, has invited you to do the album artwork for the forthcoming remix EP. More accurately you have to draw on a blank CD as though we were back in the early 2000s. Good luck finding a CD, if you need any help, I suggest you follow Dillon's step by step procedure in the video below. 

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Aphex Twin - Flim

This installment in my Throwback Thursday series, takes us back to October 6, 1997; December 2, 2011; and January 24, 2012. After exploding onto the scene in late 2010, Skrillex infected thousands of young minds with the notion that electronic music was all about the drop. His ravenous fans were then incredibly disappointed with on the aforementioned December evening he left the following post on Facebook declaring Aphex Twin's "Flim" his favourite song of all-time.
Much to their dismay there is no drop to freak out to, and couldn't understand how their dubstep deity could enjoy such a shallow track (just take a look at some of the comments). It didn't take long for the parodies to start rolling in. The first, an easy punch pulled, by combining Skrillex's "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" with "Flim," with the quite literal title "Flim, for Skrillex Fans." And while some (not me), may find this as an improvement on the original, a better parody/remix could easily be made, as Aphex Twin's original provides so much to utilize. A week after the above mashup was unleashed on youtube, another far better effort followed. Clouds, the Glaswegian duo of "Liquid," "Numbers" and Turbo Recordings fame, were tasked with "correcting" the glaring lack of a drop, and came up with this albeit satirical yet still palatable remix.
No, I don't think it's as good as the original, but given that it's a tongue-in-cheek remix, I actually really enjoy it and applaud Clouds for having an impeccable sense of humour, while doing a commendable job incorporating the magic of the original. Whether or not this placated Skrillex's fans, I cannot say but I'm lead to believe that as one commenter said, if the remix were created by Skrillex it would have hundreds of thousands more views. I'm hopeful that many of the dissatisfied Skrillex fans will have grown to realize good music, and even good Skrillex, does not need a drop. After all, I don't think I'd be alone in saying that "With You Friends," "All I Ask Of You," and "Summit" are some of his best productions. Just try listening to "With Your Friends" with the knowledge that he wrote it within hours of his mother's death and keep the lyrics in mind; I highly doubt you'll ever be able to feel the same way about it again. It might be one of the most touching and heartfelt pieces of music in general, let alone electronic music. After that realization it should be clear why "Flim," resonates so much with the man behind Skrillex, Sonny Moore.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Bump In The Hump: May 4 (Season 3, Episode 18)


Return Of Mashup In The Middle

It's been more than a few weeks since we've had our last Mashup In The Middle on Bump In The Hump, but this week we get its triumphant return courtesy the man in blue (above), Dano Bordie, the mastermind behind a number of mashups on Bump In The Hump as well as the Classic Canuck Crusher (10 tracks in 10 minutes) on Electronic Impressions. This week's mashup is a combination of three tracks: Milo & Otis' "Pigeons VIP," Rain Man & Omar LinX's "Broke Bitch" and A-Trak & Milo & Otis' "Out The Speakers." As per usual it is available for free download, which you can find below. You'll also be able to hear it alongside the best new Canadian electronic music tonight, including the aforementioned Frustra premiere, only on Bump In The Hump, Radio Humber from 11-12 EST, here.

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Frustra - Fractures EP

This week on Bump In The Hump, I've got another slew of premieres, including one from Frustra's upcoming EP Fractures, to be released this Friday the 6th via OKNF Collective, entirely free of charge.

Truly a work of art, straight from the heart of one of Toronto's most rapidly climbing talents, Frustra bares it all, showcasing his soul and maturity with two previously unreleased tracks, alongside "Mother" and "Trash Talk," both of which have already hit the Radio Humber airwaves. He's also added a slew of shows in Toronto in the next few months. Expect to hear more filthy and dark industrial bass house from the strength of Frustra, who can boast dozens of tracks to his name as well as support from the likes of Shiba San, Malaa and Claude VonStroke.

While you wait for me to decide which of "Echochrome" or "Call & Response" you'll be be able to hear before their release Friday, you can get your fix of Frustra with "Trash Talk" and, you can hear "Mother"  (about 20 mins) in the January 13th episode of Bump In The Hump.


Monday, May 02, 2016

Malaa - Fade (Masayoshi Iimori Remix)

The world works in unbelievable ways, hours after writing about Masayoshi Iimori being ahead of the curve, crafting the most uncanny tracks, the Japanese sensation outdid himself by infecting, Malaa's already ominous and infernally deep, "Fade" with a radical cybernetic possession of a remix.
The computer virus like, glitchy trap cuts, stab to repeated perfection over the ever so sour-tinged, blazing fast rap. Insidiously utilizing the hollow vocals, Masayoshi Iimori thumps the bass as though the spectral figure behind that voice, were punching you right in the gut. There's no escaping the diabolical dark alley of this electrifying state of the art remix, that you can grab free here.


Sunday, May 01, 2016

Filet Mignon Volume 4

The time for massive compilation from French label Record Record's Filet Mignon series has finally arrived, with it's fourth installment, including tracks from Madeaux, DZZ, Dombresky, Masayoshi Iimori and Birdy Nam Nam, among others. I've been waiting for this ever since I first heard, what I called at the time, the track of the summer, Point Point's "True Summer." The aim of this series is to shine a spotlight on "tomorrow's new talents" with the backing of more experienced artists, through a coherent and clear artistic direction. There's no question Record Record has achieved this feat, as they've lead me to discover talents like LigOne, Araatan, Aazar and Valy Mo. They were able to get my attention by giving San Holo's "BWU" a place in their third installment, and it was because of it's inclusion that I found two of my favourite tracks, the aforementioned LigOne's "Uprising," and the Little Freaky Things, L'homme aux 4 Lettres' "in2." Once again they've compiled a great combination of tracks, working together to create a consistent and thematically succinct 15 track album. I can truthfully say there are no holes in this massive compilation. Each track works both on its own but truly together in the album. When you can start with a Madeaux, DZZ collaboration and only build upon that foundation with each following track, you know you've got greatness on your hands. Devoted To God's "Burning Bridges" is worthy of worship not only for its pious production quality but Goldilox's voluminous vocals.

The following track from rising star Dombresky is yet another awesome track from him, and perhaps my favourite of the collection, with its swinging strings, soaring in loving beauty. Nomak's "What About Us" showcases a naughty and nasty touch that feels as though the couple in question is bickering in some infernal give and take. Pyramid follows that up with a rave worthy get down track, that just begs unsuspecting listeners to cry out, "Damn son, where'd you find this?" Asan & Halpe's "Amber" is an incredible piece of production prowess that's cinematically cool and sure to sweep you off your feet.

The enigmatic Masayoshi Iimori once again delivers a track that seems miles ahead of anything even the most future forward producers are making. You can be sure DJs the world around will be adding "Down" into their sets for surefire screwfaces and cries of "What in the world is this?" The following track from Birdy Nam Nam is perhaps the best example of the importance of track placement, there is an inevitable let down following Masayoshi's mastery and "Sad Boys Club" emotes that so brilliantly with the downtrodden, depths of his sorrowful synth work.

The aptly named "Don't Let Them Stop You," leads the compilation out of despair, before BeazyTymes "Get Hit" beams it back into oblivion, and in my opinion ought to be named "Get Lit." Once you are indeed 'lit', the best thing for you is a refreshing, cool breeze, and there's no track that better elicits that feeling more than Point Point's "True Summer." The following track from Brunelle, "Chemistry," rivals Dombresky for my favourite of the collection. As though crafted by a scientist in a lab, it truly lives up to its name, as a perfect mixture of so many of the elements we've heard in this massive compilation; groovy, beautiful and as dance-able as anything in Filet Mignon.

The penultimate track from Araatan, "Zereglee," utilizes a guitar and piano better than any electronic track I've heard and runs so brilliantly into the final boss track of Ateph Elidja's "TRRN." Things turn violent as it seems even the artists don't want the compilation to end. Once again utilizing cinematic sweeps, "TRRN" seems to be a triumphant and beautiful finale that caps off an amazing collection of tracks with an echoing slamming of a door, until the next installment.

I'm truly in awe of Record Record and this incredible album, not just because of the sheer number of great tracks, or their unbelievable cohesiveness, but the way they've been so thoughtfully compiled and showcase so many talented artists in a way that other labels can only dream of. You can stream or download Filet Mignon 4 on iTunesSpotify, Google Play, Apple Music, Deezer and Amazon.