Sunday, January 31, 2016

Kredo - Come Lay With Me (ft. SongDreamer)

Swiss producer Kredo has teamed up with American, neo-soul singer Songdreamer, to create the radiant, blissfully soaring "Come Lay With Me," up for free download via UK's Kinphonic label.
Right off the bat the song's presiding feel is shiny; invoking the memory of spinning music boxes, ever so delicately playing the plucked metal. Immediately warm, the production wondrously mingles with Songdreamer's beckoning invitation. The subtle use of the dissonant vocal sample magnifies the tremendous foundation of the instigating percussion and finely tuned low end. The playfully twisted synths soar, dropping pixie dust, covertly enchanting it's listeners, laying them down into a dreamlike state. In the end, "Come Lay With Me" is a decidedly rapturous euphoria of a production, with Songdreamer's alluring call, combining to define the beauty of togetherness. Kredo simply succeeds in the marriage of Songdreamer's vocals, accepting the the invitation with his solid production. Listen and heed Songdreamer's advice, "Don't pretend you can't feel the love. Don't be afraid. Let go."


Saturday, January 30, 2016

Relive BTSM's Church Service with Apashe & Dabin

Last night at The Hoxton was undoubtedly a religious experience as revelers were treated to the thrilling future of Kannibalen artists Apashe, Dabin and label heads, Black Tiger Sex Machine. Dabin was first to take the stage at 11 and were wow right from the get go. When I arrived he had just dropped Flume's remix of Lorde's "Tennis Court" to which the crowd cheered and sang along. Shortly after that Dabin grabbed his guitar and shredded to Queen's "We Will Rock You," only adding to the crowd's sense of awe. Even though he was jumping between DJing and slaying the guitar, he was able to mix smoothly, moving from his "Kyoto" to the Jesse Slayter remix of Hoodboi's "Palm Reader" into Banvox's "Watch Me" and then his "Ghost Hack." While that four track stretch is a highlight in itself, Dabin truly outdid himself when he combined Metallica's "Enter Sandman" on his guitar with some seriously heavy electro drop, absolutely annihilating the ravenous audience. 
Dabin was followed by Apashe who opened his set in full 'Sith Lord' style with a dub remix of Star Wars' 'Imperial March' quite possibly Tujamo's "Darth Theme." Grabbing the crowd by the scruff of the neck he dropped his remix with Oski and Lennon of Backstreet Boys "Everybody." Things were getting pretty intense at this point, bass faces hit their peak when he dropped back to back vomitstep from Snails, in the form of his remix of "Pump This" and the Snails and Ghastly VIP version of "King Is Back." Sprinkling in Torro Torro's "Cashville" Jauz's remix of "Tip Toe Wing In My Jawwdinz," Wiwek's "Riot" the crowd was becoming putty in his hands. Further digging into the Kannibalen crate, Apashe dropped Lektrique & Autodidakt "Shots Fired," Erotic Cafe's "Killed By Humans," Snails "Murda Sound," rounded out with his remix of Excision's "Night Shine" and his originals, "Kannibalen" and "Trap Reqiuem." By the time Black Tiger Sex Machine was ready to take the stage, the crowd had totally bought in a was seemingly ready for anything. The intensity of the BTSM church quickly became a real thing when one of the most hardcore fans I saw the whole night was carried like a corpse and dropped on the couch beside me, clearly having had too much of something. The air was becoming thick and soupy with the temperature rising from the insane amount of movement, with the floors literally bouncing under the weight of the BTSM cultists, jumping up and down. The trio so shrewdly began their set with their track "Religion," while following it with a number of tracks from their new album (which you can stream here) including "Punks," "Blood Moon" and "Numbers." While their own tracks seemed to get the best response from the audience, especially, their "Jack Dat Body," "Stairway," "Rockers" and "Sleep Now In The Fire" remix, they were also able to decimate their followers with Boys Noize's "& Down" and Nom De Strip's "Reward Is Cheese" remix. It was their "Funeral March" that put the cherry on the top for me, book-ending their sacred set. All in all it was an epic night of apocalyptic tracks that simply annihilated the audience, one that I will not soon forget. Be sure to grab Black Tiger Sex Machine's album, Welcome To Our Church, Tuesday and stay tuned to Kannibalen Records for more from dudes Apashe and Dabin.


Friday, January 29, 2016

Stream 'Welcome To Our Church' now, and see Black Tiger Sex Machine @ Hoxton tonight

Masked Montreal trio, Black Tiger Sex Machine, are playing The Hoxton tonight ahead of their massive North American tour, playing almost every day until mid-march. All of this ahead of the Tuesday release of their first full-length album Welcome To Our Church, on their own Kannibalen Records, also home to frequent (and album) collaborators Apache, Dabin, Kai Wachi, Lektrique, and Snails. They've so generously taken control of the weekend by uploading their full album for streaming on spotify, Although I'm sure if you just listen to the Preview Mix (below) you'll be hooked.
You may already be familiar with one of the tracks, "Numbers," which has been online since May 5th and was once a free download, I played on Electronic Impressions. It fits in neartly, near the end of the 12 track album, including intro "The Virus," and outro "The Church." Welcome To Our Church presents the group's musical look into the future, by producing a nightmarish doomsday, sound-tracking a hostile apocalyptic wasteland. Each tracks thrives with combative, militaristic atmosphere, and a tremendously audacious tone. Each track exudes power, transforming listeners into a pompous, puffed up wrestler, strutting into the ring on a bigger ego trip than Donald Trump. The landscape the trio paint is so dismally dire, it could be the depiction of a future with the Donald as president.

Whether it's the foreboding gospel choir in "Broadside," the fanatical lyricism of Husser in "Crazies" or the dirge of an unholy "Armada," BTSM have injected the very ethos of their creed into their debut album. Anticipate the congregation to arrive early; as of this morning tickets were more than 70% sold out. If you want to observe tonight's ritual, you'll have to act with haste, otherwise you'll have to follow them around the continent. Expect hear many of the above tracks tonight, as well as much more Kannibalen bass with help from aforementioned, Apashe and Dabin. If you're still sanctimonious about the church, might I recommended two videos from Black Tiger Sex Machine's masses, after the break.


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Renaissance Man - Stalker Humanoid

For this installment of my Throwback Thursday series, it gives me great pleasure to reintroduce the world to one of the most subtle, spine-tingling, ethereal, finely crafted, percussion driven, pulsating and truly unique productions I've ever encountered, Renaissance Man's "Stalker Humanoid."
I first came across Stalker Humanoid while listening to My Name Is Tiga way back in 2011. In fact that very episode (which you can listen to here, Stalker Humanoid starts approx 22 minutes in) remains one of my most played mixes ever; it's chalk full of world exclusives and Tiga's trademark wit. I was immediately taken when I heard Tiga say Renaissance Man and "world exclusive, " but even more so when I heard the unearthly brilliance of Stalker Humanoid's atmosphere. So fastidiously designed, Stalker Humanoid truly radiates with production prowess, injecting the unease and jitter-ridden anxiety synonymous with a stalker. But of course it is the various percussion elements that Renaissance Man has so painstakingly produced that invoke such distressed heart palpitations.

This however wasn't my first Renaissance Man rodeo, my friends and I were already familiar with their tracks "Brainstorm" and "Mindmap" as well as their tremendously rapturous tracks "Babbadabba" and "Fruit Loop." I highly recommend checking those tracks out, as well as their Kama, Early Man and Call2Call EPs. Unfortunately there hasn't been much action from the duo lately, but we can always hope that Renaissance Man have their very own renaissance.


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bump In The Hump: January 27 (Season 3, Episode 4)

  • Flux Pavilion feat. Matthew Koma - Emotional (Charlie Darker Remix)
  • Torro Torro - Make A Move (Star Slinger & Mark Johns Remix)
  • Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At (Paul David Bootleg)
  • Dom Dias - Sup Girl
  • BLAJK - Hamptons (Internet Daughter Remix)
  • - Kingston (Whipped Cream Remix)
  • Adam K & Slander - Breathe (feat. Matthew Steeper & Haliene)
  • Akon - Don't Matter (PhatCap! Flip)
  • Nelly Furtado - Turn Off The Light (Harrison Remix)
  • Tennyson - Slipperz
  • #MashupInTheMiddle
  • Justin Bieber x Selena Gomez x Steve James - Same Old Sorry (Kap Slap Remix)
  • Tommy Kruise - Ramen
  • Rezz - Lost feat. Delaney Jane
  • Bixel Boys & Poupon - Ain't Your Girl
  • Botnek & I See Monstas - Deeper Love (MDK Remix)
  • Dex Arson & Charlie Zane - Sabre
  • #FireFinale
  • Dr. Ozi - Always You

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Adam K & Slander - Breathe

Fresh off their trip to the Hoxton this past Friday, heaven trap duo, Slander, have teamed up with Toronto progressive house producer, Adam K for one of the most unlikely of collaborations, "Breathe."
Tonight on Bump In The Hump, I'll be giving "Breathe" it's first play on Radio Humber, but for now you can pick up the free download and inhale the celestial combination for yourself. Tune in to Bump In The Hump live from 6-7 EST here, or simply get the stream from mixcloud after the fact, here.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Shut Up And Dance - Raving, I'm Raving

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been gearing up for the new X-Files miniseries, and came across a really hilarious episode called "The Post-Modern Prometheus" which culminates with Mulder and Scully taking the Monster of The Week to see Cher in concert (watch it here). She sings Marc Cohn's "Walking In Memphis," and as is often the case, I was inspired to listen to the original and search for remixes of that classic piano melody. That was when I came across the above record, Raving I'm Raving, from English duo, Shut Up And Dance. Replacing the lines "blue swede shoes" and "walking in Memphis" with  "raving shoes" and "I'm ravin', I'm ravin," this hardcore breakbeat version is able to maintain the piano melody, successfully calling back to the original while reworking it for the club. I suspect this version could still garner a huge reaction from any crowd and may very well make its way into some future mixes. There is also a version by Scooter that changes the lyrics the same way, which you can listen to here. But for now, I will leave you with Shut Up And Dance performing the track on Top Of The Pops, which due to copyright claims could not feature Marc Cohn's melody.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Displaced - Rugged

Every once in a while I stumble upon an essentially brand new artist, with only a few productions to their name, and very few Facebook/Soundcloud/Twitter fans/followers. While scrolling through Soundcloud's new charts, I came across Displaced, who fits that bill perfectly. Their track "Rugged," with it's slap bass drops and soaring space age sections, has already garnered over 10,000 plays surely meaning Displaced's following will grow substantially.
I've been watching ridiculous amounts of X-Files this weekend (as I'm sure many of you have as well), and the extraterrestrial introduction seemed to glide effortlessly into my ears, only truly piquing my interest on the second listen after being awoken from my slumber by the awesome slap bass drop. Upon re-listening to the intro, the brilliance in the production comes from the bent and finely tuned, almost Porter Robinson-esque synth work. Aided by perfectly placed percussion, the transition into the build up comes about so organically and when stripped down to the bare bones, sets up the percussive bass laden drop, rollicking in 'rugged' chaos. It's not the hardest hitting or most life changing drop, but it is Rugged's beyond infectious and tremendously playful nature that makes it so alluring. The combination of the percussion of the drums and bass is so enticing that I cannot believe that I haven't heard anything like it before. I sincerely hope to hear more from Displaced. But for now I'll just have to be appreciative of the two tracks up for free download.


Sunday, January 24, 2016

Galantis - In My Head (Josie Webster Remix)

Galantis have absolutely exploded into public consciousness, so much so that they've garnered Grammy nominations. With that widespread success comes the inevitable storm of remixes. Everyone knows at least one "Runaway (U&I)" remix, not to mention "Gold Dust" and "Peanut Butter Jelly," but the track that's receiving the most remixes at the moment is their "In My Head." A look at their official remix contest page reveals approximately 200 submissions. I can't imagine spending the time listening to all of them let alone a small fraction of them, that's absolute insanity. Thankfully, I haven't had to visit that page until today as I was lucky enough to have a select few mixes arrive in my email. Particularly this warm, tropical, playful and "really crazy weird" version courtesy Josie Webster
Aided with sultry saxophone samples, comfortable, relaxing synths and frolicking xylophone solos, Josie Webster has created a highly enjoyable experience that will not only get your toes tapping but perhaps even your fingers snapping. Her seamless use of the original vocal content helps the mix cruise along ever so harmoniously, and where she does manipulate those vocals, it never strikes you as out of place but rather as though it meant to be. The whole track glides along so easily, in large part, due to the subtle yet tremendously important percussion, flirtatiously filling in gaps and urging progression. Finally and most strikingly, it is the spirited solos on the piano and xylophone packaged around the powerful and vibrant sax breaks that set this remix apart from the others and makes it so highly consumable.


Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday's Shuffle Finds

One of my favourite things about music is reminiscing about, and rediscovering tracks that randomly appear on a large shuffled playlists. Today, during a 3 hour chili cooking session, my phone's shuffle played me these great tracks:
Flux Pavilion - Pogo People
The 2 Bears - Take A Look Around Mssingno - XE2 Sable - Surf Madeaux - Chakra feat. Fifi Rong Shaun Frank - Time The Glitch Mob - Beauty Of The Unhidden Heart (Chrome Sparks Remix) Jennifer Lopez - First Love (Syn Cole Remix) Charli XCX - 13reak The Rules (Sava&Razz Remix) A$AP Ferg - Fergsomnia ft. Twista alt-j - Left Hand Free (Lido Remix) Mitski - Francis Forever (Ryan Hemsworth Remix) Fairmont - Gazebo (Sebastien Leger Remix)

Friday, January 22, 2016

REZZ - The Silence Is Deafening

Today's release of The Silence Is Deafening marks a massive leap forward in REZZ's skyrocketing career trajectory. The four track EP released on mau5trap is everything we've come to expect from REZZ - suspense-ridden, brooding intensity, throbbing bass, alien synths, and attentively crafted percussion - all artfully assembled in her most fierce and consummate productions yet. The first track "Lost," is the first time we've had any vocals on a REZZ track, and apparently she learns quickly, as it is her most supremely polished production. 'Slithering' into our consciousness, the darkness of "Lost" overcomes it's mere parts, and sounds to become a commanding, foreign presence - embodied by Delaney Jane's celestial offerings. I expect this will happen an awful lot in the future; I foresee it getting a lot radio play as it's certainly her most accessible production with the aid of Delaney's entrancing vocals.

She follows that up with "Edge" perhaps her most twisted production to date. Your face is sure to wince when you take in it's sour synths, manipulated ever so nefariously, darkening your heart and soul, preparing you for the immanent attack of the busted bass drop. Lurking ever closer, the wickedness always seems to be on the verge of consuming you. Each note and progression is so finely placed and skillfully tuned for maximum atmosphere.

"Delusion" continues the highly hypnotic mastery; its melody are equal parts mischievous and tempered, leaving you with a certain unease and anxiousness. Ominously plodding along, the growth becomes nearly unbearable until the 'relief' comes ever so deprived and incomplete, leading into "Methodology." This is perhaps the sneakiest part of the EP, as we have now become fully enslaved by REZZ's magic. As is her "Methodology," she's used her alien powers to puppet us, whether she ups the intensity and tempo or slows it - both of which happen in the final track of the EP. After listening to the EP at least a half dozen times now, I can truly say that each and everytime, I am helpless to keep my heart rate under my control, REZZ has won me over. That being said, it is at your own risk to press play on The Silence Is Deafening as you may or may not become REZZ's very own voodoo doll. 


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Darren Styles - Come Running (Mija Remix)

Just when you thought 2016 was all about the future, Mija takes us back to a happier time with her remix of Darren Styles' hardcore classic track with Francis Hill "Come Running."
Mija does a brilliant job of slowly building us up with the easy flowing minute plus intro before flipping the track on it's head with a spinback asking for "that old school shit." Upbeat, bouncy and playful that track continues with a heavier emphasis on the various percussive elements. This happy basscore remix is sure to hit you right in the feels with the full force of nostalgia and tremendous beauty.


Throwback Thursday: Louis La Roche - Peach EP

For this week's installment of my TBT series, it is my pleasure to reintroduce the world to one of the greatest debut EP's ever released, the funky, disco-inspired, revitalized french house Peach EP from none other than Louis La Roche, ironically a Brit named Brett Ewels.
I can still vividly remember sitting in my friend's bedroom listening to his music, while he scrolled through his playlist of new music before he stopped the music dead, excitedly saying "oh shit, you have to hear this, it's so new and fresh, and no one knows who it is." Clicking on a track called "Love," with the artist name TB, who he said was rumoured to be Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk. The thumping bass at the start of the track was quickly overtaken by sultry synths and a Michael Jackson sample. Full of warmth and promise we were overcome by the track's intoxicating and inescapable vibe.

About a month later I got a Facebook message from my friend, saying that "Love" wasn't a Bangalter track, but actually some 17 year old named Louis La Roche, and it was part of a 5 track EP, Peach. I immediately headed to google to get myself some Peach, and what I found quickly became my most played EP of the year, from one of my new favourite artists. Full of funky, nu-disco numbers Peach, and the title track (my favourite from the EP) will forever remain firmly entrenched in my psyche.

I cannot confirm nor deny that I reacted the same way as the people in this video, when I first heard "Peach." But I can confirm that my friends and I did boogie down to Louis' EP repeatedly, gobbling up everything we could find of his. The beauty of the Peach EP not only lies in the radical and revolutionary sounds that Louis brought to the table but the wide range of samples, and sounds he puts to use throughout the EP. No track sounds like another yet each has an intrinsic tie to the next.

Over the years, Louis has remixed countless tracks and released several EPs, always able to maintain his original aesthetic and artistry, while continuing to carve a path of his own. Other standout tracks from that time are his A-Ha remix, his original "Malfunction," his Jean Jacques Smoothie remix, his remix of The Knocks and Fred Falke, his Lemaitre remix, and his two side projects: Paddywaggle "Bash Your Brains"and EWE "Lingo."

If you want to find out more about the story behind "Love" I highly recommend a stroll down memory lane with this blog post from Solid Goldberger, complete with links to download the entire EP.


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bump In The Hump: January 20 (Season 3, Episode 3)

  • Strider White - V P R W V E
  • Keys N Krates - Love Again (feat. Ouici)
  • Oliver Nelson feat. Heir - Found Your Love (Kill Them With Colour Remix)
  • Brillz feat. Gansta Boo - Buck (Lambo & Doobious Remix)
  • Ryan Hemsworth f. Kotomi & Doss - Surrounded (Big Dope P & TT THE ARTIST Remix)
  • Samurai Champloo - Shiki No Uta (PhatCap! x Krowley Flip)
  • Louis The Child f. K. Flay - It's Strange (Chet Porter Remix)
  • Flume - Never Be Like You (feat. Kai)
  • Jacques Greene - No Excuse (Yung Gud VIP)
  • #MashupInTheMiddle
  • Attlas - So Long
  • Omar LinX - Back To You (Algo Remix)
  • Tiga and Hudson Mohawke- Planet E 
  • NuAlias & Trypt - Trippin'
  • Noahplause - FTSU
  • Black Tiger Sex Machine & Lektrique - Religion (Muzzy Remix)
  • CCIV & PRZM & Sofocle - Reloaded
  • #FireFinale
  • Aylen & Charlie Darker - Townshakers (Dubsef Remix)

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Keys N Krates - Love Again (ft. Ouici)

Tonight on Bump In The Hump, we get the final new track from  Keys N Krates' EP Midnite Mass, giving a first play to their collaboration with fellow birthday partier, Ouici, "Love Again."
Released this past Friday, Keys N Krates' "thesis" Midnite Mass is a landmark release complete with heavy, party ready tracks (U Already Know & Save Me) as well as more subtle, thought provoking tracks (Nothing But Space & I Know U), but this track "Love Again," fits somewhere in between with it's funky and bleepy rolling rhythms. It harkens back to early Keys N Krates compositions like their Madeon remix "Icarus" or Zedd remix "Follow You Down" or their early EPs Lucid Dreams & Blackout. There's no doubting the growth we've witnessed in the Keys N Krates sound has been profound and tremendously positive, but it's nice to hear them embracing their roots. Be sure to get your copy of Midnite Mass, purchase your tickets for their tour (March 25 in Toronto) and tune into Bump In The Hump tonight, 6-7.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Louis The Child ft. K. Flay - It's Strange (SoySauce Remix)

Friday marked the release of the epic 20 track remix EP of Louis The Child's track with K. Flay, "It's Strange." With mixes from Boombox Cartel, CRNKN & The Knocks, among others, it was SoySauce's mix with it's creeping strings, recalling the Goosebumps theme, that stood out the most.

I first came across SoySauce late in 2014 when I heard their remix of Sir Sly's "You Haunt Me," so competently produced, it was the track I used to test out headphones when buying them that Black Friday. It's that strength of production with floating and playful plucked strings on top of bumping bass drums, complete with just the right amount of atmospheric synth work, that sets this mix apart from the others. It's subtle yet sultry, never offering too much or too little, finding the perfect balance of bass and beauty; those strings pulling at our defenseless hearts, evoking a flood of emotions. Pick up the SoySauce flip along with the other 19 remixes, with all of the proceeds going towards the charity, Kiva.


Just A Gent - Heavy As A Heartbreak (Lookas x SMLE Remix)

Lookas and SMLE just dropped future bass/dubstep remix of Just A Gent's "Heavy As A Heartbreak."
Supporting the despondent lyrics of the original, Lookas and SMLE start their mix with devastatingly downtrodden chords and anguishing atmosphere. Strings and bells ring out in a hollow existence, slowly gaining intensity and drive, hitting the first muted drop, accentuated by the greatly manipulated and gaunt feeling vocal "Heavy as a heartbreak." Where the first drop is far more subtle and restrained, the second hits hard with wobbling and throbbing dubstep bass. The disparity between drops and overarching movement of the track is the magic behind this production; phenomenal storytelling highlighting the extraordinary vocals. Perhaps best seen in the juxtaposing drops, the first still seems to maintain some hopefulness and humanity, which has all but disappeared in the anger and devastation endemic in the dubstep drop; screaming ever so painfully at an uncaring world. A tremendously beautiful depiction of the grieving inherent in the human condition, "Heavy As A Heartbreak" can now be streamed both on soundcloud and Spotify.


Akira Complex x Hommarju - Connected (WRLD Remix)

Yesterday, Dutch producer WRLD released his version of the collaboration between Akira Complex and Hommarju, "Connected," complete with vocals from Japanese singer Yukacco.
The remix comes as part of of a seven track release on Attack The Music, with four original tracks and three remixes. Right off the bat, the first chord struck by WRLD is both powerful and delightfully pleasant, especially when combined with Yukacco's mesmerizing vocals. The chords progress in such a commanding and compelling way as the intensity streams ever higher, gaining depth through additional, electronic and synthetic, instrumentation. Sublimely situated around Yukacco's heavenly vocals, the fever pitch is struck with powerful percussion at once flipping the script with a trap inspired drop, taking WRLD to another level, which he has "never done anything this heavy before." The sounds used in the drop are the key to the magical character of the track. Somewhere between plucked strings and tuned toms, the playful, bouncing staccato stabs are so irresistible and intoxicating. Glowingly beautiful and dance-able WRLD's contribution to We Are Connected stands out as an utterly engaging remix that is highly consumable.


Monday, January 18, 2016

Jackal - Carbomb (ATLiens & Quix Remix)

Jackal's "Carbomb" has received a twisted, turnt and trapped out remix courtesy ATLiens and QUIX.
Known for his bass blasting trap productions, Jackal's original "Carbomb" has accrued nearly 400,000 plays on his soundcloud alone, and has no doubt been booming on stereo systems for months. His broken speaker vibes have been rebooted and tweaked by two more trap kings, ATLiens and QUIX, adding to the already high intensity. The addition of the ticking clock ups the anticipation and fear of the immanent explosion of sound. Screeching synths evoke the feeling of being suspended and trapped in a a war-zone, dodging shockwaves and shrapnel, in a time slowed Matrix-esque fashion. The frightfully tuned percussion is the perfect cap that drives this nuclear wasteland of a track. Pick up your free copy of the track now.


Strider White - Future Paradise

While Friday was full of fanfare for an overwhelming number of big name releases, such as Keys N KratesMidnite Mass, Flume's "Never Be Like You," and Brillz' Geekin' Remixes, to name a few, a rising star from Edmonton, Strider White, quietly dropped off a free three track EP, Future Paradise.
Strider, who has been releasing tracks since this time in 2014, has seen a growth in his style and sound, and assuredly his production capabilities. Finding influences from Datsik, Wu-Tang Clan and more evident in Future Paradise, the likes of Mord Fustang, Wave Racer and Pusher. The first track "Once Again" has the feels of a Keys N Krates, Alison Wonderland, or even a Flume production, with floating ethereal synths contrasted with hard hitting percussion. The vocals samples evoke spine tingling chills as it's listeners embark on a cosmic journey. The dreamlike voyage hits a speed-bump with the start of the second track "V P R W V E," that ups the intensity and tempo, in some sort of interstellar Nintendo themed melee; the Wave Racer and Pusher influences are front and center. Rife with 8-bit Nintendo samples, the playful production is rapid and raucous. It's the perfect combination of Jersey Club, Kawaii and future beats; its many movements and manipulations make it so adventurous, fresh and new while remaining familiar and ever so comfortable. The final track "With U" leaves that comfort behind in favour of bent and dissonant, alien synth warbles, essentially book-ending the EP, letting you down easy with this lounge inspired chill-out. The continuity and storytelling of Future Paradise is simply sublime, showcasing the range and artistry in Strider White's arsenal. Be sure to grab your copy of the EP free and check out more of his eclectic and ever growing catalog.


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Manila Killa - All That's Left (feat. Joni Fatora)

Last Monday, Washington product Manila Killa released a groovy joint with Joni Fatora, "All That's Left." 
Subtle and savoury sounds abound. "All That's Left" is enchanting and captivating, with it's whirling production, mimicking the lyrics "We go round and round on this carousel." It's light and dreamy, yet full of substance; leaving little to be desired. The vast amount of (often manipulated) sounds and samples, darting in and out of the track, give the feeling of a higher power presiding over this "technicolour dream." The vocals, lyrical content and supporting sounds are so flawlessly combined; there's tremendous interplay and cohesiveness that is simply spellbinding. "All That's Left" to do is pick up a copy of this track for yourself.


Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sister City - Blood Mind

Ahead of it's release this coming Friday (Jan 22), Bromance Records have released another single from their upcoming Homieland Vol.2 compilation album. Sister City's "Blood Mind."

The Brodinski fronted label, is known for it's eclectic techno, club-centric and bass heavy releases from the likes of LOUISAHHH!!!, Sam Tiba and Panteros666, but this marks the first release under the Bromance label for Sister City. "Blood Mind" isn't your typical techno delivery, rather it's quite the subtle, slow burner. Each technological sound and sample is so delicately added and subtracted so as to not take away from the overall project. The additional vocal flourishes are the only organic sounds, whereas the rest of the track is an entirely mechanical production; an assembly line of awesomeness. Perhaps my favourite part of the track is the interplay between the various elements with rapid transitions, negating the need for a banger-esque drop; it's artificial intelligence has surpassed such a mortal requirement. Pre-order the album now, and tracks from GENER8ION, Myd, Canblaster, Tommy Kruise and more (24 tracks in total) in your iTunes as the calendar flips to the 22nd.


Friday, January 15, 2016

Flume - Never Be Like You feat. Kai

Last Monday, Flume previewed his forthcoming album Skin, and just this afternoon have we've received a full stream in the form of "Never Be Like You," with Kai on the vocals.
Reminiscent of the vibes in his Lorde remix, Flume has once again masterfully produced a track around sublime vocals. Brilliant crafted and tuned, the waves of Flume's chord progressions melt even the most icy of hearts. Toronto's own Kai, delivers powerfully touching vocals born out of "Times Square, breathing in the city, drunkenly soul searching before heading back to the studio." The combination of Flume's sparkling and sleek production and Kai's seductive siren serenade makes "Never Be Like You," the perfect start for single for Skin. It is impossible to ignore or forget, truly captivating; simple proof there's will never be anyone quite like Flume or the power he possesses.


Pushing Buttons - No Love

I wake up every day with a flooded inbox of new music, especially soundcloud uploads, from follow/repost mafias. And there's almost always at least one hidden gem in the jumble of names I've never seen before. One of today's such gems is this one from, Pushing Buttons' a seemingly secretive production duo (or larger) of unknown origin. Best guess says Austrian, because it was hosted by Viennese label, oblique. The track isn't actually knew either, it was first released on Pushing Buttons' own soundcloud. Originally available for free download, "No Love," is now available on spotify and iTunes.
"No Love" has a lovely floating, effervescent intro that organic growth simply overtakes the moment and slides effortlessly into our consciousness. That primary atmosphere, complete with disparate nature samples meld beautifully with the twanging strings, soaring synths, tuned toms and warm bouncing bass. The track flows in such a way that it evokes an innate effortlessness of tranquility. "No Love" is a splendid track that sends you through a wonderful, wandering trance that despite the name and lyrical content, is tremendously impassioned and enchanting.


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Passion Pit - Little Secrets (Jack Beats Remix)

For this installment in my Throwback Thursday series, it is with great pleasure that I re-introduce the world to one of the grimiest, sneakiest, most twisted, wobbliest, pulsating and jacking electro tunes, ever released, the Jack Beats remix of Passion Pit, "Little Secrets." I first came across Jack Beats, through the Boy 8-Bit discography I had downloaded, that included both their mix of his "Fogbank" and his mix of their "What," both pillars of the electro sound of the time; tossing bodies from side to side, with their tremendously mixed, wobbling synths and ebbing and flowing basslines. However, it was the Jack Beats remix of Fake Blood's rave weapon "Mars" that solidified Jack Beats as one of my new favourite artists. I was so lucky, in that the duo, of Niall Dailly and Ben Geffen, had done their first essential mix, just months before.

Mere minutes into said essential mix, came a track that was quite clearly a Jack Beats production, but one that I wasn't yet familiar. Aided by Passion Pit's signature vocal style, the ridiculously intense, jacking and tension building lows take control of your heart and leave you breathless awaiting the endorphin laden release of the drop. One cannot help but feel freed and lose control of all bodily functions, simply being overtaken by the euphoric majesty of Jack Beats' sub-harmonic production. But perhaps the key to the tremendous power of the "Little Secrets" remix lies in the high register. Passion Pit's vocals, combined with the bright and beautiful percussion create a stupendous disparity and contrast that you need to hear to believe.

This essential mix remains one of my favourites, and truly every promo mix or club set they release is simply incredible. I've seen them multiple times live and they do not disappoint. They are part of my greatest weekend ever, having seen and met them after their first show in Toronto, chatting about going to see the Lakers play while they were in Los Angeles. A few weeks ago I was showing my friend, Kayj, some music and Jack Beats came on, which he instantly was in awe of, requesting more "like that." They're catalog is literally overflowing with five star tracks, and cannot be cut down to a top five or even a top ten.

I can still remember getting in trouble during my time at CFBU, claiming different Jack Beats tracks at different times were "simply the best productions ever." I'm not sure it's an overstatement when I say their productions are unparalleled. I've yet to find any producers who can do it all, the way they do; each sound is so finely crafted making even their minimal tracks sparkle, and when getting complex and layered, they fit each piece together so perfectly. The last time I saw them at Tattoo, they became celebrities by the end of their set, even signing autographs for their ravenous fans.