Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Best Musical Moment of 2015

Being the last day of 2015, it gives me great pleasure to share my favourite musical moment of the year, one that has followed me through the busiest and craziest years I've experienced. The clip below is from Ryan Hemsworth's valentine day mix for Diplo & Friends. In 7 and half minutes Hemsworth plays at least 10 different tracks, mixed so perfectly it sends the feels up my spine every time I hear them.
Cut right out of his hour long mix, this snippet encapsulates the mix as a whole and does a superb job of establishing the ethos of one of Canada's most treasured commodities, the genius, Ryan Hemsworth. The serene, rising beauty of noclip's "Samantha" sets the mood for the breathtaking ride that Hemsworth has in store. His eclectic style is first established with the incoming Rae Sremmurd "Unlock The Swag" vocals combined with the more powerful and driving Cosmo's Midnight "Trapperkeeper." The back and forth/coming and going nature of his mixing creates a brilliant and dynamic fluidity that you cannot help but be overcome by.

Even his fades (with filtering) is done to perfection as he eases us into each new element; upon each dropping in, each element feels familiar as though it is where it were meant to be. The anthemic yet personal and conversational tone and nature of GFOTY's "Believe" perfectly illustrates the hilariously successful contrast of kawaii music with gangster rapping through the mix. My favourite section come from the end of "Believe" into Henrik The Artist's "Naked" combined with Cash Out's "Hold Up." It has been my default ringtone since early spring, and I can't imagine changing it anytime soon. It was my first exposure to Henrik who has quickly become one of my favourite artists.

Hemsworth's superior mixing rolls right through into INODI's "I Want U," at which point more Sauce Twinz "2 Legited 2 Quited," is seamlessly added to Murlo's "Beatless Selene." The atmospheric feels abound as Hemsworth works his musical magic over us, before ending his sample heavy mix transitioning into Dream Beach's "Missing Peace." When writing these blog posts I sometimes grow tired of listening to the same piece over and over again but I it's nearly as amazing this time nearly a year after original hearing it, and listening to it dozens of times throughout 2015.

The whole hour long mix is my favourite of the year and most certainly my go to option when I need something to get lost in for an hour; it is my musical safe-space. I hope it speaks to you in the same way it did for me, especially as a child of the late 80s/early 90s with its video game inspired sounds and throwback feels. Perhaps you'd be interested in hearing his "Just Rap Mix" that he dropped prior to his tour with Tommy Kruise. Otherwise just keep your ears open for more from Hemsworth, who just seems to have his hand in everything, including his Secret Songs 'label' where you can pick up each release for free, including Henrik The Artist's "Naked." Go forth and share the magic that is Ryan Hemsworth music.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Bump In The Hump: December 30 (Holiday Special #2)

  • Sultan + Shepard vs. Felix Leiter - BWU
  • Disclosure feat. Lorde - Magnets (A-Trak Remix)
  • KOLAJ - The Touch (DeBoer Remix)
  • The Weeknd - Can't Feel My Face (Abe B. Remix)
  • Autoerotique - I Get Up
  • Frustra - Possession (Kayj Remix)
    • Unreleased
  • Dr. Ozi & Spag Heddy - Frontiers
  • Omar Linx - Back To You (prod. by Hunter Siegel & Pro Logic)
  • Brenmar feat. Uniiqu3 - Hula Hoop (Internet Daughter Flip)
  • Hitmane - Over U (Chet Porter Remix)
  • Taylor Swift - Bad Blood (Pusher Flip)
  • Keys N Krates - U Already Know
  • Jack U feat. Justin Bieber - Where Are U Now (Rustie Remix)
  • Troyboi - You Kno (Noahplause Remix)
  • Grandtheft & Sleepy Tom - Hold On
  • Led Zeppelin - Ramble On (Attlas Remix)
  • Black Tiger Sex Machine & LeKtriQue - Religion
  • Cash Cash feat. Busta Rhymes, B.o.B.& Neon Hitch - Devil (Paris & Simo Remix)
  • Botnek - Tremors (feat. Go Comet!)
  • Stephen Walking - One Man Moon Band

Monday, December 28, 2015

Felguk & Lazy Rich - Dance To The Beat

The gift just keep coming down the chimney, this time it's in the form of a collaboration between two of the most twisted electro producers out there, Felguk and Lazy Rich. "Dance To The Beat" brings so many great elements to the table including all that could possibly be expected from such a massive collaboration. It's got all of the right pieces; powerful builds and whacked out drops rife with perverted synth warbles, hard grinding rhythms and a strikingly funky, contrasting middle section that calls to mind Chromeo. The Chromeo connection is strengthened by the talk box use in the repeated "Dance To The Beat." When all of these components are combined the track hits and drives at such a powerful, potent and compelling way that you cannot help but get your grimy, filth shaking like a dog on the dancefloor; you instantly become a kindergartner with no body control flailing uncontrollably possessed by the magical creation of Felguk and Lazy Rich.  Grab the download and lose yourself to the beat.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Best Free Xmas MP3s

By now I'm sure everyone's done opening their gifts and have taken advantage of some great deals, and since there's nothing better than free, I return after a two day hiatus, bearing the gift of free music.
Arriving today on soundcloud was this wonderful rework of Disclosure and Lorde's "Magnets" from rising star, Dom Dias. It's a really nice peeled back version that glides out of your speakers; it's a little less bass heavy than the previous tracks we've heard from Dom, but the production value is most certainly on par. The ebb and flow of the synths are greatly complimented by a bouncy and fluttering bass drop; the atmospheric sounds of the loons and gusts of wind evoke a live performance at your cottage. The real magic and brilliance lies in the superb drum 'pattern,' which is in scare-quotes because after listening multiple times, I'm still not sure I can pick up on it but damn it's sounds good.
I'm not sure where MDK was when he wrote "Snowdown," but since this has undoubtedly been the Christmas without snow, it's either a cheeky joke or some kind of dark magic that conjures the white stuff when played; some kind of so called snow-dance. MDK brings his unmistakable style to the holiday spirit, great bright, bleepy and bouncy electro drum and bass, that is taken to the next level with his expert ear for sound effects. The sleigh bells, "Santa's getting funky," and laughter samples always make MDK a force to be reckoned with but "Snowdown" reaches a higher level, grab this crowd-pleaser and make sure it finds its way into your New Years Eve playlist. Daktyl delivered on Christmas day putting his mark on Odesza's "Light." Even with the ridiculously massive year he's had this track could be his best of the year. Everything that we've come to expect from Daktyl has been packaged super nicely in this mix; his production value and effect sampling is unparalleled, most notably with the rattling sound that evokes a spray-paint can. His unbelievably ear for atmosphere supports the beyond beautiful vocals from Little Dragon. The spinning and whirling of effects on the drops is what sets Daktyl apart and he seemingly delivered his most dynamic production to date. Shlohmo brought a whole sack of freebies, with Chet Faker, Jim-E-Stack, Baauer and Jacques Greene dropping remixes of Shlohmo's Dark Red EP. Whereas the above three tracks were bright and warm, the four remixes below are far more dark and brooding. All of the mixes have contrasting feels and bring different things to the table. Of course the Chet Faker mix of "Remains" stands out in large part due to his intoxicating vocals, but it's the overall technological vibe and feel from the heart monitoring beeps and incessant typing that sends countless shivers down your spine. Jim-E-Stack's clicky and otherwise delicate mix is truly a "Slow Descent" into the mind of his genius, it sounds as though it could have been plucked right out of Jamie xx's In Colour. Both Baauer and Jacques Greene take on "Ten Days Of Falling," and although their style of productions are so different they both found a way to get the best out of Shlohmo's original. Of course Baauer's mix is more bass heavy and trap inspired, it is the massive atmosphere that shines through, there's no room large enough to hold all that is Baauer and his brilliance. Greene however seems to always find the perfect balance; his productions always evoke an epic journey though his finely tuned and crafted sounds. I nearly forgot about this gem from Ryme, because I've had it in my super secret exclusive folder since the summer, but if you've been fortunate enough to catch one of their amazing sets you very well could have heard their masterful remix of Anna Lunoe's "Satisfaction." Their use of 'simple' effects pan, reverb, delay, echo and flange make this an absolute club killer. The beat and rhythm is never lost and always succeeds in surrounding and propping up it's listeners. Get your shuffle and drop this one into your New Years Eve playlist, where you'll undoubtedly take your BADLQQK to a whole new level. We end with my favourite look for Skrillex, abandoning his quest for creating the heaviest, grimiest tracks, is when we get the most creatively beautiful tracks from his undoubted genius. This haunting and bewitching collaboration with Tennyson and White Sea, is perhaps better suited for Halloween as the synth work reminds me of Wendy Carlos' theme from the Shining. However it is the light yet powerful piano chords that, when combined with the vocals, makes this track inescapable. Just try listening to it once, I have a hard time believing you'll be the same; it'll change you for the better.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Futurecop! - N.A.S.A.

On this holiday Thursday, I throwback to one of the tracks that I downloaded closest to this date 6 years ago. I've already written about this tremendously influential time in my music life with the Feed Me TBT I did last month, but I thought'd I'd come back to this well once more for one of my favourite tracks from one of my favourite artists, Futurecop! and their track "N.A.S.A."
Futurecop! might be the only group that actually fits the genre "retro future" with their bleepy, nostalgia laden, fantastical dreamy synthwave. Their style and sound are so alluring, that whether you are a child of the 80s or not, their playful and immensely joyful approach is an exceptional choice for the holidays. You can suppliment your holiday playlist with a whole lot more from Futurecop! as they've got numerous albums and remix EPs, including standouts like: a rap about pop culture "Tonite's Hero," "Dreams," their tribute to John Hughes "Teenage Love," their sparkling remix of Metro Station "Shake It," their whacked out remix of The Frail "You Just Wanna Leave," and if you'd like a little more mustard on your Futurecop! I'd suggest the Cryptonites remix of "N.A.S.A." Cop the original, free, on their soundcloud.


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Bump In The Hump: December 23 (Holiday Special #1)


  • Televisor - Dangerous (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
  • Carly Rae Jepsen - Run Away With Me (Y2K Remix)
  • Cyril Hahn - Inferno (feat. Say Lou Lou)
  • KOLAJ - The Touch (Pusher Flip)
  • Diplo & Sleepy Tom - Be Right There (Gent & Jawns Remix)
  • Adele - Hello From The Other Club (Whipped Cream & SBF Edit)
  • Tennyson - Fault Line
  • Chet Porter - Awakening
  • A-Trak feat. Jamie Lidell - We All Fall Down (STFU Remix)
  • Tinashe - Cold Sweat (Shemce Remix)
  • Sultan + Shepard feat. Lauren Mason - Chasing (In The Night)
  • Tiesto & Chainsmokers - Split (Only U) [DeBoer Remix]
  • Martin Solveig & GTA - Intoxicated (Paris & Simo Remix)
  • Hunter Siegel - Still Waiting (feat. Delaney Jane)
  • Keys N Krates - Dum Dee Dum (NGHTMRE Remix)
  • Frances - I Care (feat. Pomo)
  • Skratch Bastid & Afiara Quartet - Dirty Laundry: Heavy Load
  • Botnek & I See MONSTAS - Deeper Love

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New Order - Tutti Frutti (Hot Chip Remix)

The soundcloud stream for this may be months old, but on just the second week of December, Hot Chip officially delivered one of the best remixes of 2015, a nearly twelve minute seductive and scintillating slice of dance music magic, in the form of New Order's "Tutti Frutti."
The epic nature of this remix never loses it stride continually rolling along, evolving alongside you, as you experience your flirtation with the dancefloor. Hot Chip always do an incredible job breathing soul and humanity into the inorganic, technological sounds; their tracks can bring even the most mundane to shining, sparkling and glowing life. The track becomes your guide and companion, your true love that you can depend and lean on.  "Tutti Frutti" comes to life in a calculated building of growing beeps and clicks chugging along building up steam and initializing its program. All at once a fully formed and comprehensive consiousness appears in the form of the first vocals, "Life is so crazy these days, I don't know how to adjust. Are we the master or slave?" Hot Chip showcase superb production value with each dissonant and crisp click, the bouncing and boundless bass synth, and the manifold atmosphere, all of which, come together to compliment and perfectly round out the vocals. The track is full of movement and subtle manipulations and surprises, easily making it one the most irresistible and dance-able tracks. Despite its long length it is ridiculously easy to get lost in its countless layers and hit that repeat button to relive the "Tutti Frutti " magic once more.


Monday, December 21, 2015

Maxo - Plushlined


Musical mastermind, Maxo is certainly in the giving spirit having just dropped the first single off his new EP for free. His brand new track "Plushlined" ought to ensure the hype for full release holds through the holiday season, though the clever and polished production value of his trademark arcade bit-tune style. His productions always transport the listener into some kind of high powered, bonus level of you favourite early Nintendo or Sega game. The atmosphere and flow is so seductive you can't shake the feeling that you've evolved into some kind of superhero capable single-handedly ridding the world of evil. The opening section invokes the menu and loading screens before the adventure really begins to take off; bright and beautiful synths are supported by snappy drum licks and just the right amount of symbolic effects set the mood. With a single and subtle flourish the image is changed and we're off running, jumping over obstacles and defeating enemies. The progressions and change in musical elements, while the same overall feel is maintained drives the movement through various settings on this musical level. The greatest success in the track lies in the constant development and progression in all of the musical elements, whether it is the drums persistent movement or the eternal evolution of the synths setting up all the elements to come. The track is perhaps one of the best boss fights beats I've ever heard and can assure you, your character will fare better with Maxo orchestrating your skirmish. If you need any more Maxo music to slaughter your enemies to, let me recommend: his original "Eddy Vancover," his cover of Justin Bieber "What Do You Mean" his album Chordslayer, and his Level Music collection.


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Friday, December 18, 2015

What So Not - Gemini EP

Perhaps the most anticipated EP of the year finally dropped, and you can pick it up for free! The five track EP, Gemini, is Flume's last hurrah with Emoh Instead as What So Not, and punctuates a truly great run of productions from the duo. They had been arguably the best and most consistent duo on the planet, until it was announced that Flume would be leaving. Oddly enough, it was around the same time Skrillex and Diplo took the world by storm with Jack U, but I digress. It's only fitting in my mind that the aussie duo that seemingly appeared all at once, and grabbed the scene by the scruff of it's neck, wrap things up with with an EP of Gemini's caliber. The free EP is a combination of tracks that their fans have been craving for more than a dozen months. Earlier this year the released the title track "Gemini" with George Maple, after having previewed it as an 'ID' as early as last summer. But it isn't the only one that's been in floating around our consciousness since last summer. You may very well remember their collab with Dillon Francis, "Dill's Mom" having been teased for an unyielding amount of time. It's also on the EP but retitled and slightly retooled as "Arrows" with Dawn Golden

The EP is rounded out with two more collaborations with KLP on "Death Drive" and Tunji on "Intro," as well as one final Flume & Emoh original "Oddity" which holds up to the high What So Not standard easily fitting in with "Jaguar," "Touched," and "The Quack." It's you're last chance to enjoy the collaborative efforts of Flume & Emoh, and although I expect to hear great music from them individually, I doubt we'll ever get anything that can rival their genius productions: their Major Lazer "Get Free," Parachute Youth "Awake Now," Van She "Idea of Happiness" or my favourite track of their's "Love Theme." Listen to the EP below and pick it up free for yourself. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Pleasurekraft - Tarantula

For this week's installment of my TBT series, it is my pleasure to re-introduce the world to one of the most carefully produced, creepiest, sneakiest, cleverly crafted, bouncy, epic, creative minimal-masterpieces I've ever heard, the absolute atmospheric game changer from Pleasurekraft, "Tarantula."
This is the exact youtube video that my friends and I had on repeat one summer half a decade ago. I was home for the summer while the majority of my friends stayed at our school house and this disconnection was magnified by this track. I remember seeing it posted to one of my friend's walls with a caption lauding it as "that track" they had all gone crazy for. I quickly hit the play button, but for some reason (probably my immaturity) I skipped through it looking for what they found so amazing about the track. The reality with this track, and many others, is that you have to listen to it in its entirely and soak in all of its progressive glory. It took me a few full listens, after going back to school for a weekend, for me to really appreciate it's masterful creation.
It is minimal at it's best, each loop is added and subtracted with a specific goal in mind; whether it be the clicking and ringing percussion, bouncy bassline, the atmospheric waves or the dissonant vocalizations. When all the facets come together there is no stopping the euphoria created by the brilliant blending of sounds. Without out a doubt my favourite section begins when the track breaks down leaving you to think that the track has ended without much of a climax, its really just a fake out which paves the way for the arrival of the new vocal loop. The loop grows in magnitude and while slowly adding the individual pieces back in hits a wall of silence, the bass drops and all the sounds come together in a firestorm of insanity. The image of people shuffling in the back of the club is always front and center in my mind as the magic of Pleasurekraft's creation envelopes my consciousness. My friends and I at once became maniacs for the minimalist movement, gobbling up whatever we could get our hands on, of which two other Pleasurekraft tracks became part of our go to repertoire. Their remix of Jean Claude Ades "Vallee De Larmes" (above) and Sander Kleinenberg "R.Y.A.N.L." (below). SUPPORT: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Bump In The Hump: December 16 (Season 2, Episode 13)

  • Dr. Ozi - Games
  • Strange Talk - Painted In Gold (Robotaki Remix)
  • Nero - Into The Night (ATTLAS Remix)
    • Stream
  • Ryan Hemsworth - Surrounded (feat. Kotomi & Doss)
  • A-Trak feat. Jamie Lidell - We All Fall Down (STFU Remix)
  • Chet Porter - Awakening
  • Wilde - Temple (Beat Sampras Remix)
  • #MashupInTheMiddle
  • Ronettes - Sleigh Bells (PhatCap! Remix)
  • Haywyre - Endlessly
  • Disco Fries & Kaaze - We Are One (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
  • Neon Steve - Party
  • Dom Dias - Get Up
  • Torro Torro - Make A Move (Skrillex Remix)
  • #IsItTheWeekendYet?
  • Zeds Dead & Dirtyphonics feat. Bright Lights - Where Are You Now (Hunter Siegel Remix)

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Ryan Hemsworth - Surrounded

Tonight on Bump In The Hump I'll be giving Radio Humber's first play to Ryan Hemworth's "Surrounded." It was exactly one week ago, that while preparing that week's Bump In The Hump, that I saw Ryan enter my television on Much. Evidently it was the first play for his brand new music video, from his landmark album Alone For The First Time. Watch the extraordinary story told in the video which features Ryan's virtual reality, courtesy of the Ubisoft motion capture studio. And get ready for the final new and live episode of Bump In The Hump of 2015, tonight from 6-7 EST. Stream it live HERE.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2Pac - Changes (Shemce Remix)

Shemce is back with yet another amazing pop remix, carefully crafted for the club. After achieving success and overwhelming acclaim for his remixes of deadmau5' "Strobe," A$AP Rocky's "LSD," and Tinashe's "Cold Sweat," he was tapped to drop an official remix for Audien's "Something Better." Now he's gone back further into his roots, reworking the uber classic jam from 2Pac, "Changes." Shemce knocks this one out of the park, breathing life into the decades old track, firmly supplanting it in the club, making it just that much more danceable. He's now successfully brought both sides of the east coast/west coast rivalry, into the future. Check out his first soundcloud release, his remix of Notorious B.I.G. "Juicy." The brilliance in Shemce's production value is the care he uses in maintaining the original spirit and feel from the vocals, while surrounding it with his vibing style. It's clear these tracks hold a special place in his heart as he leaves so much of the original track intact. His subtle, yet powerful production value makes his tracks surefire dance-floor sirens; luring enchanted listeners to the floor, forever more. This Shemce-inspired euphoria ensures you'll be hearing more from his beautiful mind in the future. Be prepared for a rush of "dem feels" when you throw Shemce on your speakers.


Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday Mashed Up Mix #5

Each Monday I post a little mix of less than 30 minutes for your listening pleasure. It contains a variety of electronic music mixed and mashed up to varying degrees. The music is always first and foremost while DJing and mixing skills are meant to take a back seat. It includes some brand new stuff but also some forgotten gems and whatever it was that had entered my consciousness. I'll be hosting them on my Dropbox page for your listening and downloading pleasure, MONDAY MASHED UP MIX VOL 5. You can find the tracklisting and links for each track after the break...

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Baauer w/ Internet Daughter B2B Eytan Tobin

With the year ending The Hoxton had few opportunities left to go out in style, but when bad boy Baauer took over Friday. He certainly brought his unique flair, as he dropped one of, if not, the best set of the year doing everything at an incredibly high level; whether it was his hype work on the mic, constant mixing, impeccable track selection or his physical involvement in the music. The night was an all around success as locals Internet Daughter and Eytan Tobin went back to back for two hours doing a brilliant job getting the crowd ready for a masterful performance. I do however have one gripe before I get to breaking down the sets (the next paragraph, so skip it if you like for videos and links to tracks played).

Upon arriving I was greeted by two Heineken girls giving away plastic light-up wristbands; nice enough, who doesn't like free swag? Before I could even get to the bar I noticed my wristband went dark, and yes it had already died, oh well I'm not one for glow sticks or flashing lights anyway. Back at the bar, I asked for my usual tall can of Coors Banquet, to which the bartender replied "It's a Heineken night," okay, I'll get a tall can of that, "Nope." Well, do you have any tall cans? "Nope." Well, what DO you have? "Only Heineken." Fine I guess I'll have one. "$8, please." Now, the reason I always get tall cans is two fold, one, it's the best bang for your buck, and two, I have to go back to the bar less often. These kinds of corporate sponsored buyouts have to stop, there's no way it gets the company any good will, I'd think it's exactly the opposite. Sure if you usually drink Heineken you're happy but for everyone else who is now forced to drink it, I'd imagine they'd be at best mildly perturbed and at worst totally boycott Heineken. I know I'm not happy about it and certainly won't be rushing to get a Heineken again. People want and deserve choices, monopolies are never alright, even the board game is of questionable merit.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

No Mana - 5UP

No Mana has absolutely burst onto the scene. In just over a year, he's dropped no less than 15 tracks, most of which you can find as free downloads on his Soundcloud, but he's also released tracks on mau5trap and Armada. His latest freebie 5UP is a brilliant slice of progressive power. The tracks "Banhammer," and "What's Your WiFi" could easily have been taken right out of one of deadmau5' early albums Random Album Title or For Lack Of A Better Name. It's no wonder the mau5 has taken a liking to No Mana. There's some serious production value with just the right amount of booming bass to shock the system. The magic lies in the sneakily subtle building of tension that reaches a surprising climax, culminating in the combination of all of the driving loops and bleeping computer sounds. The computer error tone in "What's Your WiFi," gives the feeling of something going terribly wrong, but the only thing wrong is that there just isn't enough WiFi for everyone. The breaks between 'drops' is pure technological beauty; technology is cold and lifeless but No Mana has found a way to breathe life into these evil machines. That evil darkness hits its peak in "Banhammer" when the brooding ominous bass covers everything in an unholy cloud of gloom. There's no doubt in my mind that these tracks will work wonders when played out live for a crowd or merely for you and your cat in your basement. Be sure to pick up these brilliant free downloads, and check out the masterful library of tracks No Mana has compiled.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Chet Porter - Awakening

Yesterday Chet Porter dropped the stream of his new track "Awakening," which you can now pick up for yourself. Chet's had an amazing year, dropping great freebies including remixes of Hitmane's "Over You," Ember Island's cover of Jack U "Where Are U Now," Porter Robinson's "Fellow Feeling," and his outright amazing original "Aluko River." After building up a considerable following with his free downloads Chet has entered into the world of pay music with "Awakening" being released on Big Beat Records through iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Spotify. Look for more emotional explosive, sparkling, beautiful production value and future feels from Chet in the future, as his creative genius has repeatedly teased us on twitter (with this story about overflowing creativity part 1 & 2, and a forthcoming remix). Check out the true story behind his "Over You" remix and his amazingly exquisite mixtape for Big Beat's NatDodge HOTMES series. So much Chet, so little time.

fun fact: i actually wrote my remix of "over u" in 1994 for Disney's The Lion King, but it was stripped from the film to avoid bad press because i was on trial for murder. finally, 22 years later, i am pleased to announce they are letting me share the song along with the original edit of the movie. i hope u enjoy
Posted by Chet Porter on Monday, 28 September 2015


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Bodzin & Huntemann - Rubin

For this week's installment of my TBT series, it is my pleasure to re-introduce the world to one of the most carefully produced, creepiest, heaviest, most jacking, epic, rolling, creative-masterpieces I've ever heard, the joint production from geniuses Stephan Bodzin and Oliver Huntemann, "Rubin." I first heard this track where it does it best work, in the middle of a mix. The reality is all tracks are at their best when they are properly mixed into a set. There is no doubt that when "Rubin" is inserted into a mix, and you hear those familiar tech synth stabs or percussive clicks, the set is immediately better. You know the dancefloor is about to shake and pulsate at a level unlike any other. Both Bodzin and Huntemann are masters of dancefloor manipulation, tweaking their sounds ever so slightly to create absolute mayhem in the minds of the listeners. Their tracks are in stratospheres of their own, being secret weapons for DJs around the world and influencing producers in the very same way.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Bump In The Hump: December 9 (Season 2, Episode 12)

  • Tracklist
  • Mako - Smoke Filled Room (Sep Remix)
  • A-Trak & Zoofunktion - Place On Earth
  • Tove Lo - Talking Body (Paul David Remix)
  • DJ Cassidy feat. Chromeo - Future Is Mine (Glastrophobie Remix)
  • Snails feat. Big Gigantic - Funk With Me VIP
  • Botnek & I See MONSTAS - Deeper Love
  • Dr. Ozi - Taking Over (feat. Megan Hamilton)
  • #MashupInTheMiddle
  • Andrew Bayer vs Neoteric, Wax Motif, Torro Torro
    England Go Deep (Henry Fong Mashup)
  • Soundprank - Obsidian
  • Diplo & Sleepy Tom - Be Right There (Gent & Jawns Remix)
  • WYLN & More//Night - Tides
  • The Doors - Riders On The Storm (Whipped Cream Edit)
  • Rob James x Fire Department - This Is Lit
  • Noahplause - Thick
  • #IsItTheWeekendYet?
  • Noahplause - Runnin' (Internet Daughter Remix)

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Botnek & I See MONSTAS - Deeper Love

Tonight on Bump In The Hump I'll be giving a first play to a brand new collaboration from Botnek and I See MONSTAS. Just released on great Canadian label, Monstercat, "Deeper Love"combines the frantic, sub-harmonic manipulation, electro stylings that has become Botnek's trademark with driving drum and bass sound of I See MONSTAS. This marks the first time the Botnek boys have appeared on Monstercat, and to celebrate the massive collaboration the track's stems have been released for a remix competition, the winner of which will receive their very own official Monstercat release. So if you've got what it takes, or just want to play around with the super awesome sounds that Botnek and I See MONSTAS have shared then check out the Remix Contest Page. Remember to tune into tonight as I drop this new collab among tons of other great and all new Canadian electronic music. Catch the live stream from 6-7 EST here, catch the rebroadcast on 96.9 FM Radio Humber Friday from 11-midnight or relisten anytime via the mixcloud stream, which will be uploaded complete with tracklisting here.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

A-Trak & Jamie Lidell - We All Fall Down (STFU Remix)

For months now I've been beyond obsessed with A-Trak's latest original with Jamie Lidell, "We All Fall Down." The 4 mixes that came with the original, CID, Volt & State, Jarreau Vandal and Jamie's Version, were all stand outs. But when I heard a new version in his Mixmag Asia live set, I nearly died, overcome with hype. I downloaded the set, listened to it on repeat, and even ripped the version out of the set so that I didn't have to keep fast-forwarding to hear it over and over again. Last week, the man himself was posting more remixes to his twitter and soundcloud, but none of them were the version that I was so desperately waiting for, that is until yesterday when he dropped STFU (Stand Tall, Fists Up)'s version. I absolutely love the raw, cut-down styling that so perfectly utilizes Jamie Lidell's infectious vocals. I'm so excited that I'll be able to have a full 320 version that I can play out on repeat, and in my forthcoming radio shows. I've got to say that literally every version of the track I've heard is stellar. I think that speaks to the sheer genius that is A-Trak, true Canadian music royalty. Catch the bright and bubbly, Cory Enemy & Syre remix, as well as the much darker, trapped out Willy Joy version that is sure to turn any party into an all out rager. Those two mixes (and maybe more, unannounced versions) are set to join STFU's in another remix package due to be released this Friday the 11th.

Monday, December 07, 2015

2016 Grammy Nominations Revealed, Does Anyone Care?

The Grammys are fighting to retain some kind of relevance and I'm not sure they're succeeding. How long ago was it that Homer Simpson gave away his Grammy? Do people even care? What's the point?

The joke, that is the Grammys, continues to flounder and beg the question what are the criteria for these awards? Apparently, the rules call for voting based on quality alone, and not be influenced by sales, chart performance, personal friendships, regional preferences or company loyalty. Quality alone. Hmm, that's not very clear, what kind of quality? Whatever quality they are talking about, they have spoken with their latest list of nominees. There are the usual suspects and there are the usual seemingly random unknown nominees (see Al Walser's 2013 nomination). Below you'll find my take on the four categories relevant to this blog; Best Dance Recording, Best Dance/Electronic Album, Best Remixed Recording (Non-Classical), and Best Producer (Non-Classical).

Sunday, December 06, 2015

New Grandtheft Mix For Diplo & Friends

Last night while in line waiting to get into The Hoxton to see Cyril Hahn, I was scrolling through twitter and saw this weird tweet. Playing IDs (or unnamed work in progress tracks) isn't necessarily odd, but this one struck me, mostly because of the youtube video it's linked to, being an only 42 second clip.
But then I realized it wasn't from just any old BBC show, it was from Grandtheft's mix for Diplo & Friends. I'm a big fan of the show, both because of the wide range of upcoming talents that deliver monster mixes but also the incredible number of brand new and unreleased content those talents drop. Grandtheft's mixes are never to be slept on as he always comes through with brilliance, this one certainly does that, but more excitingly there is a crazy number of new and unreleased tracks from Keys N Krates, Autoerotique and Hunter Siegel, and of course a significant number of exclusives from Grandtheft himself. Because the internet is the best, you can stream the mix below, or download it here.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Nitro Fun - Fading Away (ft. Aviana)

Rarely is new music dropped on a Saturday, but self proclaimed 8-bit character, Nitro Fun just released the bright and beautiful yet haunting, "Fading Away." It's got everything you've come to love and expect from one of the most talented youngsters on Monstercat's absolutely stacked lineup. This drum and bass masterpiece hit in so many ways, whether it's the light and airy sections with Aviana's delicate vocal touches or the driving and jacking breaks highlighted by Nitro Fun's video game inspired synths.
The beauty is two fold; first in those Zelda-esque video game synths, but secondly and more explicitly, the vocals, both spoken and sung. The line "results in a complete withdrawal from people" is so perfectly placed right before the dreamlike state of the drum and bass kicks in, at which point the theme that Nitro Fun is working with "going up but still being haunted by [...] the past" is made crystal clear, with the line "he goes over and over, the events of his life, reliving his successes and suffering his failures." Sheer haunting brilliance, that climaxes with Aviana's dulcet tones, "does it ever end? feelings of regret, counting my mistakes, I'm afraid to fade away." Grab the free download for yourself.


Friday, December 04, 2015

Diplo & Sleepy Tom - "Be Right There" Remixes

Fridays in the electronic music world is basically heaven on earth. There's nothing better than scrolling through your email and facebook, twitter, soundcloud feeds to find and pick up so many brand new releases. This week seems to have been especially jam packed with new releases from a 6 track remix package of Diplo and Sleepy Tom's "Be Right There," to a new collab between Botnek and I See MONSTAS "Deeper Love," a 6 track original EP from Cosmo's Midnight "Moments," and 15 track remix album from The Kooks, "Hello, What's Your Name?" featuring Jack Beats, Kove, Kideko and more. The likes of Big Fish, Boombox Cartel, Flava D, Naderi, Gent & Jawns join MK for this massive release.

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Feed Me - Mordez Moi

For this week's installment of my TBT series, it is my pleasure to re-introduce the world to one of the bleepiest, bounciest, bassiest, grimiest, most raw, rolling electro-heavy and technologically inspired tracks I ever encountered, Feed Me's "Mordez Moi." Upon looking back in researching for today's post, I've realized that I was significantly late getting in on this track, which although it was released in late 2008, it was a year later when it finally appeared in my iTunes library alongside, his other two breakthrough tracks "The Spell" and "Raw Chicken." These three tracks, all released on the same day ("Mordez Moi" on Noisia's Division label and the other two on mau5trap), marked the first releases from Feed Me, who before that was known exclusively as Spor. Since that time, Jon Gooch, has released numerous EPs and remixes both as his electro house/dubstep persona, Feed Me, and his drum and bass guise, Spor.