Saturday, October 21, 2017

OXY - The Feeling (Sunareht Edit)

I'm always in the mood for a little piano house, so when I came across Parisian producer Sunareht's edit of classic OXY track "The Feeling" I knew I'd found something. Of course the original is a delight, especially in that it includes a sample from the Eurythmics "Here Comes The Rain Again," but what Sunareht's done with this edit is boil it down to its best parts, bringing them front and center. He's let that Eurythmics line take the lead while the piano pops off alongside the airy vocals. The whole thing is smooth and as beautiful as it is breathtaking. Sunareht has truly revived a classic dance track with a keen ear and delicate touch. Tunes like this will always be good, they just need a nudge in the right direction to suit today's sonic standard, and Sunareht has succeeded in that. Unfortunately "The Feeling" is not available for download at the time of writing, so you'll have to survive off the stream.FOLLOW SUNAREHT: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Friday, October 20, 2017

M.I.A. - Paper Planes (Y2K Remix)

Monday Y2K declared that he was going to make the "sickest paper planes remix of all time." The next day he qualified that by saying it was "pop punk" but also "the most ridiculous thing" he'd ever made. Now approximately 100 hours later, we've got just that, a "Paper Planes" remix like no other. Its certainly got Y2K written all over it (and I don't mean his producer tag), its got his usual loon call, amidst his strong drum work. But there's not just that, its got his a great emo guitar riff that sends the 2007 track nearly a decade back to the likes of Blink-182 and Fall Out Boy. It's hard not to be in awe of Y2K's musical ability and production prowess. The man can take just about any track and transform it into something else entirely, and what makes that even better is that the original essence somehow remains. Taking the downtempo rap ballad and turning it into pop punk is actually genius, as it brings The Clash "Straight To Hell" sample back to its 'roots'. Download Y2K's rework free via Stereoload.FOLLOW Y2K: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Coucheron - UFO

Norway's Coucheron has become a favourite of mine after seeing him open for Chet Porter and Lemaitre, nearly a year ago. At that time he was gearing up to release "Loud" and "Puzzled," and since then has added his unique brand of bouncy future pop funk to Kehlani's "Undercover." Today he returns with a brand new original called "UFO." It took me approximately 15 seconds to be beamed up by the brilliance of the otherworldly awesomeness. Like his previous productions it oozes with a funk appeal, while finding itself firmly in the future. I'm reminded of Datarock's post punk propensity, which just a touch of Chromeo/Oliver-esque disco groove. It's the kind of killer electronic creativity that I crave, and I find so astonishingly absent in the ultra sterile future bass we're getting at the moment. "UFO" is a nonstop thrill-ride through the stars, and a delightful diversion from the doldrums of meh mainstream music. Climb aboard the spacecraft via Spotify or iTunes, and be sure to follow Coucheron below.FOLLOW COUCHERON: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Thursday, October 19, 2017

DAF - Als Wär's Das Letzte Mal (Boys Noize Remix)

Growing up Rammstein were perhaps my most played band, in spite of essentially zero understanding of the German language. Maybe that's why I love the way the vocals of DAF's "Als Wär Das Letzte Mal" sound. Or maybe it's the fact that Boys Noize is the man behind the mix in question. The song, which roughly translates to "As If It Were The Last Time," is German techno at its best, as Boys Noize takes the dark electro/industrial vibes and amps them up with throbbing bass amidst DAF's aggro guitar riffs. The groove is as strong as it is steady, allowing for easy and efficient dancing. Boys Noize always commands crowds and it's easy to see why with this masterful mix. But perhaps you don't want to go out, if so, you could use it as the perfect soundtrack for the new Wolfenstein. Enjoy!FOLLOW BOYS NOIZE: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Bump In The Hump: October 18 (Season 7, Episode 3)


Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Van She - Idea Of Happiness (Robotaki Remix)

The Weekend Warm-up returns to Bump In The Hump tonight. Each week I'll feature a variety of tracks from shows happening in and around the area the coming weekend. This episode features Robotaki, who brings his double billing tour with Manila Killa to Velvet Underground tomorrow, Oct. 19 (RSVP/Tickets). We've had new Robotaki tracks the past two weeks, so I figured I'd go for the trifecta with his beyond beautiful take on Van She's "Idea Of Happiness." The early release is genre tagged as "excitement" and it is just that. It's jump for joy dance quality and some kind of incredible radiance, as big as the sun, and just as warm. And if it's not the best tease for a weekend, I don't know what is.This weekend also has Chris Lake coming to CODA (RSVP/Tickets), with support from Dombresky, who you'll also hear from in tonight's episode. The two hours of new Canadian electronic music includes the usual fire finale with trap, dubstep, DnB and is capped by a fresh remix of a Deadmau5 classic. There's also techno, house, future bass, RnB and just a touch of everything in between. Listen live here from 6-8 PM EDT on Radio Humber or anytime after the fact via Mixcloud here.


Tuesday, October 17, 2017

San Holo & James Vincent McMorrow - The Future (Kill Paris Remix)

After already garnering 13 remixes, San Holo's collab with James Vincent McMorrow "The Future" just got one more. Uploaded by bitbird, it seems Kill Paris' remix is also official despite not making it onto the epic package. Its quality makes me think that Kill Paris took his time perfecting the production, thus missing the deadline, but regardless if you can handle just one more remix, give it a spin below.After briefly going by Chill Harris (following the attacks on Paris Nov. 2015), it's this moniker that really describes the sounds of "The Future" perfectly. While production-wise Corey Baker has always been chill, with his laid back, soaring melodies, this remix really exemplifies that funky, feels driven pop proclivity. He's taken the visionary vocals and wrapped them around somber yet sunny synths and oh so shiny steel rhythms. Even further proliferating "The Future" his vocal chops are just that, stylish and state-of-the-art (examples at :44 and 2:22). Re-purposing vocals in this manner is exactly what drew me to future bass in the beginning, and what is so astonishingly absent from so much of the uninspired, copycat stuff that seems omnipresent at the moment. Add to Kill Paris' vivacious vocal chops, some delightful diversions in slapping snares and biting bass, and you've got yourself a radiant remix.


Monday, October 16, 2017

Jessie Ware - Alone (Toddla T Remix)

Last week marked the premiere of Toddla T's remix of Jessie Ware "Alone," via Mistajam on BBC Radio 1Xtra. Before I even heard it, I knew it was going to be absolutely delightful, and sure enough it is. There are very few, if any, that have the range and emotional expressiveness of Jessie Ware, whose third album Glasshouse is due out this Friday. Ware's impressive and intoxicating vocals are on full display with this third single, "Alone," and they've only been amplified by Toddla T's demanding dancehall grooves. Part of what makes the original version of "Alone" so incredible is the layered use of Ware's wailing, and again that comes through in spades in this new mix. It's got a gospel feel that works wonderfully with Toddla T's guiding touch. The instrumental breathes life into a tired body, uplifting and energizing listeners to dance longer and more freely. It's so full of love and spirit that I cannot help but use it over and over again. While I'm not a religious person in the usual sense, I would however say that tracks like this are my religion, bringing me again to one of my favourite ideas, that music is the magic of everyday life. Stream/download this slice of magic from your favourite retailer here.FOLLOW TODDLA T: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Sunday, October 15, 2017

ahh ooh - Pre Flight Hype

Detroit DJ and Hebinomichi cofounder, ahh ooh is challenging his productions skills by setting a deadline of a new beat every week. "Pre Flight Hype," the seventh edition of his Sketched series, brings more amped up and attacking qualities than the previous six. Of course he still uses his brand of acoustically inspired melody elements, but this time in a more club driven manner. It's got a bit of a rock anthem feel to it, despite being interlaced with attention grabbing electronic arcs. It might be unfair to compare, but certainly the opening groove and clapping snare starting about :24 reminded me of "Rock 'N' Roll Part 2." While "Pre Flight Hype" remains in beat form, there's no questioning its many qualities, and could definitely do well in a club setting. Like the others it's available absolutely free, get it here.FOLLOW AHH OOH: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Friday, October 13, 2017

Dion Timmer - The Ting Go Berzerk

Dubstep mastermind Dion Timmer just jumped on the Big Shaq bandwagon taking on some of Michael Dapaah's Fire In The Booth skit. After hearing several different versions, I might go so far as to say that the "Man's Not Hot" flow fits best with with this maniacal dubstep delivery. Of course Big Shaq's vocals pop, but the way Dion's repackaged it with his track "Berzerk" resembles a mind-blowing Mortal Kombat bout, as the two heavyweights drop a double knockout. While you could say this is nothing more than meme music, it's actually really well done. What sealed it for me is how Dion built around the second verse with the fill leading into it, while the second drop and the Big Shaq vocal effects trade punches better than any boxing match I've ever seen. It's got everything that made the original so funny and engaging, while adding additional fire and enabling it to be played in a dubstep set. The only thing that's missing is a download, so for now you'll just have to survive off the Soundcloud stream below.FOLLOW DION TIMMER: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Bwana Live At Fabric (AUSCAST)

On September 23rd, Toronto talent and now Berlin boy Bwana took to the hallowed Fabric decks to open up the legendary London club, ahead of both Deetron and Dusky. The extended set (just shy of three hours) allowed for an incredible breadth of beats including everything from chill club, to acid, house, techno and more. And better for us, the epic live set was recorded and has now been shared by Aus Music as the 5th installment of their AUSCAST series.

As Bwana says in the brief interview description, he was able to play out some of his personal favourites: Brian Eno, Bjork and Martyn's incredible "Bittersweet" remix of Efdemin "Acid Bells." And all of that comes in the first 30 minutes. The following two plus hours continue this grand journey through sound. He touches on Bollywood with "Apni To Jaise Taise," which is just wickedly fun, but even more so he mixes it into some super acid before returning to a more typical techno bass groove.

If there's a single connecting thread in Bwana's set it's the ease of movement through genres while continuing to come back to live, acoustic sounds. Whether it's a real bass, brass or even a whistle, Bwana never goes full electronic techno, it always feels real and human. Even at the deepest, darkest moments of his set he is always ready with the salve or counterpoint to keep you on your toes. While there's probably a dozen or more tracks you've never heard, nothing sticks out like a black sheep or sore thumb, it maintains cohesiveness throughout allowing for easy dance-ability. And yes, there's a number of unreleased Bwana bits in the mix, just in case there wasn't enough to entice you already.FOLLOW BWANA: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Hot Chip - Boy From School (Erol Alkan Rework)

It's been a while since I've done a Throwback Thursday post but lately I've found myself digging deeper and deeper through my library, in part fostered by Erol Alkan posting his "Reworks Volume 1" playlist on Spotify. I've noted before that he's without question one of the biggest influences in my musical taste, and that playlist is chalk full of some of my favourite of his works, particularly his take on Hot Chip's "Boy From School." Whether with Boys Noize, his own originals or his unparalleled remix rework/re-edit collection, the man always crafts the most infectious and inspired records.

While I could have just as easily gushed about his "Forever Dolphin Love," "Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind," or "Zero" reworks, I'm still on a Joe Goddard bent and as he's a member of Hot Chip I figured why not continue to run in that direction. What makes Erol's "Boy From School" rework so special is precisely what makes all of his work so genius. He works with the original track's appeal: if it calls for intense banging breaks and beats he does it, if it's a more melodic, expressive tune he takes that into regard. Here with "Boy From School" he keys in on the twinkling sheen of the original, and brings that to the fore, giving the bells more room to breath in the extended now bloghaus bent. And maybe this is really the crux, maybe I'm just a bloghaus boy, but it's that kind of raw mixture of post punk with alluring electronic ideology that makes all of these reworks so magical. They're epic in form and sound design, and just so much fun. That's really what dance music is about; losing yourself in a flurry of fun on the dancefloor. Do yourself a favour and check out as much Erol as you can, you won't be disappointed. He's the perfect mixture of Talking Heads, LCD Soundsystem and Kraftwerk.FOLLOW EROL ALKAN: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Bump In The Hump: October 11 (Season 7, Episode 2)


Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Wraz - Spin

There's just something about Canadians and dark bass tracks. Whether it's a result of the weather, lack of sunlight or something entirely different, there's no shortage of sinister sounds being produced by Canucks. Of course there's the queen of darkness herself, Rezz, and No Neon don, Hunter Siegel, but equally ominous and infernal is Sherbrooke's Wraz. We've heard him twice here on Bump In The Hump, but this week he's back with his most inventive and ingenious production to date. "Spin" was created entirely through his recordings of a fidget spinner. All the elements: kicks, bass, snare; everything is the sound of a fidget spinner, not one single synth. This is an incredible achievement, very much so in line with the ethos of electronic music; it's about experimentation and the manipulation of atypical sounds and instruments into a more typical track. Wraz's passion for producing is clear, not just in "Spin," but the relentless rate at which new tracks are released. Stream it below and follow him here.As you might expect, there's a hearty helping of heinous and all around dark tracks on Bump In The Hump tonight. But fear not, there's a sizable serving of sublime and soulful disco and funky feels. Big names include Pat Lok, Tennyson, Daphni, Ramzoid, Snails, CRaymak and Botnek. Plus we look forward to a couple incredible shows with a remix of Sinjn Hawke, and a killer beat from Eytan Tobin, who joins the Fractal Fantasy bill Friday night. In addition I've got a remix of Keys N Krates who join the star studded lineup for RELIEF, tonight at Velvet Underground. As always you won't want to miss the epic amount of new music from our great, albeit aphotic, Canadians. Bump In The Hump runs live from 6-8 PM EDT on Radio Humber, stream here, or after the fact via Mixcloud, here.


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fractal Fantasy Hits Toronto

After unofficially entering club season with TroyBoi two weeks ago, the onslaught of awesome club shows continues as Sinjin Hawke and Zora Jones of Fractal Fantasy fame make their way to Toronto this week. First they'll be at Cooper Cole for a pop up shop & interactive installation Thursday evening (RSVP), then they take to the decks Friday for what promises to be an exceptional show. The location for the show remains a secret to those without tickets, but you can get tickets/details here.

Right from the "Onset" it was clear Sinjin Hawke's album was going to live up to it's lofty title, First Opus. While I'll leave it for my end of year wrap up, there's no question it's on the shortlist for album of the year. The epic journey he was able to craft is one thing, but the fact that it consists nearly entirely of "150 Kanye West Demos," makes the "Wolves" producer's dynamism even that much more inspired. But not only is his album all kinds of awesome, he's been busy working with Zora Jones remixing "Bodak Yellow," linking up for several cuts on Fractal Fantasy compilation Visceral Minds 2, and playing a brilliant, bass heavy and excellent experimental set for Boiler Room. Watch below.
Expect the combination of Jones' stunning sound design and captivating animations to make not just the pop up installation an eye opening experience, but the following set a can't miss affair. Adding to the already awesome bill is Toronto's own Eytan Tobin who never disappoints with his chameleon like abilities to blend into whatever lineup he's on. Just last week he opened for Jonah Baseball and Skylar Spence. So yeah, if you're not sold on any of this I'm not sure what more I can do, because I've been anxiously awaiting this night for months. Both Sinjin and Zora are masters of their crafts and truly have catalogs of nothing but quality. See their socials below and take in Fractal Fantasy this week.

UPDATE: The lineup has been expanded with Bambii x Paul Souljoyce and Nick Lazerface x Sunclef. The location has also been revealed to be 191 Geary Avenue.


knapsack - Brainforest

Chicago producer Gabriel O'Leary, aka knapsack, has been on quite a run in the last few months releasing several sensational productions. His blend of indie acoustic sounds, with dynamic electronic elements, and just a dash of internet-age ingenuity makes his already unique musicality even moreso magical. His latest, "Brainforest" brings all those assets together while transporting you to a transcendental thicket. The genre tag "Religion & Spirituality" seems apt as knapsack's living and breathing atmosphere springs to life, thrusting you into a grove of meditation. You cannot help but pulse with pure pensiveness. The intro allows for separation of body and soul, through its incredible dissonance. Once in the ticket of thought, you're left to battle the bass booms and jungle grooves among all nature of the unknown. There's just something about "Brainforest" that prevents me from addressing it from a mere musical standpoint, instead it speaks to a more mystical, almost primordial level. And really, what could be better than that? Music is meant to make you feel and think, and there's no question "Brainforest" succeeds on a level unmatched by most. It is awesome, intelligent and an all around cool creation. Keep knapsack in the back of your mind as many of his tracks elicit the same effects, and are, like "Brainforest," available for free download. Enjoy the orchard of enlightenment!FOLLOW KNAPSACK: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Joe Goddard: On Repeat

Being Thanksgiving in Canada, I'm spending most of my weekend doing family things, but I still wanted to write a post and figured I could tie it into the holiday by showcasing one of the artists I'm most thankful for: Joe Goddard. I've written about him several times here, so you should be well aware of my love for him. But in short, it's his funky disco house vibes and incredible craftsmanship that always invoke the most heartwarming of reactions to his tunes. Whether his originals (see his incredible album Electric Lines) or his extensive remixing library, or further his work with Hot Chip or The 2 Bears (neither of which I've included in this post), I'm always in absolutely awe of his majesty. So as a celebration of his sound, I've made a Spotify playlist and supplemented it a couple unmissable productions that were unavailable. Find them all below and use them to dance off that Thanksgiving feast.

Saturday, October 07, 2017

skintrest - Snakes

Leed's skintrest appeared atop my Soundcloud feed this morning, his track "Snakes" immediately bit me with its infectious 808 trap teeth. Beyond the boundless, throbbing bass, skintrest's synths take me back to the expansive and enveloping melodies of the OG traplords. It really is a work of trap mastery all the way through, but the drums and hi-hat in particular are not just proficient, but progressive and playful, giving life to the rattlesnake. My only complaint is I that want more, its 2:24 runtime will surely rack up the plays. Stream "Snakes" below, on Spotify here and keep your eye on skintrest's socials.FOLLOW SKINTREST: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Friday, October 06, 2017

Gramatik & Balkan Bump - Aymo (ft. Talib Kweli)

One of the best bits about electronic music is its amorphous essence. It doesn't matter what sound you want, you can be sure to find it mixed in somewhere. It might as well be called world music. Gramatik's new single from his upcoming EP, Re:Coil Part I, features Balkan Bump with Talib Kweli jumping on the beat. "Aymo" brings brass together with some ballsy vocals, all while swinging with a Greco-Turkish vibe. Not only does it sufficiently bang, it's got some fantastic feels, setting up an awesome atmosphere. You're transported to a bazaar with all kinds of hustle and bustle happening under the commingling scent of several spices. You cannot help but get lost in its mystique, as though being hypnotized by a snake charmer. "Aymo" is all that and more, the additional EDM specific elements only add to the overall allure, and I can only imagine the impact it would have in the middle of a club set. No need to barter at the bazaar, as "Aymo" has been made available for free via Hive, here.FOLLOW GRAMATIK: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Thursday, October 05, 2017

Alexander Lewis - Off Guard

Alexander Lewis' latest track makes me wonder whether he had the name or the production first. "Off Guard" is an intentional departure from the trombone trap he's become known for, saying he didn't want to be labelled "a single genre artist and [get] caught up in the monotony of making the same style of song." He's even gone so far as to not use any genres or hashtags on Soundcloud at all. And what does it matter, it's definitely different, but it's still Alexander Lewis. The brass still plays a big part, but instead of the parading strut we're used to, we get a more swinging stride. The intense orchestration is lifted for a more playful, fancy-free and indeed, unexpected feel. As I said above. the name "Off Guard" is perfect: not only does the instrumental catch you that way, but the lyrics play into that same notion. You couldn't possibly have expected to fall for an Alexander Lewis track like this, yet here we are.Download "Off Guard" for free via Hive here.


Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Bump In The Hump: October 4 (Season 7, Episode 1)

  • Somna - Believer
  • Memory Loss - Endless Dreams
  • Strider White - Digital Waves
  • Future Magic - Bury Me (ft. Kass)
  • Ramzoid - Covers (ft. Amy J Pryce)
  • Tennyson - Body Language (ft. Aloe Blacc)
  • Thomas White & Naji - Body
  • Billboard - Memories (Robotaki Remix)
  • Oliver ft. De La Soul - Heart Attack (Frustra Remix)
  • Nick Wisdom - Good Times
  • RoHawn - Follow The Rawbit
  • ANGELZ & Tchami - Love Language
  • Tiga vs Audion - Let's Go Dancing (STUND Bootleg)
  • RYME & Cosella - You Wanna
  • Lamont Dex - Labyrinth
  • J. Cole - She's Mine (Mat The Alien Remix)
  • Bishu - Bomb (ft. LeyeT)
  • Boombox Cartel - Alamo (Vincent Remix)
  • Austin Millz ft. Ye Ali - New Ting (Juelz Remix)
  • So Loki - My Girl
  • Dom Dias - Bianca Maria Visconti
  • Internet Daughter - Unapproachable (ft. Just John & Eytan Tobin)
  • Eminem - 25 To Life (CRaymak Bootleg)
  • Zeds Dead - Ratchet (Crankdat Re-Crank)
  • Kayliox & I.Y.F.F.E. - Be Like That
  • CYMN & AWAL - Booty Bumpin
  • Autoerotique x Brohug - Brains
  • Black Tiger Sex Machine & YOOKiE - Lions
  • Krayysh - Running From Death

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: RYME & Cosella - You Wanna

After a week off, Bump In The Hump is back with its new seventh season, and what better way to celebrate than with new music from friends of the show RYME and Cosella. The BADLQQK family had some celebrating of their own with the three track RYME & Friends EP being their 20th release. Plus they're set to do a mini-tour, playing Datcha in Montreal Oct 12th and Rum Runners in London Oct 14th, both with the legendary Don Rimini. "You Wanna" finally sees RYME and Cosella working together on the same track, having only remixed each other previously, and all I can say is how much I hope they get back in the studio soon as this absolutely bangs. If BADLQQK's motto is "Make Club Music Great Again" it sure seems to be in good hands. Stream the track below and the whole EP here.With this newseason of Bump In The Hump, we've expanded to two hours, meaning double the dancing, including a cheeky mix between this and another track, keyword being dancing. The extended length also means more room for music of all kinds. There's trance, future bass, disco, funk, house, garage, DnB, trap, hybrid, electro and just straight up fire. There's so much to tease but I'll leave it at that, because it's really just about the music and not the hype. You can catch the seventh season premiere live tonight from 6-8 PM EDT on Radio Humber, here, or after the fact via Mixcloud, here.


Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Bump In The Hump Season Seven

As you may already know, Bump In The Hump is back for it's seventh season, but not only that, it's expanded to two full hours of new Canadian productions. With that comes a new logo (above), a new intro, and new promos. As a bit of a teaser, I've uploaded the intro and a few of the promos (two of which were produced by friend of the show Kenan Habibovic). The intro is always a fun piece of production and showcases some of the best tracks from the previous season as well as some cheeky samples. There's A-Trak, Chromeo, Thook, SIM, Tiga, Lambo, Loud Luxury, OAKS and Marco Marz.Catch the Bump In The Hump premiere tomorrow night from 6-8 PM EDT on Radio Humber, live here.

Jesse Rose - In My Mind (Amtrac's Voyage Mix)

Kentucky's Caleb Cornett, better known as Amtrac, has been building brilliant house records for the better part of a decade. Whether it be exceptional originals and EPs (like his 1987 or True Value) or righteous remixes (of Azari + III or Wretch 32), Amtrac never disappoints. It's always easy to put one foot in front of the other and dance, dance, dance. He builds his house beats with an incredible listening ease, all carefully crafted to caress while energizing and uplifting. His productions are always fun and freeing; never noxious nor nefarious. They glide along like a train hovering above the tracks, showcasing sublime smoothness. That trend continues here with his remix of Jesse Rose "In My Mind."

Building on the train analogy, this isn't a mere remix but rather a Voyage Mix. It's a groovy journey, that is sure to get your toes tapping and fingers snapping. I'm particularly drawn to it because of the disco vibes that lead the track out, but more than that, the funky punch of the bass and the groove that guides this journey. It's cool and crisp, and quite the salve for the blistering bass house that seems so omnipresent nowadays. Set for release October 4th, you can pre-order "In My Mind" via Beatport here.FOLLOW AMTRAC: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Monday, October 02, 2017

George Michael - Faith (Louis La Roche Remix)

After twice remixing the King Of Pop, Louis La Roche has once again got his hands on original 80s multitracks. This time paying homage to the inimitable energy of George Michael, by remixing "Faith."

As I noted with his Michael Jackson mixes, Louis does an exceptional job in maintaining the original's appeal and ethos, while adding further love and care to the already impassioned production. While the Bo Diddley beat and George Michael vocals remain essentially intact, they've been repacked with an additional punch, giving the track a little more giddy up and oomph. It's hard not to be swept up by the swinging groove as George's lyrics grip your heart strings, but "Faith" proves that good things come to those who wait. The first half of Louis' mix is a delightful dance number, before that river becomes an ocean. The bridging bit starting about 2:22 sparkles with an incredible sheen, allowing the guitar to breathe, further lifting our spirits. You cannot help but think of yesterday.

It's at this point that I run out of superlatives and must simply say that Louis La Roche is truly in a class of his own. There is no one I trust more to take on the classics of yesteryear. It's not an easy task, navigating the waters of nostalgia while adding your own spin, but suffice it to say, he's been successful at every turn. Once again he's blessed us with a free download, via bandcamp below.FOLLOW LOUIS LA ROCHE: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Jay xero - Doyouwannabemine?

The world could use a little more love in these trying times, and it seems to me that music is one of, if not, the best methods of delivery. It has the ability to inspire, uplift and bring people together. And that's exactly what I felt when I first pressed play on Jay xero's "Doyouwannabemine?" Sure love and inspiration are powerful ideas, and ones not to be taken lightly, but that's the brilliance of what Jay xero's done with this track. Opposing the deep dance groove are lighthearted lyrics that playfully propose, literally putting their love on the line. It even includes an allusion to Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" after which Jay laughingly apologizes saying "it was worth it," and I tend to agree. There's just something so smooth and sublime about the easy going groove and bounce of this track, that I cannot help but feel some warmth in my heart. And just now as I make my way through my 7th or 8th listen, I'm reminded of The 2 Bears, particularly the breezy flow of their album Be Strong. Whatever the case, "Doyouwannabemine?" is a delightful distraction from our daily doldrums. Stream/purchase.FOLLOW JAY XERO: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Friday, September 29, 2017

TroyBoi w/ Louis Futon & Slumberjack at Danforth Music Hall

After the unseasonably warm weather the last week or so, the fall shift has finally come. It's even rained for the first time in what seems like all of September (not a complaint). That being said, festival season and the excellent outdoor events that accompany it are all but over (although I'm sure there's several events for Nuit Blanche tomorrow).  And this can only mean one thing, IT'S CLUB SEASON!

It'll be the first fall without our beloved Hoxton, but that just means more and more people will be turning to Velvet Underground and Danforth Music Hall to fill that gaping hole in our hearts. The first of seemingly dozens of can't miss autumn events comes tomorrow night when TroyBoi is set to tear down The Danforth as a part of his Left Is Right tour, in support of his debut album of the same name. Joining him on this stop are Philadelphian Louis Futon and Aussie duo Slumberjack.

Now you'll certainly be aware of Slumberjack if you follow this blog at all, as is the case with TroyBoi, who I've covered a couple times here, but Louis Futon is someone who's yet to find his way onto EFYE. But boy, is he quality and a fantastic fit for this lineup. Just a quick scan of his Soundcloud page shows serious success with powerful poppy productions like "Rewind" which just broke a million. Then there's his alarmingly awesome flip of THEY.'s "U RITE." But if big is what you desire, look no further than the phantasmagorical and feels ridden, future bass track "Wasted On You." First two are available free.While this is a TroyBoi headlining show, I'm actually most excited to see Slumberjack, who I've been waiting to see for several years, each time missing them for some stupid reason or another. After first discovering them through their brilliant bootleg of What So Not "Touched," I then became even more infatuated as they combined with Sable for "Sprinter," before dropping their sensational self-titled EP. And holy crap is "Horus" still hellaciously good. Then they got deliriously deep and emotional with "Open Fire" (as covered here), while still showing some brain battering bass abilities with their "Scary" good remix of Stormzy (once again covered here). Since then they've really taken off with the fiery EP Fracture. So while I'm not sure what to expect from their set, I cannot wait to take it all in.Now for the main course. As if the 11 tracks above weren't enough, how about an epic 20 track album? Yes, that's right. TroyBoi's debut is that big. I mean the man was able to get Ice Cube on a track, so yeah, it's pretty clear this man is making waves. The lead track even puts it more explicitly, as "Bitch I'm Awesome." So if bass bangin', booty swangin' beats are what you desire then TroyBoi is just for you. And you know what? I could list a dozen or more remixes and originals that would solidify this sentiment, but you might as well just start with the single release that is succinctly his style.At last look, tickets were still available, but are said to be in short supply. There's usually some saved up at the box office for those keeners that show up early, but don't take my word as gospel. I'm just a fan, I serve no official capacity. So if you want to see a spectacular show, and why wouldn't you after all the awesome tunage above, check out the Facebook event here, and get direct link to tickets here.


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Flux Pavilion - Bass Cannon (Matroda Remix)

The mere mention of "Bass Cannon" ought to get your juices flowing. Flux Pavilion's 2011 production remains one of the most revered bass tracks of any kind. That's why it works so well as the first edition of Matroda's Trilogy Of Bass. Of course he's not the first to try his hand at remixing the prolific production, but his take is a tremendous, booming success. He's taken the fire five minute dubstep deathstar and flipped it into a stomping bass house blitzkrieg. The bass remains as the primary element, and in this new format continues to crack off like crazy, while being whipped up with more consistent regularity as is demanded in house. But it's not just bass on bass on bass (because bass boosted mixes aren't the be all and end all). The original's success comes in large part thanks to the tickling tones and their play in and around the bass. They are the necessary yang to the yin of the dark low end. And Matroda's done a masterful job of repackaging and re-purposing them in this new "Bass Cannon" kick. Load up your playlist and prepare for war by downloading it free via The Artist Union, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more of Matroda's Trilogy Of Bass via his socials, all linked below.FOLLOW MATRODA: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER