Friday, August 18, 2017

cavest - Koala

I've showcased several cavest tunes on this blog, and after hearing his latest, "Koala" I just had to share this one too. The German teen who dabbles mostly in the chill variety of trap has dropped that shroud for a more rip, roaring delivery. Usually Koalas are considered cuddly and cute, but this one is a technological terror. It growls, grits its teeth and groans, giving the impression that this "Koala" is not to trifled with. As usual, cavest's creation relies on a smart soundscape and deft drum work, and while this is a new turn, it's done with serious skill. Keep your eye on cavest and cop "Koala" free here.FOLLOW CAVEST: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Kamome Sano - Internet City (WRLD Remix)

Dutch Dance Don, WRLD continues to wow me at every turn.. He's back today with an animated remix of Kamome Sano, who is, as he says "one of my favourite Japanese producers." What entices me to "Internet City" is exactly what I enjoy so much about WRLD's catalog. It's packed with punchy synths that pulsate your hips and propel your feet. WRLD is warm, even when he's not. There's a magnitude to his overall craftsmanship that's commanding, but never in an obnoxious, negative way.
"Internet City" pairs the most righteous retro synth with cool vocal play. If you turn it up in the right room, there's no way you don't feel some kind of way. It's a without a doubt, 5 star, perpetually playlisted track. As of two hours after posting, there is no download available, check back for that, I'll retweet (follow me here), but in the meantime I recommend his Monstercat DnB track "Everything."


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Bump In The Hump: August 16 (Season 6, Episode 16)

  • Markus Aurelius - Horizon
  • Conro - Circus (ft. Beckii Power)
  • Owl City - Fireflies (pooldad Remix)
  • Future Magic x Viska x Lantte - Save Yourself (ft. Katie Mackie)
  • Dillon Francis ft. G-Eazy - Say Less (Lunice Remix)
  • DJ Khaled ft. Drake - To The Max (Thugli Remix)
  • San Holo ft. James Vincent McMorrow - The Future (Vincent Remix)
  • ZaGa - Power Up
  • 8-Bit Tits - Actors
  • Kill The Zo - Part I (Krayysh Remix)
  • Sam Lamar x I am Sid - Cry
  • Rezz - Green Gusher
  • ANGELZ - So Fly (ft. Kaleem Taylor)
  • Bliss ft. Fem Fel - I Wanna Feel (Rene LaVice's Feel The Bass Crunch D&B Remix)
  • Subject 31 - Hectic
  • CRaymak & Apriskah - Arrival

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Kill The Zo - Part I (Krayysh Remix)

After a week devoted entirely to house, Bump In The Hump is back with an all new hour of Canadian tunes with just about everything but house. There's dubstep, drum and bass, trap, future bass, techno and this gritty, stomping electro number from Krayysh. After wiping his socials clean and finally reappearing with "Underthinking Things" in March, Toronto's Krayysh is back again with a major splash. Remixing either Kill The Noise or Mat Zo is a tremendous accomplishment, but to be tapped to take on their collaborative effort Kill The Zo's "Part I," is quite the coup. As we saw with his previous production, this one is nearly impossible to define, it's a touch funky, definitely dark and dirty, and shows a strong affinity for futuristic electro feels. Despite its short runtime, it's clear why Kill The Zo's called on Krayysh.As promised above, I've got a host of hard hitting tracks from the likes of Lunice, Rezz, Rene LaVice, Vincent and ANGELZ. There's also some strong summer cuts from Thugli, Conro and CRaymak. Don't miss Bump In The Hump live Wednesday from 6-7 PM EDT only on Radio Humber.


Monday, August 14, 2017

hyleo x sakuraburst - Galaxy Cutter

After cutting myself away from the internet for two days, I opened my browser this morning and went right to Soundcloud to quell my craving for new music. Now I should say that I don't often click on the first track in my feed, because it's usually either a literal promoted track (that I've already heard or don't want to hear) or some other 'promoted' track (that's been reposted way too many times). However today was different. That first track was a 'playlist' from the UK's sakuraburst, used to promote his track with hyleo, "Galaxy Cutter." I'm surprised that I've never written about sakuraburst here as I've enjoyed his stuff since his Purity Ring "Begin Again" remix and more recently his collab with Josh Pan. But their qualities aside, "Galaxy Cutter" is a track unlike many, if any, I've ever encountered. It's complex in its arc, at once banging and beautiful, funky and full of fire, godly, glitchy and there's a guitar solo to boot.
"Galaxy Cutter" comes in sweet, soundtracking a sublime ceremony. It feels like waking up in a new video game landscape; your eyes are bleary, battered by chiptuned bleeps and buzzes. The carefree chords bounce brightly, while the drums whip you up into a frenzy. Then there's the first of many fiery flourishes, that while wickedly wild, still satisfy even the most reticent and reluctant raver. The entire atmosphere of "Galaxy Cutter" is epic. It's got a gravity of its own, buckling under its own beauty, before bursting into a blaze of bass. The final piece, and killer capstone, of this great wonder is the guitar at 3:35, and it's role as God sticking his finger in this primordial soup, stirring it to perfection. This track truly has it all: cutting emotional intensity, utterly exciting breaks and drops, and masterful musicality. Become the blind watchmaker and get "Galaxy Cutter" for yourself from Bandcamp, here.


Friday, August 11, 2017

My Mixtape featuring The NightOwls

  1. The NightOwls - Mustard
  2. Adrian Oblanca - Daikiry (The NightOwls Remix)
  3. Audiometrics - Gonna Get Ya (Raul Facio Remix)
  4. Fragala P - Calling
  5. Guided By Noises - Static*
  6. Audiometrics - Digg
  7. Jared D - Constructed
  8. Vaxx - Block
  9. Joey Avila - Downtown LA (Mark Vidovik Remix)
  10. Staccato - Conqueror*
  11. Andy Rojas - Sound Decks
  12. The NightOwls - Lotion
*Asterisk* indicates tracks set to be released Sept. 15th as part of The NightOwls/Parliament House cancer research compilation. Will also be accompanied by a release party at One Loft, the same night.

HAIM - Little Of Your Love (BloodPop Remix)

The Haim sisters have once again released one of my favourite albums of the year, with Something To Tell You, the follow up to their genius debut Days Are Gone. That 2013 album spurred several superb remixes from the likes of MK, Cyril Hahn, Duke Dumont and others. I fully expect this collection of tracks to tempt producers to take on the vocal talents and magical melodies of HAIM, reworking them for the DJ decks. The first such remix comes from Michael Tucker, aka BloodPop (and previously Blood Diamonds). While he's remixed "Little Of Your Love" you may also be aware that he helped produce "Want You Back," the lead single from Something To Tell You. Stream below, and purchase here.What I like most about this mix is the way BloodPop stays true to the original, while playing with all of the elements that make HAIM more than just a rock band or a pop trio. "Little Of Your Love," like much of the album, showcases prolific pop production abilities from Ariel Rechtshaid and Rostam Batmanglij, which BloodPop has zeroed in on and utilized expertly. The main melodies and vocals remain intact, while being re-birthed as a snappy synth driven singalong. The clicks, clacks and snaps of the reworked percussion work perfectly with HAIM's unique style. However the cherry on top of this mix is BloodPop's chords which are imbued with an astonishing amount of love. It's incredibly easy to enjoy, and I cannot wait for more mixes like this in the coming days and months.


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Trippy Turtle Drops 2 Tracks and Announces Tour

Trippy Turtle (the Jersey Club moniker of choice for Lido) has made quite the splash in the last week, dropping original "Animal" last Wednesday, and a collab called "Lettuce" with Soulja Boy, yesterday. Adding to that he's just announced that he'll be heading on what he's calling the "Lettuce Turnip Tour." Starting August 1st in his homeland, he'll head through the UK, Germany, all across the states and end up in Toronto and Montreal, the first weekend of November. Expect the tour to be an explosion of energy, naughty bed-squeaks and fire FoFoFadi tracks. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, so don't sleep! FOLLOW TRIPPY TURTLE: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Bump In The Hump: August 9 (Season 6, Episode 15)


Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: ASHE - Space Between (ft. Amy Kirkpatrick)

The wave of new music from Toronto and across the country continues to amaze me. This week I'm proud to bring both the first Radio Humber appearance, and first single from ASHE and his Whale Bones EP. "Space Between," featuring Amy Kirkpatrick, promises to be the first of many upcoming releases in this new progressive house turn for ASHE. It's powerful and emotive through the vocals and otherwise; truly exemplifying its title, opening up an immense rift. Careful not to fall its infinite abyss!Bump In The Hump this week is pure house heaven, I've found so much new music that there's more than enough for an hour entirely of made up of house. There's everything from big room, deep, progressive, to tech and other houses. No need for a contractor. Points of particular interest include: Loud Luxury fresh off playing Veld this weekend, both Snails and Botnek with new bangers, and friends of the show Maddmon, Leterna and OAKS. Oh and how about new Tiga? Perfect.

Finally the hour wraps up with my chat with Jeff and Mark of The NightOwls before their episode of My Mixtape goes live, Friday August 11th at 11 PM EDT on Radio Humber. Stream Bump In The Hump live (here) from 6-7 PM EDT tonight, and after the fact on Mixcloud.


Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Dr. Fresch - Roll It Up

I've been supporting Dr. Fresch here for quite some time now, and always jump at the opportunity to showcase more of his magic whenever I get the chance. Thankfully today is one of those days as the man has just released a "Funky Swervin Booty Ghetto Tech" track called "Roll It Up."
If you've been to or heard one of his sets this summer you've probably already heard it yourself, but now you can make it your own for free via Hive, here. While it's always been somewhat difficult to categorize Dr. Fresch's productions (most often people go to G-House), but this one takes that even further. It's generally house at its core, but it almost bounces back and forth between Deep and G-House vibes. With the additional influences from UK Bassline this one really earns its name.

The way "Roll It Up" is delivered feels almost like its from a classic cartoon in which physics are defied as a character is turned into a cigarette and smoked. Actually, now that I write that I'm struck with the vision of a certain video, one that I'm hoping someone will overdub and make a music video out of.
As the good doctor says in his description, this is a "fun, banging club track," and I couldn't agree more. It's the perfect combination of noxious nostalgia and banging bass house that begs clubbers to kill it on the dancefloor with their most fire footwork. Be sure to pack this powerhouse into your pill box.


Monday, August 07, 2017

Kamakaze - Kano (Prod. Massappeals)

Grime continues to grace my Soundcloud feed like crazy, and I for one am glad. It means I get to hear hot cuts like "Kano" from Kamakaze. Massappeals, the man behind the beats, has done more than just lay down a simple bed for Kamakaze to bounce on, he's made a magic two minute track worthy of praise in all its instrumental glory. Right off the get go it's clear that this is some godly grime. The low end is lit, the percussion pops off and that switch up in the second half screams success. The smoothness of Massappeals production allows for Kamakaze to go off, conjuring the the image of grime king, Kano. His flow is dark and dirty, "dress code black, Jon Snow ting." The best bit of all this is that both the fire flow and the instrumental edit are available absolutely free. Find both below. If you like this be sure to check out the artists below, as this is not their first time working together.


Sunday, August 06, 2017

5 Tunes To Wake Up To

There really is nothing like waking up your senses to some smooth grooves and with that in mind, I've put together a playlist of 5 tracks I'm playing non-stop right now that fit this category. Enjoy!

Mura Masa - Second 2 None (ft. Christine And The Queens)
I could've gone with any of Mura Masa's album but "Second 2 None" really got me when I heard those pans live on a big system at WayHome. It's incredibly beautiful and perfectly produced.

Pierce Fulton - Life In Letters
That piano makes me feel like a god within the first 5 seconds. How's that for a wake-up call?

Late Nite Tuff Guy - Do I Believe In God (LNTG Muscle Mix)
Been absolutely rinsing out Joe Goddard's disco mix for Annie Mac during Glastonbury (stream here), and this may be the peak cool it hits. As if Prince wasn't funky enough already, this is seriously sublime.

Kraak & Smaak ft. Joi Cardwell - Just Wanna Be Loved (Blende Remix)
Blende sure knows how to bring the bouncy beauty, and with Kraak & Smaak's delightful disco this is a can't miss, despite me doing just that for three years.

A-Trak - Believe (ft. Quavo & Lil Yachty)
Almost at a million plays on Soundcloud should be a sign as to just to how good this is. Oh yeah, and those three on one track? Come on, it really doesn't get much hotter than this extremely cool cut.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Post Malone - Congratulations (Goshfather x Aylen Remix)

Hey you! Yeah, you. You ever heard of this guy Post Malone? You know that White Iverson guy? Yeah, him. He's got a new track and it's the hottest shit on the planet. Oh you've heard it? A million times? Oh shit, my bad. Well what about a remix? Oh really? Dozens?! Damn, I'm sorry. But how about this one?First off apologies for being such a sardonic sack of you know what, but I just can't help myself when I've been bombarded with the same song for months and months. I'm sure that like me you've heard just about a bazillion remixes of "Congratulations," some good, some bad, but the one I came across this morning bests them all. Goshfather and Aylen leave just enough of the original intact to keep your attention while getting wicked in their recasting. I've written about Aylen several times here, particularly because of his awesome and evil sound design. Once again that salaciousness runs front and center as he and Goshfather fill the tune with a flurry of fire disco feels. It's dark and dirty, invoking delirium as those only familiar with the original struggle to breathe as stabbing strings suck up all the oxygen. Whether those jabs are actually from Nero's "Must Be The Feeling" or recreated, I'm always happy to have some hard hitting and bad-ass bass to go with a groove that guarantees flying footwork. Even if we've hit peak "Congratulations," I'm happy to have this remix. Get it for yourself free here.


Friday, August 04, 2017

Biscits - M Night (Boy 8-Bit Remix)

Last Monday a teaser video appeared on Boy 8-Bit's socials (here). It showed 38 seconds of his forthcoming remix of deep house banger "M Night" originally from Southhampton's Biscits.

Apparently an ode to, as Boy 8-Bit put it, "the underdog," however we can read between the lines, and realize that it's about the "director of The Village," M. Night Shyamalan. The nearly 6 month old original holds some exceptional design, especially in terms of the depth of bass and delectable drum work. It also boasts a groove that is just about guaranteed to get your body moving, but for my liking it needed a little more of that M. Night magic, particularly a twist. Boy 8-Bit has obliged (although he thought about doing more), by adding his own vocal bits detailing Shyamalan's struggle with critics.

But this remix is more than just strong storytelling on a hearty house beat, it's got Boy 8-Bit's signature sublime synths that always seem to play perfectly with his crispy, crunchy drum kit. I'll be honest here, I'm gushing because I've loved all of Boy 8-Bit's productions ever since I first heard "The Cricket Scores" years back, but this really does have just about everything that I've come to love about Mr. Morris' music. The bass booms, the sneaky synth progressions, the distorted and disembodied vocals, and the explosive waves of energy in his drops. The only thing it's missing is the chiptune bleeps and bloops, but despite his name, Boy 8-Bit hasn't done much of that since his inception.From the overall soundscape, the onslaught of effects and playful power throughout, there's nothing that this track doesn't have. Add it to your own collection through your preferred service here.


Thursday, August 03, 2017

The Wonderland That Was WayHome 2017 (Recap)

Credit: Karis Malszecki (Instagram)
When the lineup for the WayHome Music and Arts festival was first announced, there were two artists at the top of my list: Justice and Mura Masa. By the time the festival actually rolled around I had added a significant number of names to my list of must see acts (see here and here), but still there were two tracks from those first two artists that I essentially hung all my anticipation on: my #1 track of 2016 "Randy" (read here) and "Helpline" (read here). Unfortunately neither track was played, but that didn't stop this past weekend from being perhaps THE BEST WEEKEND EVER.

This being both my first WayHome, and my first overnight camping festival, I went in with very few expectations or even ideas about what I was getting myself into. I was also flying solo for the most part (bouncing between groups of friends, as I'm apt to do), which allowed for full freedom and discovery. I had a strong schedule of who I wanted to see, but that was more of guideline rather than a strict itinerary. And this is part of what I love about being a blogger/reviewer as opposed to a photographer/videographer/etc, it allows me to experience the festival as a whole, while still focusing on the music. From the camping, food, staff, fellow WayHomies and everything in between, WayHome was pure perfection. If you're reading for the music only, jump ahead to the break below.

Mother nature set the mood for the weekend right off the bat, clearing out the clouds, turning up the temperature and letting the sun shine full blast from Friday morning through Sunday evening. Even the grass was green, which I'm told was not the case in previous years. Check out the Friday night sunset.
The seemingly endless rows of camping played host to hundreds of little parties. It was absolutely mind-blowing walking from one corner to another, passing thousands of people all here for the same thing. Saturday morning I met up with 404, and we literally went back and forth between a half dozen different groups of people getting ready another full day of fun. This was tiring walking so far, but inspiring in that it brought so many people together. However the highlight of my camping came when I met Kyle (left) and his group from Barrie. Just take a look at this character (RIP those sunglasses, which fell into a porta-potty minutes after this picture).
No matter your dietary restrictions or desires there was something for you. Poutines aplenty placated, staples like Pizza Pizza and Beaver Tails satisfied, while dozens of other delicacies tickled your taste buds. I had a wicked good (but ultimately bad choice due to time spent in the porta-potties afterwards) spicy chorizo burrito. However the most talked about foodstuff was The Colossal Onion, but beware it's not for the faint of heart, I barely made a dent in mine even though it was sinfully scrumptious.


Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Bump In The Hump: August 2 (Season 6, Episode 14)


Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Dyzphoria x 2Ravens - EyezOpen

It's not been two months since I first found Dyzphoria, and his track with Kyddiekafka, "Possession." After tonight he'll have been on Bump In The Hump three times in that span. After focusing on WayHome last week we're back to normal episodes with all new music. Of course that includes Dyzphoria's latest, a collab with fellow Vancouver producer 2Ravens, "EyezOpen." Download here.Ride a wave of new music ranging from progressive and bass house, to trap, future bass, club, trip hop, and hybrid, live on Radio Humber tonight from 6-7 PM EDT. The number artists in this hour is massive, including multiples Canadians on several tracks. The names range from A-Trak and Rezz to Ramzoid and Michael Sparks. Don't miss the magic all our great Canadians have cooked up this for week.


Monday, July 31, 2017

A WayHome Wedding

Credit: Morgan Hotston (here)
This weekend I took to Burl's Creek Event Grounds for the third edition of the WayHome Music and Arts festival. Perhaps you followed my exploits Friday (live blogged here) or throughout the weekend via Twitter. While I'm working a large scale recap for this blog, and perhaps more elsewhere, I first wanted to share one of the more unique experiences from the truly magical weekend.

One of the undeniable characteristics of WayHome is love, and there was perhaps no better example of that then the nuptials of WayHomie couple, Chayla and Almir. The wedding, which was performed by my friend, and fellow Radio Humber alumnus Kenan (now of 106.9 FM The Wolf), showcased both the incredible community feeling and energy of WayHome, as well as the aforementioned love.
In terms of energy and fun, the above video has it all. But if you're looking for a little more love, or just some more wit and humour from Kenan, enjoy the full ceremony below, complete with The Big Lebowski and Waiting... references. Apologies for the low quality, I'm but a blogger, not a photographer.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

WayHome Day 2 Live Blog

Also live tweeting at @OggieJames

8:15 - the world is awake. At least some people are. Some are still partying from last night.

8:45 - I guess I should get upright. The promise of a coffee makes it worth it.

9:00 - I know there were tons of people and tents and parties, but the light of day really puts it in perspective.

10:15 - walk from one site to another, and back and forth all over again. Lots of people raving about last night's acts (Flume, Justice, Danny Brown, Cage The Elephant), others can't stop talking about tonight's acts (Mura Masa, Schoolboy Q, and Jazz Cartier).

10:30 - impromptu trip to Orillia and the LCBO. So many nice looking summer drinks. Pretty colours.

11:15 - portapotties are death traps. The worst sauna you've ever been in.

12:00 - seems like every other site is doing funnels. The drinking is back in full force.

12:30 - my buddy's friend is getting married just outside the entrance. That should be interesting. Last two years at Bestival I witnessed weddings so why not here too?

Friday, July 28, 2017

WayHome Day 1 Live Blog

I'm also live tweeting at @OggieJames

8:20 - wake up before my alarm. To excited.

9:30 - after repacking my bag a dozen times I'm on the way to the subway and the shuttle bus.

10:50 - arrive at the shuttle bus. It's full, but they're sending another.

11:10 - we board second bus. Driver really wants us to know his name is Ed.

11:20 - we depart. I'm beside a guy named Harry. He has an indeterminate English accent. Nice.

11:30 - turn onto the Gardiner and the first billboard in sight is for WayHome. Couple cheers.

11:35 - bus is quiet. Most people keeping to themselves, listening to music. Couple of conversations.

11:55 - Harry and his boys crack a beer.

11:57 - I get a whiff of weed. Don't think anyone's smoking it. That'd be massively sketch.

12:05 - now that the beers are flowing (thank Harry and his boys for breaking the ice) the conversations have really sparked up. THE PARTY HAS STARTED!

12:55 - traffic is bad. We were supposed to be there by now, and we're probably an hour away still. Sad.

1:40 - we stop for a quick pee and leg stretch in Barrie. Nearly there.

1:55 - everyone is more warm and cordial than before. We've become wayhomies. Mere minutes away from the grounds.

2:10 - Ed makes a reckless turns onto the camp road and an OPP follows us. Everyone is excited but scared at the same time

3:10 - I finish setting up my tent. This village of tents is awesome. Ended up right beside Mikey Palermo. Sweet.

3:45 - imma die tonight, I hope that's cool with you. Nah I'm kidding no deaths just fun times. Off to get my media pass, looking like the unique goof.

4:25 - waited 10 minutes to get redirected to in turn get redirected. No help in getting a media pass here. It's a hella disaster. Not anyone specific fault just an overall thing.

4:35 - guy comes to help he also knows nothing. They're sending someone else.

4:45 - Ally comes to help me. We drive to get a pass and she does me off at the media gate (couple of autograph seekers). Walk to catch up with RYME.

5:00 - Meech is DJing inside the greenhouse.  Ry arrives late, as usual.

5:15 - tons of porta-potties, lots of room to chill and smoke, and the bouncer remembers me as I go back in the greenhouse. Excellent.

5:35 - Mikey says the track I like so much is Drake - Get It Together.

5:46 - I tweeted "somebody sober me up" (since deleted)

6:54 - I write the previous update hoping the spelling and grammar is right.

6:55- I wonder where Harry and my Irish boys are.

7:03 - I forgot about 6:46, and am plotting my next move, amongst hundreds here to see Flume, Danny Brown, and Justice.

7:07 - apparently I was going to write something here but I forgot. Sorry.

8:10 - it doesn't take an hour to walk from site to stage but it's close if you stop at all. And I used the VIP entrance, GA was rammed

8:33 - crowd runs to the stage to hear "Pumped Up Kicks"

8:43 - enough wandering around I asked someone and I ended up being right next door to the wristband refill station.

8:50 - Cage The Elephant absolutely rocking. Singer doing his best Mick Jagger. Loving every minute of it

1:43 - apparently I've got some explaining to do. Home and asleep.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

My WayHome Plan Of Attack

As I'm sure you know by now, I'm headed to Burl's Creek for WayHome Music and Arts Festival. I had mentioned that you can make your own schedule on the WayHome site here. Unfortunately that custom schedule doesn't allow you to include the Perrier Greenhouse, where I'll be spending multiple hours each day. So I decided to make my own custom schedule. See each day below, make note of the/my start times, and the conflicts in red on Friday. I'll be live tweeting much of the weekend, and hope to do a bit of a live blog each day, here. Follow me @OggieJames and if you're there feel free to reach out.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Bump In The Hump: July 26 (Season 6, Episode 13)

  • Frank Ocean - White Ferrari (Jacques Greene Remix)
  • Charlotte Cardin - Faufile (CRi Remix)
  • Porter Robinson - Fellow Feeling (Chet Porter Flip)
  • Mitski - Francis Forever (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
  • JAHKOY ft. Schoolboy Q - California Heaven (Medasin Remix)
  • Falcons & Ekali - I Won't Lie (ft. Vanessa Elisha)
  • Mura Masa - Love$ick (Dom Dias Remix)
  • Flume - Wall Fuck (Gramatik & Ramzoid Remix)
  • Phantogram - You Don't Get Me High Anymore (A-Trak Remix ft. Joey Purp)
  • Chromeo - Lost On The Way Home (ft. Solange)
  • Muneshine - Full Throttle (ft. Darcys)
  • Pat Lok - Mar Vista
  • MSTRKRFT - Runaway (RYME Remix)
  • Justice - Phantom Pt. II (Mathematic Remix)
Italics indicate artists performing at WayHome. Read my preview post about WayHome here.

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: WayHome Special

As I mentioned last week, I'm going to WayHome and have decided to celebrate that on this episode of Bump In The Hump. I've selected tracks from 15 artists set to perform at Burl's Creek this weekend. Of course we're all Canadian on Radio Humber, so those artists not from the motherland are either feature or are remixed by a Canuck. Not only has this special episode given me the opportunity to revisit some of my favourite tracks from the past, but some that I may have missed and/or that didn't fit the only new music ethos of Bump In The Hump. Aside from the obvious (those at WayHome), some of the other artists represented include Jacques Greene, CRi, Chromeo and Mathematic, whose remix of Justice (as premiered on Bump In The Hump) is now lost in the ether. Enjoy the following 3 tracks, yet to air.While this episode of Bump In The Hump is intended to excite for WayHome, by no means am I claiming that any of these tracks actually get played there. That's what the fun of a festival and a live performance entails: you have to be there to truly experience it. Tickets are still available all over the place, I see them at the official site, the Facebook event page, and Toronto Rave Community. Join me and Bump In The Hump tonight for the Canadian electronic take on WayHome, live on Radio Humber from 6-7 PM EDT.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

ABSRDST - Blushy (Ringtone Version)

One day before the official EP gets released, New York based ABSRDST teases us with a VIP, "bubblegum pop version" of "Blushy." Released in celebration of his 20k Soundcloud followers milestone, this "Ringtone Version" screams for PC Music. In fact, he had them in mind when he first made the beat "a few years ago." Perhaps you're even noticing further familiarity, as it was utilized in Shawn Wasabi's viral sensation "Marble Soda," then credited as "Brights."

Whatever its called, it's pure power pop, overflowing with ebullience that takes the more tempered original to new heights. Of course the designs in the original are excellent, especially in their ultra-emotive essence, but this "Ringtone" recasting speaks even more to my soul. While the guitar still shines through, it's the new soaring synths, warped vocals and flourishes of effect-laden fills that bring the rosy blush to your cheeks. However, the cherry on top has got to be ABSRDST's use of the vocals, particularly "I can't wait," whether intentional or not, teases tomorrows release. Pre-order here. FOLLOW ABSRDST: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Monday, July 24, 2017

Bot & Craig Williams - Don't Fake It

This Friday, Andrea "Bot" Fratangelo (previously half of Crookers) and Craig Williams team up to deliver a double dose of tech house. Set to be released on Shadow Child's Food Music July 28th, the two track thumper opens with an acid washed can of whoop-ass. "Don't Fake It" shows why both Bot and Craig Williams are not to be trifled with, especially when it comes to producing powerhouse floor fillers. It's big right from the start, yet somehow manages to get more massive as it progresses. The slow, subtle progression and movement makes it almost impossible to avoid its intoxicating allure. It starts with a simple toe tap, a little heart palpitation, fluttering of your feet, then all of a sudden you're in the middle of the dance-floor, dolling out moves like a street meat vendor hands out hot-dogs after the clubs let out.Don't sleep, pre-order "Don't Fake It" and the B-Side "Hot For You" via Beatport, here.


Friday, July 21, 2017

Alexandre - Wit It

Austin, Texas' Alexandre Lavigne, known simply as Alexandre, has returned after a 10 month hiatus with a new track called "Wit It." This "112BPM summer jam" features a funky, back beat, lean-back kind of rhythm. It urges relaxation, with chords that cut directly to the core of your being, setting your soul free. The mixture of the brooding bass bed, resplendent synths, prosperous piano and swarm of summery effects combine to make "Wit It" undeniably wild and fun. Whether the guiding groove, soaring sweeps or jazzy atmosphere, I just cannot get enough of this. Download free via ToneDen. FOLLOW ALEXANDRE: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Benzi - Get Right Radio: Summer Edition 2017

Benzi is back with his annual Get Right Radio mix. As usual it's jam packed with the most new, and previously unearthed gems. Of the 40 tracks in less than 56 minutes, there's at least two dozen remixes, edits, and mashups, four of which he had his hands on. Benzi always delivers bootleg bliss and this is no different. Expect to be spinning this mix all summer long (download via dropbox).

Stream above and view tracklist below. Note remixes of TLC, Justin Timberlake, Tears For Fears, Busta Rhymes, and Childish Gambino. Plus: Party Pupils "Patient" and eSenTRIK's "Unforgettable" remix. 


Brillz & Trav Piper - Alien (Abduction Mix)

Brillz has been on the comeback big time lately. His new imprint, TWONK has been pumping out fresh bangers on the regular, as has he personally. The lastest "Aliens" with Trav Piper gets two mixes: a club, and an abduction. The aptly titled latter brings a cinematic element, setting inescapable unease. Then there's the bass builds and their gut punching power. Finally, when you're about ready to explode comes the stomach churning alien synths with the drop. I've seen Brillz make many sounds (video), but I have no idea how he made that one. It alone is an incredible sample, but the way he's played with it, especially so well with the future/space/alien theme, the Abduction Mix succeeds in every aspect.Someone's got to play the last section in reverse, maybe it holds proof of aliens. Buy/Stream here.


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Bump In The Hump: July 19 (Season 6, Episode 12)


Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Daphni - Tin

Last year we saw Bwana build a track around a Taylor Swift sample for FACT Magazine's "Against The Clock." And there's no doubt strong female vocal samples are gold in electronic music. So could I interest you in one from Mariah Carey, reworked by Dan Snaith as Daphni? The mind behind Caribou takes 2005's "We Belong Together," and gives it a glorious, throbbing groove. The Mariah sample has a siren-like allure, making "Tin" an inescapable sonic web. All this about the vocals isn't to take anything from the production. Each click, clack, drum smack, scratch, is tuned and mixed brilliantly. In the end however, it's the subtle progressions and transitions, and continuous movement that makes "Tin" such a standout track in my ears. Stream below, and catch it on Bump In The Hump tonight."Tin" joins a wide array of genres and styles represented on Bump In The Hump tonight. There's house, future bass, dubstep, techno, moombahton, bass house and trance. There's lots of Toronto talent including HolloH, Hudson Alexander, and Dzeko, a track from Rezz's forthcoming debut album, plus two exciting premieres from Blansh and Eff That. All that, and more, live from 6-7 PM EDT on Radio Humber.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

13 New Tracks I Found On Soundcloud (Under 10k)

Soundcloud has been on tongues, minds, fingertips, and search bars more than ever lately. Google Trends are incomplete until July 22nd, but it's nearly twice as high as any time in the last year (see here). Whether Soundcloud has the reported 50 days of cash left, Chance The Rapper already saved it, or something else entirely, I hope it survives for days like today: when I can wake up, scroll through my feed and find a dozen new, and in some cases, previously unavailable tracks.

[Rant] Of course the age of technology leads to the ability to create this kind of music, but that's just half of the benefit of advancement. The other half is the internet, and it's social, sharing environment. And music is nothing if not social and shared? Therefore the service Soundcloud provides is almost essential. It's the people, for the people. I know money has to be made, but a balance has to be drawn. No matter what, the need will remain. If SC falls, another will rise in its place.

However enough of the rant, please enjoy a concise 13 tracks from my scan this morning, each quality in their own right, genre and use aside. I've done my best to mix from light to heavy, smooth to rough.Strayframe - Crimson (ft. Spence Hood) FREE
Coolest Crimson known to man. Smooth and intoxicating, with a pair of absolutely crushing drops.

Gromo - Reaction (ft. Breana Marin) FREE
Slow burning, deep, nuclear core reaction. Strong vocals make the lyric "keep coming back to it" true.

Heads2 - Up N Down
Warming things up with funky, swooning future bass. More great vocals, but the chops steal this show.

NatashaMichael - Fuego FREE
Drums light the fire with even more alluring lyrics. However, the vocal effects and sonic flourishes rule.

Blvk Sheep - Falling 4 U (ft. Rahn Harper) FREE
Massive mood. Screaming yet tender trap. Added synth in the second drop caps it perfectly.

GNDR - It's The Future FREE
Power pop future bass. Flying piano fingers, wild vocal chops and soaring synth - need I say more?

Fransis Derelle x Hopsteady - Imaginary Friends
Don't let that opening fool you this track is explosive. Say goodbye, you're catching a rocket.

Nina Las Vegas - Freeze
Frosted tip vocal chops, fight with a flurry of drums and room filling bass. Nina brings the frostbite.

Dualmind - One Day FREE
Wild, turn it around, double-bass blinder. If this is what Future House is, I like it.

The Weather Underground - Existence
Intelligent techno everything (Minimal, Avant-garde, Noise, Experimental). Hypnotic.

brxken drevm - deicide FREE
Only thing ground breaking here is the bass. Just a beat, but effective enough to strike a blow.

Her Mind - Blossom FREE
I've never heard a drop as absolutely, and quite literally, smashing. Period. And this one works. No matching that in the second half, so instead it's triumphant future bass. 5 star success, no doubt.

Markus Aurelius - Solipsism FREE
Robots rule reality in this roaring epic depiction of a dire heavy metal future.